Tanda Me Smooth Professional Review & Me My Elos (New)

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Tanda Me Smooth Professional

Tanda Me ReviewToday’s post is a follow-on review from the Best 5 laser and IPL hair removal machines for home use here. (< please read the above to get some extra information about this machine).

Apart from the fact that it’s the only machine effective on all skin tones, it’s a brand that is constantly releasing a machine every year so customers can stay up to date with the latest technology. See below for the newest machine!

THE BEST PART about this machine? It’s the ONLY machine which can be used for people with light and blonde color hair, it can also treat people with very dark skin tones (darker than olive or tanned) and red or grey hair.

New-Me-ChicBest Features:

  • Effective on All Skin Tones
  • Painless
  • 94% Hair Reduction with NEW Chic Model (See Below)
  • Combination IPL and RF Technology
Cheapest Prices:

Retails anywhere between $395 – $595

  • For US & Rest of World: Found Here
  • For UK & Europe: Found Here
  • For Australia: Found Here (contact me for more information, I live in Australia so I can help you with delivery issues)

I do think that this device is exceptionally cute and handy. The design is great and it has some great functions. It’s really easy to use and I find that its really gentle. It’s safe to use and has the FDA backing to say its safe also. Similar to the Silk’n Flash & Go, the Tanda Me Professional is not an IPL or Laser hair removal machine. The Tanda Me Professional machine uses a patented technology which they invented called the ‘elos technology’. To be honest, I wasn’t up to date with this technology and there isn’t a hell alot of information on it but apparently its a form of IPL aswell (just like HPL). It is this technology, that is different to all other machines, that allows it to be used on all skin colors and hair colors.

Update (New Machine: Me My Elos)

New 2015 Me My Elos Super TouchOk, so just like last year, this brand has been revealing the latest version to their original machine every year. I think it’s awesome that a company is providing the same product but the latest and greatest and most advanced version each year for their customers.

What’s changed?

More Effective: The technology used is faster and more effective. What does this mean? You see hair free results, wayyyyy quicker! More effective technology means that it’s more accurate and targets the dark pigment in your hairs whilst reducing any skin injuries

Results: 89% reduction after only 4 treatments at home.

Faster: Because the technology is better, treatment times are alot faster than the previous models.

More Pulses: This in the long run, saves you money! This new Elos Me Super Touch comes with a whooping 300,000 pulses! This means you are saving money when you need to buy and replace new cartridges.

Cheapest Prices:
  • For US & Rest of World: Found Here
  • For UK & Europe: Found Here
  • For Australia: Found Here (contact me for more information, I live in Australia so I can help you with delivery issues)

My recommendation is that if your budget allows for you to spend that little extra of getting the latest model, it is definitely worth it (and saves you money in the long run as you don’t need to replace cartridges as often).

2017 Newest Release: Me Chic

Me-Chic-Device-NewHere is what the new machine looks like. It’s a completely new design as its more of a hand-held device. It is manufactured using the same technology of previous machines but is designed completely different and functions slightly different also.

I am still in the process of reviewing its features so I will have detailed info coming soon :)

For more information, you can see all product specifications and price here.

Cheapest Prices:
  • For US & Rest of World: Found Here
  • For UK & Europe: Found Here
  • For Australia: Found Here (contact me for more information, I live in Australia so I can help you with delivery issues)

47 thoughts on “Tanda Me Smooth Professional Review & Me My Elos (New)

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  2. “I am of the belief there is other machines that can work better on lighter haired people (even though they are not made, manufactured or advertised that way).” …. Can you advise which machines??

    • Hi Angela
      This is ONLY from my personal experience in that the Tria can work on lighter colored hair because I’ve tried it BUT Tria do not say that because the success rate on lighter hair such as blonde is not high enough yet, they don’t want to have disappointed customers. Just remember if you DON’T have dark hair, your best option for laser hair removal at home is this Tanda machine, and they just released a new ‘pro ultra’ version this month > Tanda New Model machine.

  3. Yes! I bought the NEW Tanda Elos machine about 1.5 weeks ago, I think it only came out within the month if I am correct? I’m glad you mentioned it here because no-one really talks about it just yet considering it is so new. I’ve been using it for just over 1 week and it’s fantastic. I had the older Tanda machine and I really loved it and couldn’t help myself to get this one too.

