Laser and IPL Hair Removal – Is It Permanent?

Is-Laser-and-IPL-PermanentSorry everyone but waxing, plucking, tweezing and shaving are all going out of fashion. Welcome on the scene, Laser hair removal and IPL hair removal.

Laser and IPL hair removal are coined to be permanent solutions to our unwanted hair growth. However is it really permanent? Let’s discuss how all this stuff works and if it really lives up to its ‘permanent’ promise.

Being promised a permanent solution for our unwanted hair can bring tears of joy to some. However, as a beauty therapist I like to really dig deep on everything to see whether things really do live up to their claims (especially marketing ploys). It’s no wonder why when Laser and IPL are labelled with ‘permanent’ my inner bells rang.

I cannot concur 110% with the marketing ploys and hypes that it really is a permanent solution for get rid of unwanted hair for EVERYONE. I believe some people will get permanent results but sadly, others will need alot of treatments and alot of maintanence treatments of Laser or IPL for it to be effective.

What I can GUARANTEE without a doubt is that Laser and IPL are definitely the best way to remove body hair. I do believe that it is the best technique, it’s the fastest and most pain free technique for hair removal.

Above all, I can PROMISE you that IPL and Laser Hair Removal does STUNT hair growth. What I mean by this is that when you do a Laser or IPL treatment, the hair will most definitely NOT grow back for a long period of time.  (Just to quickly mention, sorry for the use of capitals here but the terminology is actually important in understanding how the method of Laser and IPL work).

Although the stunt of hair growth rate can vary from person to person, from my experience, I can go up to 8 weeks without have to do another treatment or shave in between. This is a massive win for me. I don’t have to shave, wax, pluck, tweeze, thread or do anything for a whole 8 weeks.

Not only that, but another massive driver for me to go the Laser or IPL way for hair removal is that the growth of the hair is definitely minimized, basically you become more sparse by doing Laser and IPL.

I find that the hair follicles close up shop. After my IPL incident, I haven’t done another treatment on my legs. 2017 is the 7th year of no treatments on my legs and the hair on my legs is still minimal, it definitely hasn’t grown back to how it was prior, even after 4 years of no IPL or Laser treatments. Furthermore, the hair growth has never been the same, the hair is alot finer (given that I am of Italian heritage, this is a massive win for me, unfavorably and genetically disadvantages with big hair follicles and thick course hair).

Just remember that any IPL or Laser hair reduction machine will never deliver the results from one treatment alone. If you believe that a machine will zap your hair away like a magic wand, you really need to re-evaluate your unrealistic expectations. Why? Because each hair, (don’t forget we have millions of them), are all growing at different rates in different hair follicles and you will need numerous treatments to target each individual hair at its it prime growth stage (I will do another article about hair growth stage for those who are interested).

Anyway, from this article I hope that I have put the question ‘Is Laser and IPL permanent?’ to bed. I do believe that there is some products out there, the expensive ones, that really do provide the permanent hair removal promise but just remember, it won’t happen after 1 treatment, check out my Top 5 list for the best home hair removal machines available on the market.

11 thoughts on “Laser and IPL Hair Removal – Is It Permanent?

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  4. Love all the research you’ve done on this! Thank you. I wish I had 8 weeks before I had to shave my legs! I’m lucky if I get one day before I need to. I’m so sorry about your experience four years ago.

    • Hi Ella
      Thanks for your comment :) I know, I remember I was always so stressed having to shave all the time to be smooth. I was the exact same. Thanks for your thoughts that is actually quite nice of you. I know, my experience is a little concerning but all good now. Thanks! Gabrielle

  5. Very well said! I really learned from your post. Its good to know all these things especially us girls who are experiencing these terrible hair growth. Thanks for the great info.

  6. I’m looking for the best option for me. I have dark hair but also some blonde, so I’m thinking I need the Me. Is it painful? Is there a long wait time between pulses? Thanks!!

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