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  2. Hello Gabby

    I have tattoos and want to know if I can use the Me machine on them. Only my one leg. I want to buy a machine but want it for that purpose. The other leg was lasered completely. I went only two times and no hair any more.
    Thank you for your time. Have a great day!


    • Hey Cathleen

      Although these machines are designed to target the hair follicle, they may affect your tattoos. Since the home laser machines aren’t as powerful as the industrial type, it may be ok to use on them. I would use extreme caution though as you still run the risk of fading your tattoo.

      Hope this helped.


    • hi
      please give me information about data sheet of hair removal laser ,The components of the device and These components manufacturer
      With special thanks

    • Hi Angela, the Tria works on up to medium brown skin, it does not work in black skin. The best way to explain this is that I am of Italian descent so I have olive toned skin and I have great results with the Tria. The only machine that works for black skin is this Me Smooth machine made by Tanda. Hope that helps you out a bit, Gabby :)

  3. Hello, My daughter is in the 6th grade and has never shaved her legs. She is a very active athlete and swims 5-6 days a week. Thus, I have encouraged her to put off shaving as long as possible because I know how difficult it will be for her to keep up with shaving once she starts. She is lucky that her hair is very blonde. I’m wondering if I shouldn’t go straight to a home removal system? If so, which would you recommend for a younger person? I would obviously supervise any possible use of the machine. Thank you, Sports Mom

    • Hi Sports Mum
      Oh you sound like my mother when I was young :) I am from Italian heritage and let me put it simply, we have hair growth galore and from a young age. In one way, your daughter is quite lucky – I never had these machines available to me when I was young. Another lucky thing with your daughter is that she does have blonde hair so really, it isn’t such an urgent situation however I do understand what it’s like to be in the competitive swimming arena and yes, most young girls that do competitive swimming do start shaving their entire body at a young age. At the end of the day, the machine manufactures don’t recommend using the machine on a person under the age of 18, whether this is because people under the age of 18 are immature and don’t use the machine properly and damage their skin I am not quite sure…I think it’s a standard terms/condition when buying a machine that it shouldn’t be used under the age of 18 to cover their part. I obviously can’t really comment whether you should do it or not, all I know from my experience is that there is many young girls using the machines, my younger cousins around the ages of 12-13 do because body image/hair growth is massive these days. They are fine using the machines, they use it when they come to my house so I am always watching what they are doing so it’s important to be over the top of them making sure they don’t get carried away. The only other suggestion I would make, because you mentioned she does have blonde hair, is to use the right machine. Let me know if you have any other concerns. Regards, Gabby

  4. Beurer IPL 10000 Salon Pro Hair Removal System
    Hi Gabby – I am looking into buying one of these systems for myself for Christmas – I wondered what you think of the one above – I am looking to purchase one in Australia and this one is available at Harvey norman.

    • Hi Ainslie
      Good on you for spoiling yourself for Christmas, what a great idea :). In regards to the Beurer, to be honest, I haven’t heard of the company. The more I’ve looked into it, they actually produce quite a few home appliance products and have been in the industry for a while. In saying this, that can also be a negative in that they don’t ‘specialize’ in hair removal which is another thing altogether. I understand what you saying regarding purchasing the machines in Australia because I too live in Australia and I’ve looked up the price is it is quite steep in $ also. From my experience, I haven’t used it myself so I can’t comment on its effectiveness and I don’t know anyone that has used the Beurer IPL 10000 machine either. Me personally, I would rather spend the money on any of the machines I’ve suggested, not only because I’ve used them but there is thousands of women that use them and swear by them and for years, I’d rather spend the money on shipping (which in the end is probably even cheaper than the price I saw for the Beurer at harvey norman, they had it for $799??) and I know that I am getting the best in laser/ipl at home. If you do end up buying it for yourself for Christmas I would love to hear from you and I am sure my readers would too so please if you wouldn’t mind, contact me (my email is on the site also) and let me know how you go with it.. Good luck and happy christmas! Thanks Gabby

  5. I need to know where in South Africa can I bay this system I was actually going to buy the no no system but I can see this system is what I am looking for, I need pricing as well please

  6. hey am from kenya i mwould like to start clinic for removing hair permanently.pls advice the best machine i can buy.also consider being my partener if you dont mind.