  4. I’ve read so many reviews on so many of these different products, my head is spinning! I’m a 60-yr-old female, and I have fair skin and auburn-going-gray hair. That means the Tanda is most likely my best option, right? I’m just hesitant since the reviews about customer service for it are so bad. And I’m just desperate at this point. Better to take my chances on the Tria? I was paranoid about the whiskers on a recent overnight flight, and I have a recurring nightmare that I end up in the hospital in a coma and when I wake up, they mistake me for one of the Duck Dynasty guys. Okay, I might have made that coma part up. But I’m sosss tired of obsessing over this. Originally I thought I’d just go to a medi-spa and have the laser treatments, but after researching online, that almost seems like too much money for no guaranteed results. Not to mention the inconvenience. Better to try one of these at-home machines first? And by the way, Gabby, THANK YOU for taking this seriously and responding to all these comments. I had no idea I wasn’t the only one fighting this fear!

    • Hi Diane
      It’s my pleasure to help people out, as I know myself how frustrating it can be. Absolutely love your humor – you go girl! :) And yes, you are right, the technology with home hair removal machines is so up to date these days, the money spent at laser clinics is not as feasible anymore.

      Okay, first things first, fair skin – GREAT. Hair that is going grey – not so great for the Tria but your 100% correct for the Tanda machine. Tria does not work on grey hair so that is out of the question for you. Tanda – absolutely fine. Tanda fills in the gap in the market when it comes to grey, blonde and red hairs. So the Tanda machine is really the only option for you. In regards to customer service, I wouldn’t be worried. Those that need legitimate help, get it. Those that want to be difficult make a fuss about it. This company has been around for while and produced quite a few machines now so I think you should be pretty comfortable. Also, just an update that I’ve been telling people about is that Tanda released their newest model, called the Me My Elos Syneron Touch/pro Ultra which is the newest machine out on the market right now. A little bit more pricer, but pays off as the cartridges last a lot longer. Anyway, hope that clears a few things up for you. Good luck and hope you have no more nightmares wink wink Regards Gabby

  5. Please, i have black and heavy hair , what is the best option for laser hair removal machine ? In our country only they have me and philips

  6. Hi

    I am medium to dark skin toned. Black hair. What will work best for me? And what is the price and where can I buy it ?
    Thank :)

    • Hi Honey
      Because you said that you have medium to dark skin tone, you are probably best to use the Tanda machine – I would go for the NEWEST model. I find it the best place to buy as they ship globally and offer the most competitive prices, often with monthly discounts and specials. Hope that helps, Gabby

    • Hi Sue. Yes the Tanda is safe to use on your face. The only other safe option is either the Tria 4x. Don’t forget to check out the new Tanda instead of this older machine now. The Tria 4X will be more effective on the face and since you have fair skin it will work very very well. Regards, Gabby

  7. Hi there,
    I naively just bought the Flash & Go to find out that it does not work on fair hair. It is basically for my face with the hair being blonde, so no pigment. So it sounds like the Tanda will work for me? I want to order asap as my No No is on the fritz and it sounds like this is a great alternative.

    • Hi Mrs Henderson. That’s right! The ONLY machine that works on any other hair color than brown or black is the TANDA (don’t forget to check out the new tanda machine). It works for people with blonde, grey and red hair. I don’t you will get far with the Flash & Go but if you have any other areas of your body that are darker, it should work ok. Regards, Gabby

    • Hi Angela
      From my knowledge and experience, most women that buy these machines have in mind that they want to do Brazilian however, in saying this, no company advises or makes the statement that it’s ok to use on Brazilian. I do with the Tria and it’s not advised either, I just be careful, that’s all.

  8. I got dark black hair all over my face, leg, underarm, hand, chest, back, bikini lines. will the latest model be suitable for me? I am medium fair skin toned.

  9. I just want to clarify….I have fair/medium skin and am a brunette.
    Sounds like the Tanda will be great for the light facial/neck hair and also grey hairs? I still have dark hairs that sprout up on the upper lip and some underarm dark hairs left over from previous professional treatments. So just making sure…does the Tanda work for dark hair also or will I need to get 2 devices?

    • Hi Kathy
      Yes of course, the Tanda works on all hair colors so that includes, blonde, grey, red, brown and black. There is no need to get 2 devices.
      Regards, Gabby

  10. I am interested in getting rid of face and body hair. Hair ranges from blonde, gray, light brown to dark. Do you have to shave before using these machines? Is the me system or the tanda system better for me? Also, have you had any experience with hair removal creams that claim to inhibit growth of hair? Thanks.

