What are the Safest IPL and Laser Hair Removal Machines To Use At Home?

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I can still remember the first couple of months researching about hair removal. I spent hours each night after work searching for a safe hair removal machine that I could use in my own home. It took me so long because I knew I had to get it right. I was in desperate need of a hair removal machine that was safe for me. Not only safe but it needed to work in getting rid of my Italian genetics hairs!

I was eager to spend a couple of hundred dollars (really I was) but I was more eager to see some results. I remember digging through the internet and also looking at home department stores and their catalogs for the latest home use IPL and Laser hair removal products, then going on the internet to check out what other people thought of them, like reading other peoples reviews of different products to get a feel how they really were.

I ended up reading so many reviews for IPL and Laser hair removal to use at home that I was going around in circles, not to mention all the scientific jargon that came along with reading about it all such as monochromatic light etc that was making me even more baffled and confused.

Helpful Reading:

Which are the Safest Home Hair Removal Machines?

#1 Rated Home Hair Removal Machine

Do You Have Red, Blonde or Grey Hair? You Can ONLY Use This Machine

It took me about three and a half months to finally select the best home permanent hair removal machine that I thought was safe to use for my skin color and hair color. (And when you think about it, 3 months is a long time to wait when spring and summer are creeping around the corner).

Due to the unfortunate result of what happened to me after going to get laser done professionally, which you can read in ‘My Story‘, since that time, I have purchased quite a  few home hair removal machines (which I still have every single one because I use them for different areas of my body depending on the surface area of the machine head). Because of this, I have put together a list of the machines (hence, the entire purpose of this blog) that I believe to be the safe Laser and IPL hair removal machines but also the best and most effective that your money can buy for hair removal at home. These are my favorites which top the list for recommended permanent hair removal machines.

*Note: All machines were purchased with my money. I am not sponsored or affiliated with any of the companies.

NOTE (UPDATED SEPT 2017) : I am constantly updating this site and answering everyone’s questions on a near-daily basis, so don’t worry – the site is always updated with the latest and up to date information for 2017.

(I am interested to hear your feedback on any of these so please leave a comment or contact me if you have any questions or concerns on whether any machine is suitable for you).

The Best Safe IPL & Laser Hair Removal Machines

This is just a small list of of the IPL and Laser hair removal machines I recommend for being the most safe and most effective for home based hair reduction. You can read more about them here: Top 5 Machines
- US & World: Click Here
- UK & Europe: Click Here
- Australia: Click Here*
Laser$$$4.5 Stars
- US & World: Original Model
- US & World: NEW MODEL
- UK & Europe: Remington
- Australia*
IPL$4.5 Stars
- US & World: Original Model
- US & World: New Model
- UK & Europe: Click Here
- Australia: Click Here*
Laser$$$4 Stars
- US & World: Click Here
- Uk & Europe: Click Here
- Australia: Click Here*
HPL$$4 Stars
Silk'n SN-002 SensEpilIPL$$3.5 Stars
Project A Beauty Pro Mini Laser Hair RemovalIPL$$$3 Stars

*FOR AUSTRALIAN READERS: Contact me for more information by leaving a comment on the site or sending me an email. I live in Australia so I can help you with delivery issues.

$ – Cheap          $$ – Well Priced         $$$ – Expensive

$$$$ – Professional Level Machines (worth it if you can afford it)

The ratings in the table are given by Amazon based on all the customers that have bought each machine. You will see that there is hundreds that have purchased them which is an excellent sign. If you go for a machine that has had heaps of reviews, it’s a safe bet.

But what about a machine that is recommended by top dermatologists, it’s even better and its the first machine I’ve listed here.

IMPORTANT: Your Skin Colour & Hair Colour

Hair-Color-Sept-17What’s more important than all of the above is that you check out the Top 5 Home Hair Removal Machines and my comments on each machine because I will be able to tell you if its exactly suitable for your skin and hair colour and this is the most important factor that you need to consider when purchasing any hair removal machine.

Just remember that there is not one standard IPL or Laser hair removal machine that will work for everyone. We all have different hair colour and skin colour so it’s important to select the right machine for you. At the end of the day its important to remember it is a machine which is based on light energy which generates heat so it’s important the hair removal machine is safe to use on you and it;s used correctly to minimize any injuries or side effects.