    • Hi Jackson
      Not sure what you mean by ‘start clinic’ but if you need a machine to remove hair for darker skin colors, you need to use the Tanda, no other machine will work for you. It is fine to use on your partner also.

    • Hi Alice
      Thanks for your comment. Yes, these are two rather newish machines. They haven’t made the list only because I have included only the top 5 machines. This isn’t because they are not good, it’s just because I didn’t want to overload readers with information. In comparison with other machines however, these machines are generally not as effective as the Tria 4x or the Remington Quartz but in saying that, they still have received positive reviews.The Philip is handy machine but out of the two, I would say the Veet is the better machine, it’s newer as it was only released last year. You are fine to use either machine as you have fair skin and dark hair.
      Hope this helps make you decide which one to go for :)

  7. Hi Gabby,
    Where can I buy Tria in Australia? Where is the cheapest place to look for? Thanks and looking forward to your reply :)


    • Hi Lm, I’ll send you an email now with all the details :) Please check and let me know if you don’t receive it as sending it shortly.
      Regards, Gabby

  8. Good Afternoon Gabby,

    I have been reading through your web page and have found it very helpful, I just need some advice on what machine would work best for myself. I’m a male with dark black hair and pale skin, I was looking at the TRIA xxxx but was turned of as the head was so small and the battery life on the machine as i do have large areas to treat like full back and chest.

    Money isn’t a issue so i was maybe even looking at purchasing more advanced machines on the market but I don’t even no where to start and weather they deliver to Perth Australia so any information would be so grateful.

    Thanks Gabby I Appreciate your time in reading this.

    Kind regards Jake.

    • Hi Jake
      Sure no probs. Look, I’ll talk to you via email once I’m back on my computer in the next few days as I cam currently on mobile and can’t contact properly.
      Look out for my email shortly.

  9. Hi Gabby and thanks for such an informative website! I was hoping you could message me please with the info about the best and cheapest way to purchase the Tria as an Australian? Thanks in anticipation for your time :-)

  10. Hi Gabby
    Could you send me details of the cheapest way to purchase the Tria as I live in Australia.
    Much appreciated

      • Hi Gabby,

        I would also like to know how to get the tria in Australia, every link seems to lead me to Amazon where it says the product is not shipped to Australia, help!

  11. Hi Gabby,

    Do you know of any home machine that I can use on my privates? My skin tone is dark in this region.


  12. Hi! Thanks so much for this helpful site. I am so fed up with bikini line ingrowns that I am ready for permanent hair removal. Unfortunately, I have red/purple-ish hyperpigmentation on my bikini line from past ingrowns (they are flat scars, not raised). Since these devices target dark pigment, are they safe to use around or on the areas with hyperpigmentation?

    • Hi Joan
      I can truly understand how you feel, I suffered in-growns on my bikini line for years as a teenagers, it used to drive me crazy. How large is the hyper-pigmentation area? Is it more like freckles? If so, you should be fine. The best suggestion I can make for you is to buy a machine that has a small treatment head (like the Tria – see here) so you can target the areas properly (without hyper pigmentation) instead of a machine that has a larger head and targets the hyper-pigmentation when you don’t want it to.

      • some are the size of freckles, others are as large as a pencil eraser. the problem is that hair grows there, so if i don’t target those areas with the laser, i will keep having to shave them and keep getting ingrowns =(

      • Hi Joan. Hmm ok. The only problem here is that the laser is attracted to dark pigmentation so if there is large dark spots, there could be a risk of injury. Of course it’s not recommended, but in saying this, some people still continue to use it on darker spots, some people don’t, it’s personal preference whether you do proceed on those areas.

  13. Hi Gabby
    I Live in Australia and I clicked the amazon link you recommended for buying in Australia. However, the site is saying it will not deliver to me. Any tips would be appreciated. I have had a Tria laser but unfortunately, I dropped it on a tiled floor and brock it. I really want a replacement.
    Thanks Lana

  14. I Live in Australia and would like the details to order the Remington machine you recommend. Can you email me any details you have to get hold of this one. Thanks :)

    • Hi Melissa. Sorry your comment completely got missed. Are you still interested in this? Let me know and I can get back to you asap. Thanks, Gabby

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