Remington IPL6000USA I-Light Pro Review

Updated on April 12, 2018 5.36PM by Gabby

Remington IPL6000USA I-Light Pro

Remington IPL Machine ReviewFDA Approved? Yes. Affordable? Yes. Does it Work? Yes. Quality Guaranteed? Yes.

If you have those 4 boxes ticked, I think you are safe to know that it’s a good product. Like I said in my Top 5 Home Hair Removal Machines (<please read as it includes my first impression for this machine), Remington have done a job well done here with the I-Light Pro.

What’s also important to consider is that the Remington I-Light Pro is not effective for light or gray hairs, it is also less effective on blonde and red hair (if you have blonde, red, grey or white hair, you need this machine here).

As well as being very well priced (check latest price here), the cartridges are also cost effective as they on average (from Remington’s customers reviews) about 3 full body treatments (that mean 8 treatments on 3 body areas). The only downfall with this machine is that it removes hair from your body only, if you want to remove hair from both your FACE & BODY, refer to the NEWEST MACHINE BELOW!

Remington-IPLThe Remington IPL6000USA I-Light Pro does at excellent job at removing unwanted hair at home. What’s better is that it’s price tag is sitting in the comfortable range.

The Remington IPL6000USa (I-Light Pro for short) is an IPL hair removal machine, using Intense Pulsed Light technology, which has an excellent array of settings (5 power settings in all), it has a built in skin tone sensor (which is REALLY important) and because of this has corresponding five energy levels. Remington have targeted the product towards women and men with light to medium skin colors and darker colored hairs. Therefore it is pretty much safe for anyone (excluding very dark skin colors).

Overall, the Remington is a reliable and well-known brand which has produced a wide range of excellent personal care products and this is definitely one of them. It’s currently sitting at the low $200’s mark (as of Sept 2017) so it’s pretty affordable if you looking at IPL hair removal at home.

Update (Latest Product From Remington)

New-RemingtonThis is the NEWEST product from Remington: FOR BOTH FACE & BODY HAIR REMOVAL: Unlike the device above, this new hair removal system from Remington is FDA approved for both face and body hair removal.

It’s safe, effective and easy to use and provides up to 94% hair reduction in only 3 at home treatments. It comes with both a replaceable body and facial cap and comes with 65,000 pulses in each cartridge.

Cheapest Prices (Original As Above – Body Only):

Retails anywhere between $300 – $450

Cheapest Prices (*NEW SYSTEM* – Face & Body Hair Removal):

Retails anywhere between $500 – $600

56 thoughts on “Remington IPL6000USA I-Light Pro Review

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  3. I am so confused, not sure which one to buy out of the Remington and Tria, is Tria really worth the extra money? Please let me know, I don’t want to have to spend the money if I don’t have too. I’m looking at buying one over the weekend so I would appreciate if you could let me know by then. Margarete

    • Hi Margarete
      The Tria is definitely at a higher price for a reason. The Tria is the best laser hair removal machine for home use. If you do have the money to spend that little extra it is def worth every penny :) The Tria uses diode laser which is the same laser as laser clinics.

    • Hi Chadi, your welcome :) You’ve commented on the Remington post but about the Tria so I hope you haven’t done a typo. The Tria does NOT have replacement cartridges at all, so no need to continue buying replacement cartridges :) The Remington I-Light requires replacement cartridges. Gabby

  4. Hi, so Tria does not require replacement cartridges, but what`s the life of the laser it carries? How many whole body treatments it performs, before you have to buy another one?

    • Hi Juliana. That’s correct, the Tria doesn’t require cartridges, I think it has about 90,000 pulses – plenty to do you whole body for a very very very long time. I don’t think I’ve heard anyone having run out, and if they did they were quite happy to upgrade to the newest version anyway.

    • Hi Petra
      Yes, the bronze colored remington i-light pro is the one as per my review on the site ( which is the most basic remington ipl machine available. The purple one that you are seeing is the most advanced remington ipl machine called the remington quartz, costs more initially due to more effective results, plus more cost effective in the long run as cartridges have 30,000 flashes (way more than the basic remington machine). The Quartz has more advanced technology. Hope that helps, Regards Gabby

  5. Hi Im glad that atlast someone like you have searched on this, i’ve read from the previous posts that the tria is the most advisable machine since it’s the latest one, but also have read that with a dark skin and dark colored hair a laser is advisable instead of using IPL correct?