Gabby’s Helpful Tips:

For Dark Skin* → You Need IPL → This Machine Here (Newest Machine Here)

For Light Skin You Need Laser This Machine Here or This Machine

For Red, Blonde or Grey Hair → You Need IPL This Machine Here

For Brown/Black Hair → You Need Laser or IPL → This Machine or This Machine

More Information on All of the Above Machines, Read: 5 Home Hair Removal Machines for Everyone!

What Is IPL and Laser Hair Removal?

Laser or IPL permanent hair reduction is a non-invasive and non-surgical technique which uses a machine, either a Laser machine or IPL machine to remove unwanted hair from any body part you wish.

Laser and IPL hair removal machines work by emitting light energy which targets the hair follicle and damages the hair using heat that through this penetration the follicle no longer grows. With numerous repetitive treatments, all hair follicles eventually get damaged which leads to permanent hair reduction.

Laser Hair Removal and IPL Hair Removal (also known as Laser hair reduction and IPL hair reduction) are the only techniques that truly and permanently reduces and eliminates hair. Laser and IPL can be used on all parts of the body including, neck, face, chest, back, armpits, genital area, legs, arms, toes, fingers and feet. Not to mention that both men and women can use it too). But you must be careful! NOT all machines are safe or FDA approved to be used on your face. Only these machines are safe to remove facial hair: Tria, Remington and ELOS.

With technology being so wonderful these days, we have the luxury of purchasing quality and well priced IPL and Laser machines that are safe to use in your own home. Of course, the results won’t be as effective as the heavy duty professional machines but the results are pretty good considering you are not splashing alot of cash and you have the freedom of doing it yourself.

Here is a short video overview of how Laser and IPL actually works. It may seem scary and foreign if you have never seen it before but be rest assured that its not as bad as it seems. It is not as painful as it looks either.

Should I buy an IPL or Laser machine? If your confused as whether to buy an IPL or Laser machine, you’ll find out the answer in my article here.

Is Laser Hair Removal and IPL Hair Removal Safe?

Most say yes, only a few say no. Even with my experience, I still believe its 100% safe. Just like everything you need to be careful. Plus, on all machines I have suggested are all FDA approved. The FDA have a pretty thorough opinion and you can find more information the fda.gov website, click here for more information.

Why All This Big Machinery and Fancy Lighting?

Well, there are many many benefits of using Laser and IPL for hair reduction apart from just been physically appealing. Isn’t it funny how our hair can effect our emotional state? Anyways, here are 3 of the 5 reasons why IPL and Laser are the best technique for hair removal in that is is cheaper in the long run, it is not as painful as waxing and the results from laser and IPL hair removal are permanent. Read my long edition where I explain why IPL and Laser is better than waxing and shaving as a form of hair removal here.

Gabby’s Top Tips:

  1. My Recommended Machine for Laser Home Hair Removal is the Tria Laser 4X (read my review about it here)
  2. My Recommended Machine for IPL Home Hair Removal is the Remington iLight (NEW!) (read my review about it here)
  3. Other Safety Products You Need to Reduce Skin Injury: IPL & Laser Accessories
  4. If you have Dark Skin, you can only use this machine HERE (read my review about it here)
  5. If you have Red or Blonde Hair, you can only use this machine HERE (read my review about it here)

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  1. Good Ԁay! This is my 1st commeոt hеre so Ӏ just wanted to ɡive а գuick shout
    out and tell you I genuinely enjo reading your blog ρosts.

    Appreciate it!

    • Hi Gabby
      I live in Australia also and have been tossing up between getting the beurer 10000 plus and the tria 4k and so far brurer is winning because i cant find a place that sells the tria 4k in Australia except dodgy looking ebay sites.
      Hopefully you recueve this message:)
      Thanks Sam

      • Hi Samantha
        Nice to hear from you :) Do not buy from ebay sites, you can run the risk of buying a fake, unfortunately.
        I can send you info via your email if you like.
        Let me know if you have any other questions via email :)

    • Hey Sally
      It depends on what machine you are referring to. I always buy IPL or Laser machines online because they are the cheapest, not only for the machine but for shipping aswell as shipping can end up being expensive considering that they can weight quite a few kilos. That’s your best option. Hope that helps

  2. Hi! Just thought I would also comment and say great site. I bought the Tria device last week, I wish I found your site before I bought it. I think I’ll be happy with it anyway as you seem to like the Tria also. Thanks alot for all the useful information. Belinda A

    • Hi Belinda. Thanks for your comment and your welcome. Please check back for more information and hope you enjoy the Tria machine, I am sure you will see great results.