    • Hi Mindy
      Firstly, yes I have tried hair removal creams, I used them for years as a teenager and they don’t work, don’t even bother wasting your money or time, they don’t do anything. Also, I have sensitive skin and I also suffered from ingrown hairs, it make everything worse for me, not to mention it was a pain to do all the time. They don’t inhibit hair growth, they are just used as a hair removal method.
      Now, hair removal machines – since you have blonde, gray, light brown and dark hair, yes, you will need the machines that you mentioned, the tanda (the older one) and the me (the newer one). They are both safe to use on your face and body.
      Shaving – yes you have to do this in-between each treatment and before each treatment (even on your face!) DO NOT do anything else to remove hair. Shaving is required to get the best results for IPL and laser hair removal as it ensure the hair is growing at the right growth phase for the hair to be targeted and killed.
      I hope I’ve answered all your questions, let me know if you need any more help.

  11. Hi Gabby, you have made a comment earlier that you live in Australia and I do aswell. Please can you email me to advise where I can order the latest Tanda Me Smooth Professional (New 2016) at the best price. Thanking you in advance

    • Hi Sue
      Sure, I’ll email you in the next few days as I am working off my mobile and I hate it so I’ll be in touch via email soon! Keep and eye out for my email.

  12. I am in Australia as well
    Please can you email me to advise where I can order the latest Tanda Me Smooth Professional (New 2016) at the best price.
    thank you very much

    • Hi Lynn
      No problems, I’ll email you over the details. Also in regards to the e-one, I’ve seen this one because it’s marketed heavily in Aus but from my experience, it’s not as effective as the ones I mentioned on the blog.

  13. Hi Gabby,i really need ur good advice…i have fair skin, dark hair on lower legs and fair hair on upper legs.i have mixed fair light hair and dark course hair throughout my body.Could u tell me what is the best ,powerful machine that will give me the best ,permanent results,as i brought the pearl hair remover and find it useless and a waste of money.I live in Australia,so can you tell me also where to buy the machine at the best price. Thankyou

    • Hi Oliva
      Of course, I am happy to help you out, I know how confusing it can be when first starting out.
      Since you want to remove BOTH dark hair and the fair light hair, the only machine you can use is this one here (the one above). There is two machines available for you to purchase, an old and new version (of course, I always recommend the newest technology as it provides the best results, age really does matter for permanent hair removal). If you are looking to remove only the dark hair, this machine is the best > http://safelaseripl.com/tria-hair-removal-laser-review/, but again, it won’t work on the fair hair that you mentioned in your comment.
      Any other questions and if the shipping doesn’t come up as available on the links above, reply to this comment and let me know and I’ll send you an email with details for shipping to Aus.

  14. Hi I am also from Australia so please if you can send me details on where to get the latest 2016 Tanda Me Smooth Professional for a good price. Thank you!

  15. Hi, gathering this is the best option for dark, fair facial and start of greying hairs? Do you think, the latest model, with new technology best option? If so can you please email me best price details for Australia.
    Thank you so much for your blogs!!!

    • Hi Rosemarie, no problems, I can send you an email, just to confirm, you want a machine to target dark, fair and grey facial hair only? What color is your skin colour? I will send you an email to touch base with you anyway :) Gabby

  16. Hi Gabby

    Great site!

    I’m an Australian too. Could you please email me with details on where to get the newest Tanda at the best price?

    • Hi Claudie, Sure :) I will send you an email now so please check your inbox. If you don’t receive it, please reply comment so I can re-send. Thanks! Gabby

  17. Hi Gabby all the way from South Africa☺️

    I just purchased the new Tanda me 300000 Elos machine,I’m excited but a bit nervous about shaving the face

    Please advise.

    Also you mention that in between each treatment shaving is necessary ,so irrespective of the length and amount of growth?

    • Hi Fatima, That’s 100% correct, shaving each and every time, nothing else! Even on your face, shaving is a must for permanent hair removal!

    • Hi Chris
      I’ve received two emails from very similar addresses but for two different machines? Can you please confirm your address by filling out another comment on here so I know which one you are wanting help for?

  18. Hi, I have read many reviews, but still feel confused. I have different hair colour on different parts of my body! For example, I have blond hairs on my face, forearms, hands; brown hairs under my arms & black hairs on my legs. My skin colour is light to olive. Is there a home laser machine suitable for me and that will provide me permanent results?

    Many thanks,

    • Hi Chaer, thanks for contacting me. I hope you will no longer be confused once you read this :) If you want a machine to target your blonde hair and brown hair, there is a machine for you :). It’s this machine here, which you can purchase in the UK here :) This is the only machine that works on blonde and lighter colored hair. Your skin color is fine to use with it also :) If you have any other questions, just let me know anytime :)

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