    But i would preffer a machine that has a bigger surface so it will quicker for me to finish, the one that wont need any cartdriges renewal , I hope you’d respond to my question asap

    • Hi Fraulein
      Your very welcome. That’s correct, if you have dark skin and dark hair the Tria won’t be effective and depending on how dark you are, you can’t use it at all. There is a range of machines that have a bigger head, the two that I would recommend with larger heads are either by Remington (as per above) or Tanda as per my review > . Keep in mind that all machines that aren’t rechargeable require cartridge replacement. So you can either go the Remington or Tanda machines as per the ones that I have reviewed on the site (as above) or the newest Tanda machine which was released this month > Elos or the upgraded remington i-light pro > Quartz if you prefer to pay a little more upfront but the cartridges last 3-4 times as long costing you less overall. Hope that gives you some other options other than the Tria. Any other questions, let me know. Gabby

  6. I have somewhat fair skin with some dark pigmentation from adult acne – I seem to scar easily. As with all the lovely side effects of menopause, my facial hair growth is out of control. The Tria vs. Remington – any issue with causing darker pigmentation? Will either machine “brighten” my skin or will they strictly work on my wild goat hairs?

    • Hi Amy
      I would go Tria 4x Laser for removing hair from your face, it’s better, easier to use on your face and also safer especially if you have pigmentation or anything. In regards to pigmentation, I am not sure how dark it is and I would be careful, I would run test patches and also treat on low setting, don’t get confident and go on a high setting. Everyone’s skin reacts differently to these things so I cannot say that it won’t cause pigmentation when you could be the type to get it and you may even find that you may brighten you skin after all?!?I think you are safest with the Tria for your face. Hope that kinda helps you out? Gabby

    • Hi Sudip
      The Tria can be used for men. I don’t understand what you mean by long hair? With any of these machines, you will need to shave before using them. No machine will work if the hair is long. Hope that helps! Gabby

  7. Is the Remington IPL6000F i-Light Pro need to change the catridge ? If it’s need to ,so what’s the picese that need to change ? And every how many treatment I have to change ?

    • Hi Lucy
      Excellent question because the cartridge you need is NOT the same as other Remington machines, you need the premier cartridge with more flashes. With the Remington IPL6000F i-Light Pro you do need to change cartridge with the quartz replacement cartridge here. Replacing the cartridges on these machines is not really based on number of treatments, it’s based on number of pulses/flashes and you should always have a back-up one because each cartridges lasts in the thousands and you won’t be able to keep track :) The IPL6000F is one of the better machines where you will get approx. 50,000 flashes from each cartridge.Regards, Gabby

    • Hi Hannah
      I’ve have used the Remington on the ‘more sensitive’ areas of the body but I don’t believe that it has the same results as the Tria 4X Laser, the Tria works like a charm. I don’t believe that any of the machines officially recommend to use on sensitive areas of the body such as full Brazilian etc as the skin is so sensitive but in saying that, everyone that buys the machines normally does use it on these areas. If you do, just keep in mind, keep the machine on the lowest setting and do a test patch first :) Regards, Gabby

    • Hi Kelsey
      The Remington IPL6000 replacement cartridge is actually quite reasonably priced, not that expensive at all. They used to be around $30 but they have been reduced to about $24-$25 now. This is the replacement cartridge you need for the IPL6000 machine – SP6000SB.

    • Hi Lucy
      Thanks for leaving a question and great question it is.. With the Remington i-light pro the cartridge (this one) lasts 1,500 flashes so that is enough for 2-3 full body treatments (normally including full legs, underarms and bikini). The cartridge for the upgraded Remington Quartz machine (here) + quartz cartridge (here) lasts 30,000 flashes.

    • Hi Steph
      I hear you girl, I know all about PCOS and black, thick hairs…When this is the case, you need to get your hands on the best machine possible. Because you haven’t told me your skin color, I’ll give you a quick summary. If you have light skin + black hair, go for either this Remington but personally if you have PCOS and thick hair, I would go the upgraded/newer machine the QUARTZ to get the power that you need. If you have darker skin + dark hair, go for the Tanda machine that I have received on the site (here) or the new Tanda machine (here). Good luck Steph! Regards, Gabby.

  8. Hey not sure which to buy out of tria and remington, i have really thick hair growth on my legs and back want it permanently removed as shaving causes irritation, but want a machine with a big head so it can cover areas such as legs and back better, however i dont want to buy refill cartridges which is best?? help please!!

