IPL and Laser Hair Removal Safety Accessories

SafetywithIPLLaserWhen I was writing about some of the rare side effects, injuries and dangers that you can get from IPL and Laser hair removal machines, it dawned on me that it really is important to advocate the necessity of investing in high quality products (and some bling accessories, jokes they aren’t really blingy but we have to jazz it up abit now and then!) in order protect yourself when doing permanent hair removal treatments. The importance of buying these products can most often than not get overlooked.

Put it this way, its because you spend a couple hundred dollars on the machine you figure that the extra $50-$100 on all the other stuff can wait. But really, the extra money on the proper gels, cream, goggles etc will SAVE you from spending even more on any skin treatment that you need from not using these products.

These are just some products and accessories you really need to factor in when purchasing an IPL or Laser hair removal machine for home use and in order to prepare yourself properly for your hair removal treatments.

UPDATE: I have received a lot of queries and questions as to which are the best products to buy. I am happy that I am getting questions about this for 2 reasons. 1. People are listening to me and understand the importance of doing proper permanent hair removal at home and 2. People are actually looking after themselves properly and that is what I am here to advocate for!

Safety Goggles

Goggles-for-Laser-Hair-RemovalIt’s really important that you invest in a good pair of goggles to protect your eyes. This is probably one of the most important accessories and additional products that you need to buy.

So which ones to I recommend for ipl and laser hair removal you do at home?

Best Selling: Being under $10, they are super affordable (in comparison to the ones below). They come in a variety of colors which is good because traditionally they were only available in red. They will protect you well when doing your sessions at home.

View or Buy Here

(UK: Buy Here)

(The only reported downside in comparison to the ones below is that the plastic can tend to be more flimsy)

Most Protection: The goggles provide ultimate protection and are high quality. Is it required for permanent hair removal at home? Generally, no, I personally think the ones above are just fine but I guess these are good if you want better quality.

View or Buy Here

(UK: Buy Here)

Entire Range: Click here to see the range of safety goggles available at Amazon

Antiseptic Wipes

These are really handy to ensure there is no cosmetics on the area before it is treated. If there is any sign or trace of cosmetics, this can make the treatments ineffective. They aren’t that expensive and definitely very handy.

(I use the Purell brand as I have used them for years and I really like them, plus I just saw they were no.1 product on Amazon)

Click here to see the range of antiseptic wipes available at Amazon

Numbing Cream

Numbing-Cream-for-Laser-Hair-RemovalNow numbing creams, they are probably one of the most purchased items, along with goggles and the actual hair removal machine and they are a good idea if you don’t want to feel very much.

Update: I get a lot of questions when it comes to numbing creams. One of these is ‘Is a numbing cream necessary?’ My answer is, Yes and No. It’s hard to tell whether they are necessary or not as it’s up to each individual how they experience and cope with pain or any uncomfortable feeling. Basically, if you have found waxing to be uncomfortable or painful, I would suggest buying a numbing cream for sure.

This is important if you don’t want to experience any pain or discomfort. It really helps people get through the treatments. Again, I would recommend here a good quality cream to make sure it actually works and from a reputable brand, see below.

Best Selling: This brand is currently the best selling numbing cream for laser hair removal and IPL hair removal done at home. It’s affordable and works a dream.

View or Buy Here

(UK: Buy Here)*

The same brand isn’t available in the UK, however I have included the most popular available to anyone that want’s one and lives in the UK or Europe.

Entire Range: Click here to see the range of numbing creams available at Amazon

I will constantly update this page as I keep adding additional things as I think of them.

Don’t Forget the Cartridges!

It may be handy that when you buy your machine, buy an additional cartridge at the same time to save on shipping and the hassle of placing another order.

Here are the range of cartridges for all hair removal machines I recommend

15 thoughts on “IPL and Laser Hair Removal Safety Accessories

  1. Hey, thanks for suggesting these addons. I’ve been looking for a site that recommends products for hair removal at home, most of them just do the machines so thanks for taking the time to suggest the goggles and numbing creams etc, much appreciated!

  2. Hi, I’m looking for the best numbing cream. I have the older Silk’n machine and I’m finding a few areas of my body a little sensitive, can you suggest a good numbing cream please?

    • Hi Rochelle, yes for sure. It depends on how sensitive your finding it and what area of the body. I suggest using a high quality cream for more sensitive areas such as the underarms or bikini line such as the Greencaine Gel Hope that helps.

  3. can you please suggest a numbing cream? There is so many and i don’t know which one to buy. can you please tell me quickly because i want to buy a machine and the numbing cream and glasses altogether. thanks, cindy

  4. I have sensitive skin and antiseptic wipes can tend to irritate my skin more, can you suggest any other cream or anything to calm the skin? I’ve been looking but not much information regarding it.

    • Hi Wyle, yes I can completely understand, antiseptic wipes can irritate quite a few people. Your best bet is to buy the tria calming cream. It’s the best cream to calm your skin after laser hair treatments, apply it before and after. Let me know if you have any other questions, especially for sensitive skin.

    • Hi Jennifer,
      Not sure what you mean by your question, which color laser to protect against? In regards to the Tria Prec, just remember that this machine has been developed and manufactured to be safe to use on more sensitive areas of the body such as hair removal on the face and genital areas that require a more safer product. Therefore, this comes with the downside of being a little less effective as the technology is not so ‘strong/powerful’. The Tria Prec has it’s place in the market, definitely good for sensitive skin but in saying this the Tria 4x Laser is the best as a home hair removal device so if you are thinking of another machine, opt for the Tria 4x. Hope this helps, let me know if anything else concerns you. REgards, Gabby

  5. Hi Gabrielle. Greate site! Very very useful! I just bought the Tria 4x and had it shipped to my boyfriend’s hotel as he is visiting the US :) You can’t get it here in Denmark, however The Philips Lumea IPL is available, so I would also recommend you’d do a review on that one (if you have any hairs left) for your European readers :). But I am wondering what goggles to get. Which brands can you recommend? I was thinking of finding a pair on ebay, but am not sure what to get. E.g. is Tria a Green/blue laser? Can you help?

    • Hi Anna
      Thanks for contacting me and for the feedback. Yes I will have to do a review on the Philips Lumea as it is also gaining popularity. In regards to the goggles, these goggles are the best, covers both green and blue light lasers – QQ Tech. Gabby

    • Hi Birgul
      Sure. Generally, you will see that you can’t ship to Australia if you go through the normal process BUT if you use the Australia Post Shop Mate System you can following the instructions below to get it sent to Australia. I have ordered using it and many of my readers on here have successfully received their machines after not very long at all (I think between 10-15 days on average depending on where you live in Australia). So you will need to sign up the Australia Post’s ‘Shop Mate’, order from amazon HERE and enter the your name and the details for shipping from the details from your Shop Mate login (it doesn’t cost anything). Australia Post will handle the delivery from US to Australia. I think you only pay a little extra for this service which I am pretty surprised how affordable it is (thank goodness) (I remember one of my readers provided the difference in price and I think hers was a difference of $15 because she also paid for insurance) so it’s not much at all. Let me know if you have any further questions or need any other help. Gabby

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