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If you anything like me, you are always on the go and you need to look pristine, sleek and hairless all day long. You’ve research for the best hair removal methods and you’ve found your answer in IPL or Laser for permanent hair reduction…

But you soon found out that getting it done professionally can cost you a lot of money…. You soon learn that once you start, you get hooked on the smooth skin and hairless feeling…You start with one body part to test it out and quickly move onto the next (we all know that hair doesn’t just grow in one place!).

And then you realize, it’s starting to cost a lot of money, that’s when you think, there has to be an easier and cheaper option? Right?

The answer for our hair removal lies in a rapidly growing industry of home Laser and IPL machines. But don’t worry, as this industry is gaining momentum, so are regulations to watch out for our safety also.

NOTE (UPDATED SEPT 2017) : I am constantly updating this site and answering everyone’s questions on a near-daily basis, so don’t worry – the site is always updated with the latest and up to date information for 2017. And if you are wondering, the Tria is still an excellent machine to date, there hasn’t been a new release since the latest model (as below).

After doing a lot of research and spending a ton of money on these machines and devices (all in the name of beauty), I have come up with a list of the ‘best hair removal machines’ for this year (and have updated the list for subsequent years also).

These are NOT GIMMICKS AS THEY REALLY DO WORK. The last thing we want is to spend our money on a box of plastic).

So be rest assured that I have personally used these 5 machines in my own home and on my own skin. And yes I do have 5 machines! I know, but I have bought them over many many years and I use them for different parts of my body because they serve a different purpose in each area (do you get me?!? wink: think of the pubic area compared to the facial region).

And no you don’t need to buy 5 machines, you only need to buy 1 (sigh of relief!) :)

Choosing the best hair removal machine is determined by many factors such as safety, effectiveness, settings, price, customer service, cartridge life and machine life. Not only this, but we also need to make sure that the most important questions are answered, such as: Does the hair removal machine work on dark hair? What about red hair? What about blonde hair? Does the hair removal machine work on dark skin? What about fair skin? All these questions have been answered below!

So, this is what I have come up with which I coin as  ‘Gabby’s Top 5 Recommended Laser and IPL Home Hair Removal Machines’, read on to find the best at home laser hair removal device for you!

5 Best IPL and Laser Home Hair Removal Machines

Top Pick – #1 Best Hair Removal Machine on the Market for 2017

Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X

TriaLaserReviewYou know that the product is good when it gets recommended by Dermatologists. Well, Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X is that product! It has been recommended by a lot of renowned dermatologists as the best laser hair removal device to use at home. It is the best, and it delivers the most permanent results!

This is the newest machine for me and I can guarantee from buying this machine that I probably won’t need another one for a while (which is a relief for my wallet, and boyfriend I might add :). I have had it for a good year now. I know this sounds simple and it may be product development 101, but the company which manufactures Tria really listens to its customers. The design is great (and funky), it has a digital display and 5 different settings.

Cheapest Prices:

It retails anywhere between $600 – $1,000, but I found so many different prices on the Tria Laser 4X and this is the best I found:

  • For US & Rest of World: Found Here 
  • For UK & Europe: Found Here
  • For Australia: Found Here  (contact me for more information, I live in Australia so I can help you with delivery issues)

I have so much good to say on this product and I haven’t even talked about its functioning yet…blush…Basically, I am not going to beat around the bush, this hair removal machine is at the best of the game at the moment, its at the top of the market and that is why it has a larger price tag. But if you are looking for results that are pretty up there with the salons than this machine is your answer. Click here to read my full and down right honest review of Tria Laser Hair Removal 4X

TriaPrecisionUpdate: This is the latest product from Tria: I would just like to add a quick note here. Tria manufactures two hair removal machines and people are often confused about them and what the difference is. Tria has the above 4X version and it also has a smaller version (see the pic on the right, you can also get more info here) which they developed for people that wanted a handy little hair removal machine for smaller areas of the body and also to remove hair on the face.

It’s smaller, handier, very convenient (excellent for traveling) and works on those areas that are a little hard to reach (think, pubic region) and those areas of the body where caution is required (face).

Cheapest Prices:
  • For US & Rest of World: Found Here
  • For UK & Europe: Found Here
  • For Australia: Found Here (contact me for more information, I live in Australia so I can help you with delivery issues)

It’s also excellent for those people that have had professional laser hair removal in a laser clinic and want an affordable machine to do ‘touch up’ sessions with. It’s super affordable and is another great option from the same company as it’s based on the very effective, diode laser hair removal technology.

My recommendation is that if you want a device for touch-ups or just quick hair removal for smaller areas of the body such as the upper lip, chin, side-burns, underarms, bikini, snail trail – this device is great (hence why the box reads ‘designed for small treatment areas’; BUT if you want a hair removal device for both body and face, you’ll need to buy the one above, the Tria 4X (available here). It has a longer battery life allowing you to remove hair from the entire body, eg. legs, back, chest, arms, absolutely any body part including face – you name it!