    • Hi Alisha
      Thanks for your message. It seems that you want what every person wants in a laser hair removal machine and unfortunately, what you want it not available at this time, hopefully soon because I want exactly what you want too! – a hand held machine, no cartridge replacement and one with a big surface area :) Unfortunately, we are not at this point yet so you will have to decide between the machines I have suggested on what means more to you right now and I can only help you out based on my personal experiences. The Tria 4X will solve your problem regarding not having to buy refill cartridges at all, so no more money wasted there but yes, the Tria has the smallest device surface area in comparison to the Remington BUT although the Remington IPL machines have a bigger surface area, they require cartridge replacement. Soo…..basically, what I can suggest to you is this, since you said you have thick hair growth, the upgraded machine to the basic Remington I-Light Pro is the Remington Quartz (here), the Remington Quartz is the upgraded machine so better technology etc which is on par with the Tria machine. So this will help permanently remove that thick hair growth of yours alot better than the basic Remington i-Light Pro. Also, this Remington has longer lasting cartridges so although you do need to replace them, you won’t need to as often. In saying all this, the Tria is at the top of the market for home hair removal machines. Hope I haven’t confused you :) Regards, Gabby

  9. What about pain factor? I’m looking for one I can use effectively on my legs, but also on more sensitive areas. How big is the trade off with efficiency vs pain for the Remington vs Trial?

    • Hi Sarah
      Thanks for your comment. The pain factor is relativity the same with the Tria as with the Remington. Some women find it painful, others don’t. The best I can describe it is quick zap and that’s it, it only lasts a split second (doesn’t last long at all, like no after pain). If you are worried regarding pain, look into a numbing cream of an calming gel, I wrote a post about them here >

  10. Hello Gabby,
    I have been doing research on the best and safe home laser treatment machines but am totally confused. I have a lighter skin with dark hair on my chin, upper neck, side burn, which started with shaving few in urgency for almost 5-6 years. Now due to increase in dark hair and bumps am wondering which would be a suitable machine to use on face that is safe.

    • Hi JR
      Thanks for your comment and I hope you will no longer be confused, I know it can be all too much to decide. On first glance based on the information you have provided, I would suggest the Tria 4x which is the best hair removal machine for the face and body or the Tria P which is great for both but more suited for facial hair removal. Let me know if you have any further questions so you don’t have any more doubts.
      Regards, Gabby

  11. Hi Gabby,

    I phoned Remington and asked if their product could be used on the face and they said no. Can you please clarify if this is true or not.

    Kind regards,

    • Hi Larry,
      That’s correct. A few people have asked me and basically, the manufacture (Remington) says that the i-light pro’s cannot to be used on your face however, a lot of women and men tend to use it on their face on their own accord without even knowing that you can’t with no problems. As I say to everyone, if you are willing to use a machine that is not ‘made’ to be used on the facial region, you need to use on a low setting and do a test patch first. HOWEVER, did they tell you that there is one machine that CAN be used on the face? This Remington IPL machine is the only one you can use on the face – IPL6000F. If you want a machine for the facial region, the safest one for the face is the Tria. Hope this helps, Gabby

  12. Hi! I’ve been wanting to get something for my bikini area. I have a light skin tone with dark hair. Since I have had children, my hair line area has spread out further. ( also from shaving). I’m never comfortable in a swim suit even after shaving because you can still see the darkness. Therefore I want something that will definitely produce results! I will also use on my legs because who likes shaving? I don’t know which machine to go with. Also, what is pain like for bikini area since that is the main thing I wanting for? Thanks!

    • Hi Angie
      Bikini area is one of the most popular areas to treat with home hair removal machines so be rest assured you will get the results that you want. I totally get what you are talking about with the ‘darkness’. I used to get it all the time because I am of Italian descent I used to have thick and persistent (lol) hair growth and I used to always get the shadow and darkness even after shaving and it used to annoy me so much, I used to be self conscious aswell because although the hair wasn’t there it was ready to grow out anyway…In regards to pain the the bikini area, it can be one of the areas that can be quite sensitive so a little discomfort MAY be felt. Some people say it hurts, others don’t. It doesn’t actually ‘hurt’, what you feel is a little zap that only lasts a split second so the ‘pain’ is not a lasting pain, it goes away immediately so all good :) If you are worried, especially if its your first time, maybe get a numbing cream and after-care creams as these will help you out in the bikini area especially, the most popular are the GREENCAINE brand and for after care/soothing gel – the Tria calming gel. As you have light skin tone and dark hair you are one of the ‘lucky’ ones. You get to choose any machine you pretty much desire, in my post of top 5 hair removal machines post, the hair removal machines ranked based on effectiveness, so the quicker you see results. Hope all this helps, Gabby

