Silk’n SN-008 Flash & Go Review

Silk’n SN-008 Flash & Go

Silk'n Flash&GoI mentioned in my quick review in the 5 Best Home Laser and IPL Hair Removal Machines (please read as I have included my first impressions of the machine here) that the best feature about the Silk’n SN-008 Flash & Go is that it’s one of the most cost effective devices to buy.

I also need to mentioned that you get more bang for your buck when it comes to cartridges (as pictured to the right, this hair removal device requires cartridge replacement, to check the price of the cartridges, click here).

Cheapest Prices:

Retails anywhere between $300 – $450

  • For US & Rest of World: Found Here
  • For UK & Europe: Found Here
  • For Australia: Found Here  (contact me for more information, I live in Australia so I can help you out)

From memory, in comparison of the cartridge price with other devices, I think they are cheaper than other machines, but each cartridge also lasts for more pulses per cartridge which is something to keep in mind also. For example, the Silk’n SN-008 Flash&Go cartridge lasts for approx. 2,000 flashes, whereas the Remington IPL6000USA I-Light Pro is said to pulse at 1,500 flashes per cartridge. If you are cash strapped but are still looking for an effective and safe home hair removal machine, the Silk’n Flash & Go may just be your answer.

Silkn-Flash-n-GoAnother point to remember here that the Silk’n home hair removal device is not actually considered a laser machine nor an IPL hair removal machine. Silk’n have invented their own HPL technology that stands for Home Pulsed LightTM (HPL) technology which is a form of IPL. It’s an effective way to remove body hair permanently, it just works slightly different that laser or ipl but has the same results.

It’s also suitable for both women and men.

What I do like about the Silk’n Flash & Go is that its head is super handy. You can get into small areas really easy as it has a really good design. Another important point to remember that it is also FDA approved and cleared.

According to the Silk’n hair removal clinical study the average hair reduction was achieved after 6 months. 150 females took part in the study and found results in these areas of the body – 54% on the legs, 52% on the arms, 41% in the underarms and 43% in the bikini area.

Don’t forget to purchase the device, to view more details and specifications and get latest price, Click Here (for US) or Click Here (for UK/Europe) and leave a comment or contact me for shipping to Australia.

15 thoughts on “Silk’n SN-008 Flash & Go Review

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    • Hi Lelanie
      Thanks for your comment. All the machines have roughly the same pain level. You will feel a slight zap sensation when you do your first treatment, the great thing about laser/ipl is that you feel a zap for a split second and then it goes away, there is no long lasting pain afterwards and after the first treatment you get used to it, so no, no really ‘pain’ I believe. The SN-008 Flash & Go works up to a medium brown skin tone, it’s hard for me to understand how olive your skin is. The best way I can try and advise people is that the biggest thing that matters on whether a machine is right for you and will work is based on the DIFFERENCE in hair color to skin color. If your hair color is only slightly darker than your skin color, you will still get results, but they might not be fantastic or as quick as someone that has fair skin and dark hair. I’m from italian background so I have the olive skin, black hair combination, the Silk’n SN-008 did work on me but as I said, I had better results with other machines. If ever in doubt and you think your skin tone is too dark, you can always opt for the Tanda machine (here is the link to my write up – Tanda) which works on all skin tones/hair colors (also, if your interested, check out the new tanda elos machine here). So the Tanda machine might be an option for you aswell?? I hope you get me and I have answered your questions ok. Gabby.

    • Hi Jennifer
      Yes, the best hair removal machine for the face, specifically for the chin, throat, upper lip area for women is this machine, another one made by Tria, here. That is if you are looking to do your face, it does other body areas but because the battery life is quite low it is not as feasible. If you want to do other body areas aswell as the face, the Tria 4X is fine to use – here.
      What link doesn’t work? Please let me know.
      Thanks, Gabby

  3. Would greatly appreciate help here.Have been told the Tanda machine works on fine, fair, downy hair on face or can you recommend one that does. I am 70 years of age and would like to get rid of this down.

    • Hi Meg
      That’s correct. The ONLY machine that is available for you to use on your face AND on fine fair hair is indeed the Tanda. Not sure if you are aware, there is now 2 models, the old (here) and the new model (here)
      I can’t recommend another machine because there isn’t one :)
      Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions.

  4. I have the silk n flash and go. It says to use every 2 weeks. Why can’t I use every day in the same spot. Would that be harmful?

    • Hi Sandy
      There is absolutely no point in using it everyday, you won’t get better results, it’s a waste of time and flashes because your hair grows in cycles and every 2 weeks in the best timing for the light to penetrate at just the right growth phase for the hair to permanently be gone.
      Regards, Gabby

    • Hi Mike
      Sorry for my late reply, as per the product info page (here), it can be used by men and women on both body and face. So yes you can use it on your face and legs.
      Let me know if you have any other questions, Regards, Gabby

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