      • Hi Gabby
        I am wanting to purchase the tria 4x after reading your review and other reviews. I live in Australia and wondering the best way to purchase and get it shipped to Me in Melbourne Australia? I won one on ebay but when they saw I was in Australia they wouldn’t ship it. Thanks in advance for your help
        Kind regards Tanya

      • Hi Tanya
        I’ll send you an email shortly with details to the email you provided here.
        Also – never buy these machines on ebay – there is fakes circulating there.

  3. This is a very good tip especially to those new to the blogosphere.
    Brief but very accurate information… Thanks for sharing
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  4. Excellent post. I was checking constantly this blog and I am impressed! Very useful info specially the last part :) I care for such info a lot. I was seeking this particular info for a very long time. Thank you and best of luck.

  5. Hello, just wanted to ask if you know anything about gilette venus naked skin by braun and philips lumea IPL systems?

    • Hi Heebah
      To be honest, with the Gilette Naked Skin I haven’t tried it myself. I do have a friend in Canada that uses it and she is quite happy but like I said, because I haven’t tried it myself I can’t really comment on it. The Philips Lumea – yes I have tried this but a few years back now so it was an older Philips Lumea machines. The Lumea is actually quite a popular brand, I just think it’s on a pricer side of things which makes it not one of the affordable options for home use. The older Philips Lumea worked well but the new 2014 Lumea Precision seems to be very popular so far this year and the fact that it comes with 140,000 pulses is pretty amazing. I am getting quite a few questions about the Lumea from a few different countries so I may just look into it and write up something for the site soon. Hope that helped! Gabby

  6. I read this piece of writing completely regarding the comparison of latest and earlier technologies, it’s amazing

    • Hi Hibah
      Thanks for your comments. Yes I will have to do a review on the Philips Lumea precision. I just need to get the time to get my thoughts down :) Soon I will, I also have another review coming up for another machine too. In general, any large moles or dark areas, it is advised not to use the machines on. Small freckles and moles are fine, however the larger ones should not be used with the machines. Hope this helps, regards, Gabby

      • thanks but wht is the measure for large moles? also i got tattoo like scar on my hands when henna was applied so should i consider that as dark area?

      • Hi Hibah
        Basically, the companies recommend not using any laser/ipl hair removal machines on large areas of moles or darker ares of the body such as tattoos etc as a ‘precautionary’ recommendation by the machine manufacturers to ensure that you don’t damage your skin then get angry at the machine manufacturers for doing so. If you are careful around these areas (using a low setting) you should be ok. I have a few moles and I don’t worry about it. Basically, it’s not recommended to use laser/ipl hair removal machines on tattoos either as the light will penetrate the tattoo rather than the hair follicle, just use the machine around these areas. I don’t have tattoos but I’ve read many people have used the machine and they have tattoos and they have been fine also. At the end of the day, you just need to be careful :) Hope that helps, Gabby

  7. Hello there, You have done a great job and I will definitely recommend this site to a few of my friends. I’m sure they’ll benefit from your site as much as I have so thank you so much for providing some direction and support to all of us!

  8. Hi
    I live in Melbourne and keen to buy the TRIA HAIR REMOVAL LASER 4X, could you advise me as to how I buy and have it shipped to Aus? The seller on Amazon won’t ship to Australia and I’ve read going through other sellers will void the warranty
    Thank you

  9. Hi, My daughter has had reoccurring pilonidal cysts. presently ingrown hair around shaving areas are becoming problematic. Do you feel that using the Triax4 would be best suitable for lessening the ingrown hair issue. If you know of any other methods that may be better for her please let me know. She is just 20 and very hormonal. I am at wits end and want to do all I can to help her thru this difficult time. Thank you! Nina

    • Hi Nina
      Yes for sure. I had persistent hair growth with thick hormonal hair also which lead to ingrown hairs (all the time, ever since I started puberty), it used to be quite painful and I used to get quite self conscious it too. I would definitely recommend using the Tria for her as once the hairs start vanishing she wont suffer from ingrown hairs anymore. It definitely saved me that is for sure. No other methods, I used to use an ingrown hair cream when I was a teenager, infact I used to go through all different brands of ingrown hair cream and spend quite a bit of money buying some really expensive ones but none work. Using a hair removal machine is the only thing, it ridded me of body hair so I didn’t have to deal with ingrown hairs anymore.
      Hope I’ve helped you out. Let me know if you have any other q’s.

  10. Hi.m going to buy a laser machine for hair removal.I have fair skin with dark brown hair. Which machine ll be a better option.where is the site from which I can buy in Melbourne Australia. Kindly reply me in a day as m here in Australia for next two days.