  13. Hello! Thanks for the review. I am thinking to buy the Remington IPL6000, the problem is, there is a cheaper model which is IPL6000 i-Light Pro, and there’s the expensive one IPL6000USA I-Light Pro which is the one you recommended. I live in Germany and I don’t know why but the price for the USA one is very expensive compared to the other one (434 Euro to only 189 Euro). Do you think the quality is almost the same? Thanks again! :)

    • Hi Anastasia
      Your welcome. Yes that is correct. There is a big price difference because there is a big difference in the effectiveness of each Remington machine, the cheaper machine is the oldest version, hence the oldest technology. The newest (and most expensive as you pointed out) is the latest IPL technology by Remington so you get results faster. Also there is a big difference in the no. of flashes per bulb which the more expensive machine will save you money in the long run because you wont need to buy as many cartridges. Eg. Cheap Remington contains 1,500 flashes v expensive Remington contains 30,000 flashes – that’s the difference also!
      Hope that helps you out better.

    • Hi Waqar
      No the Remington machines come with cartridges with limited flashes, you need to replace the cartridge after the flashes run out. Depending on the machine, each cartridge has different amount of flashes. Here is more information on the cartridges.

  14. Hi, I am a medium complexion with black hair. I am looking for face and body which one will you recommend thanks please reply.

    • Hi Maryam
      It just depends on how dark you are. If you are slightly brown with black hair you can use the tria 4x or this remington machine also. If you have darker skin color, you will need to use the tanda machine.
      Hope this helps you out.
      Regards, Gabby

  15. Do you know the difference between the PRO and the PRO PLUS? the pro plus is $50 more but Customer Service from Remington say it is the same device. But they claim to have results last longer with the PRO PLUS. I feel like it’s a rip off and I should just get the PRO.

    • Hi Vicky. The Pro Plus in the Remington IPL machines is the better machine than the Pro featured above, it’s the machine up from this one. It is worth the money because the Pro is the first machine released by Remington so you are buying older technology, the newer Pro Plus provides longer lasting permanent hair free results, so the hair doesn’t grow back and you need less treatments also.
      Regards, Gabby

  16. Hi,

    I live in Australia and am liking the look of this and the Tria machine however both Amazon links come up as unavailable to ship to Australia, what’s the best way around this? Also I’ve always heard that laser hair removal is more effective than IPL so how effective is the Remington really?
    Thanks, Megan.

    • Hi Megan
      I’ll send you an email shortly to the email you provided here.
      To answer your question, generally laser is a more focused light beam but that is not to say that the Remington isn’t effective.

  17. Same boat as Megan just above… I’m wanting to see what these would set me back here in Aus. I would be looking to compare the tria and the Remington, if you could possibly foward me some details, I would really appreciate it.

    I inherited my mum’s incredibly fair skin, and my dad’s abundance of dark, thick hair. The contrast is distinct enough, that even after shaving you can see – with the naked eye – the remaining hair under my skin :-( Seems this may actually work to my advantage here though!

  18. Hi Gabby :)
    First let me say how much this information has helped to clarify things for me. I’m an olive skinned male who doesn’t want to shave anywhere below the face 😛 so these devices seem to be the way to go. I also live in Australia, and would like to discuss best possible way forward, i’d rather get the remington, but i will pay the extra for the Tria if thats my only option.
    Look forward to hearing from you :)

    • Hi Sam
      I just saw this message now, I ended up getting in contact with you via email?
      Please confirm. I am so sorry, I am confused now whether I answered you back or not. Sooo sorry!

  19. Hi Gabby,
    Thankyou for your detailed reviews…. I’ve been trying to work out which is the best for me and now after you have done all the hard work reviewing for us, I have to decide between the Tria or Remington! I only need it for chin, lip and bikini areas but I am worried about warranty on the Tria as I am in Aus.
    Can you tell me where I can purchase the Tria??

    • Hi Cath. I am so sorry for not replying earlier, the comment system has been acting weird lately and not showing all messages. Can I still help you? I will send you an email anyway. Sorry again, Gabby

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