My Story

Hi Ladies (and gents)

Here’s my story.

My name is Gabrielle and I am a beauty therapist from the Gold Coast, Australia.

The reason why I started this was because I friends telling me I should share my story to help others. With the help of my friend, Lucy, who got me up and running on the internet, I can share my story with you guys.

Back in 2008 I started my business, at that time Laser Hair Removal and IPL hair removal that are known as ‘permanent hair reduction’ were starting to gain momentum. Also gaining momentum at the time were big coupon sites that were offering everyone major discounts on IPL and laser hair removal (these sites are Scoopon and Groupon, just to name a few).

Especially with laser hair removal and IPL hair removal, the prices back then (and still even now, I guess) were very very expensive. The coupon sites enabled thousands of women (and men) to get a try at permanent hair removal using laser and IPL from various local salons at a fraction of the price, and we were talking big savings so it was attractive for everyone, no matter how hairy you were.

I was purchasing these coupons so I could get all over hair removal treatments which were costing me 1/6th of the price. This was great, I was in heaven.

My IPL and laser hair removal treatments were all fun and games and I was enjoying the life of being hair free in most parts of my body up until…June 2010 when I went off to my usual IPL appointment and…my worst nightmare happened…. I got burnt from the machine (or should I say, from the therapist that was doing it, but anyway…).

I won’t get into the elaborate details of what happened next, nor will I expand on any details of the salon (nor did I get compensated or was a treated at all!) but I will hold my own and all that I will say is that the machine was accidentally turned on to a very high setting and that is where it all went south. I might do a post about this and show some photos if I build up the courage.

It is because of this incident that since 2010, I have taken my goals of being hair free into my own hands, hence why I started this site to share all the information that I have gained over the past couple of years.

I have been trialling home IPL and home laser machines for the last 5 or so years. I guess you can say that I have put fate is in my own hands, which I would rather any day. For obvious reasons, I haven’t re-treated the area that I got burnt because there are still mental scars there, but I do use the home IPL machines and home laser machines on other areas of my body.

You may be wondering, really, have you really bought every single machine that I have reviewed on my site, and the answer is YES and NO. Yes because I have bought probably 80% of the machines but my colleagues and friends have bought the remainder 20%. And yes you are probably thinking we are crazy. But given what happened to me and that I am in the business of beauty and I kind of do have a slight obsession with beauty, I really have a good eye for these machines.

I guess at the end of the day, with what happened to me getting burnt, I have been looking for safe and effective home IPL machines and laser machines which actually work in reducing hair growth.

And yes – I have spent quite a bit of money going through so many machines and that is why I want to share this with you because I have a wealth of information to share.

Technology has come along way and I have now opted in doing extensive amount of research into home IPL and laser machines to ensure that young and mature women alike, only have the safest and best available to them.

If you ladies have any questions about any IPL or Laser machines or need any help, feel free to contact me.

Yours truly,

Gabby xx

6 thoughts on “My Story

  1. My problem is that I am 21 years old. And which ever body part I waxed, the hair growth became abnormal to say the least. I have a lot of hair on my face and body but they are thin. Before waxing, they were a lot but they had definite growth about one-half of a nail. But ever since I tried waxing, my hair growth has become abnormal. Seriously, if I dont get waxing it grows to a size of a thumb. Since the no of hair follicles have not decreased it looks ugly and lowers my self esteem. I tried laser treatment for my facial hair but got burnt several times cause i am brown skinned (I am an Indian). Waxing is extremely painful for me and I cant have it that frequently because I am a medical student and my schedule is extremely tough but face waxing results in acne and hence leaves spots on my face and in growths on my legs. I need a permanent solution. Please advise me. You have no idea how grateful I will be.

    • Hi

      Thanks for contacting me, I would be happy to help you out.

      I am so sorry to hear about your experiences thus far, I totally understand where your coming from. I come from Italian background, so I did have lots of hair, it was thick and painful to remove. I remember waxing, even from being a child, and it was so painful and I was left with pimple like bumps wherever I waxed, it was terrible and hurt quite a bit, it was uncomfortable sometimes to wear pants after getting them waxed – so I totally understand you.

      As you mentioned, you need to be careful because it seems that you have very brown skin. I have olive skin and I can use the Tria 4x laser fine. However, if you have very dark Indian skin, I would probably recommend not using the Tria. On a low setting you should be fine but I just feel that you will not see results that quickly. The only machine that you can use for your dark skin is the Tanda machine (you will need to use the newest machine because it’s the most powerful and you will need it based on what you have explained to me with your skin color/hair type – 2014 Tanda). However, as you have dark skin, you just need to be patient with seeing the results. Hope that helps and gives you some confidence :) Gabby

  2. Hi Gabby :) I’m in Australia and I’m wanting to purchase a newer model Tanda machine.
    I’ve had extensive laser in clinics, but need something to clean up the lighter hairs remaining.
    Also, my Mum has a hair issue on her face with fuzz on the cheeks and white hairs on the chin.
    Your reviews have been very helpful in making a decision! Thank you! :)
    I attempted to order through Amazon, but with a $200 delivery fee to Australia, cancelled the order.
    Are you able to offer advice on the cheapest way to get the machine I need?
    Many thanks, Leanne.

    • Hi Leanne.
      No problems, I will send you the details regarding the new Tanda machine. Delivery does not cost $200 so I will email you the details you need to get it quick and cheap :) Please reply to this comment if you don’t receive my email today. Thanks!

  3. Hi Gabby, I am interested in the Tria 4x, I live on the Gold Coast in Australia and would it be possible for you to advise the best way to purchase this item delivered to the Gold Coast.
    Thank you

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