    • Hi Nazli
      You can use the Tria for your skin color/hair color but you cannot buy the machine in shops, only online. You said you are only in Melbourne for 2 days, you won’t be able to get it delivered that quick :) If you want details regarding shipping, just let me know, I can email you if you will still be in Australia for longer.
      Regards, Gabby

  11. Hello, I was wondering if you could
    Please email me on how to order the Tria hair removal. I’m in Australia. I’m worried it won’t work here:

    Thank you so much

      • Hi,
        I live in Perth Western Australia and Amazon doesn’t ship the product here. I’m wondering on how I can purchase it safely and get it delivered to my state.

        Thank you

      • Hi Im. Sure, no problems. Please check your inbox for an email from me shortly :) Regards, Gabby

  12. Hi Gabby,
    Thank you for all the info you’ve posted here!
    I’m keen to buy the Tria 4X hair removal and I live in Australia. It’d be very much appreciated if you can point me to the right direction. Thank you so much!

    • Hi Ivy
      Sorry for the late reply, I was away over the festive season, I will email you so please check your email.

    • Hi Mel, I’ll send you off an email to the email you submitted with your comment. Let me know here if you don’t receive it as sending it off tonight.
      Regards, Gabby

  13. Thank you! If you would give your opinion on my question. I’m in my fifties and have had professional electrolysis and life changing laser hair removal on my face. I am light skinned with medium brown hair. The new growth is black, brown and straw-like white. IPL or Laser?? Thanks for any comments to help make my decision on a home product.

    • Hi Mary
      When it comes to home devices, you’ll need to find a device that works on your skin color and hair color. If you want one for both the black, brown and white hair that you mentioned, this is the only one that will work on those peeping white hairs :) Here

  14. Wow! Thank you! I continually wanted to write on my blog something like that. Can I include a portion of your post to my website?

    • Hi Nadine, I have just sent you an email with details, let me know if you don’t receive it. Please check. Thanks Gabby

  15. Thanks for all your useful info and thoughts about hair removal. Since I am blonde with light/medium skin I think I matched with Tanda Me smooth machine. There are no retailers in sweden, which made me hesitant and I looked at Silkn flash and go. However, despite the same technology the Silkn flash and go is not recomended for blondes. Is that your appinion as well?

    • Hi Camilla
      I am incredibly sorry for my late reply, I hope I can still help you out. That’s correct, the Silk’n will be ineffective for you as you have blonde hair. You will need to buy the Tanda as it’s the only one that works to remove blonde hair. Everybody buys it online so I would not be hesitant about that. Since you are in Sweden, you can try purchasing online here, or try here also. Let me know if you have any other questions. Regards, Gabby

  16. Hi Gabrielle
    Thanks heaps for the update of some of the best home hair removal devices. Please can you let me know where in Australia I can purchase the Tria 4X.
    Thanks again.

    • Hi Oriana
      You are so welcome :) Sorry for my late reply but you should see an email in your inbox with all the details you need for shipping to Australia. Let me know if you have any questions or please reply to this comment if you don’t receive my email. Thanks, Gabby

  17. Hi Gabby.
    Appreciate all the information from your website. I am in Australia and would like to know how to order the tria 4x.
    Thanks heaps Justin

  18. Hi thanks for the great reviews and articles. Could you tell me please which machines you have reviewed don’t need replacement cartridges. I read about one on your site but now can’t find it. I’m trying to plan for this investment now to keep costing me money. Thanks!

  19. Hi Gabby

    I like in Australia and would like to know how I can purchase the Tria here.

    Are you able to advise please ?


    • Hi Bettina. Sure, I will send you an email to the email address you submitted here so please check to see if you received it. Gabby

  20. Excellent information, very helpful. I also live in Australia so any information on where to purchase an authentic model would be greatly appreciated.
    Cheers, Kat.

    • Hi Kat, no problems. Please check your email soon as I’ll send you an email now. I’m assuming you want the Tria? Regards Gabby

    • Hi Roxanne. Sorry for my late reply. You should see an email from me soon with everything you need to get it delivered to Aus. Regards, Gabby

  21. Hi Gabby,
    Thank you heaps for all the wonderful info, you are a LIFESAVER :-)
    I would also love to get the purchase details please for the Tria x4 from Australia too :-)
    Thank you heaps

    • Hi Dolly. No probs. Please check your email soon as I’ll send you over everything you need to know for shipping to Aus. Thanks for your nice comment also :)

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