#2 Excellent Results Especially For its Price!

Remington IPL6000USA I-Light Pro

Remington IPL Machine ReviewThis one here was everyone’s favorite machine until the Tria (above) was released. Just because the Tria is the No. 1 favorite machine, it’s not to say it is for you. This Remington here may suit you better. Like I have said before, and I’ll say it again here (repetition really does get through sometimes), not every machine is for everyone! And this one here, is excellent value for money!

Not only does it’s name guarantee quality as Remington has been on the market for over 50 years producing many products for personal care, but Remington have done an excellent job with their hair removal devices for home use. The is the latest product from Remington in home IPL hair removal and it has been a winner. It’s been an extremely popular choice for IPL hair removal at home for both women (and men). There has been a few times my friends have tried to buy it on Amazon, but it’s been sold out as it’s so popular.

Update: This is the NEWEST product from Remington: FOR BOTH FACE & BODY HAIR REMOVAL: Unlike the device above, this new hair removal system from Remington is FDA approved for both face and body hair removal. It’s safe, effective and easy to use and provides up to 94% hair reduction in only 3 at home treatments. It comes with both a replaceable body and facial cap and comes with 65,000 pulses in each cartridge.

Cheapest Prices (Original – Body Only):

Retails anywhere between $300 – $450

Cheapest Prices (NEW SYSTEM – Face & Body Hair Removal):

Retails anywhere between $500 – $600

A quick point here, just remember this Remington IPL6000USA I-Light Pro is an IPL hair removal machine, unlike the Tria which is a Laser Hair removal machine. Know the difference? – Read here if you have forgotten or don’t know, I’ve explained it easily to understand.

The reason why I like the IPL6000USA I-Light Pro by Remington, not only because it is FDA cleared and approved, it’s also because it was actually developed and manufactured to mimic the results of professional salon machines. So when you know the company is trying to produce home hair removal machines that mimic their big sisters in the salons, that is a good thing. Read more on the functioning of the IPL6000USA I-Light Pro by Remington and my individual at home review of Remington IPL hair removal machine here.

#3 – Good Results Just A Little Bit Fussy

Silk’n SN-008 Flash & Go

Silk'n Flash&GoThe best aspect of this home hair removal device, is its design. The worst aspect and hence why it’s no. 3 on my list is that its a little bit fussy. What I mean by fussy is that it is not as effective for permanent hair reduction for people with naturally dark or tanned skin. Your best bet for people with naturally dark or tanned skin is to trust in the Tria and Remington machines (above). They will do exactly what you need. But if you like to fully investigate all avenues (like me) then keep reading because I believe the more you read, the more you learn and with home laser and IPL, it really is important that you are fully aware of everything before you make the decision (and I hope you get all the information you need here, because that is my goal :))

Cheapest Prices:

Retails anywhere between $300 – $450

  • For US & Rest of World: Found Here
  • For UK & Europe: Found Here
  • For Australia: Found Here (contact me for more information, I live in Australia so I can help you with delivery issues)

Although most machines struggle with penetrating lighter colored hair, this machine really has difficulty on blonde (see Tanda Me below for blonde and light hair), white or light hair. I found personally, that it does eventually produce results but the results took longer to come (especially in comparison to the first two machines above). I started seeing a noticeable difference with the Silk’n Flash & Go after about 6 treatments. Look, at the end of the day, the machine does work and is a safe home hair removal machine, just don’t expect the results to be as quick as the first few machines. As a plus, if your strapped for cash, its an excellent option as the machine is less costly upfront and I even think the cartridges may be cheaper aswell (might have to check this based on current prices but I have a feeling they are). It’s also FDA cleared but you can read more of my personal experiences and review on Silk’n SN-008 Flash & Go here.

#4 – Got Light Hair, Tanda Me Is the Machine For You!

Tanda Me Smooth Professional At Home Hair Removal

Tanda Me ReviewThis machine right here is probably the most least advertised machine out there but its a little secret gem (I believe). The fact that it works wonders on blonde and light hair is a miracle when it comes to permanent hair removal treatments.

This device is slowly gaining momentum with the community of the hair free cult but I think with a little more of a push from the company it could be beating the competition in no time. I do think this machine is good but I have had to rank it as no. 4 because I have not been able to test it out fully. I do not have blonde hair myself so I had to go off the results of my best friend (and take her word for it too).

Cheapest Prices:

Retails anywhere between $395 – $595

  • For US (& Rest of World): Found Here or NEW Machine Here
  • For UK & Europe: Found Here (Only 8 Left In Stock)
  • For Australia: Found Here (contact me for more information, I live in Australia so I can help you with delivery issues)

Read my full review on Tanda Me Smooth Professional Hair Removal Machine here.

For now, I have edited my 5th machine because has been a new machine that has been released and I am in the process of getting one to use. Once I’ve used it, tried and tested it, I will post it up and I will re-evaluate where it sits in my list. Sorry ladies and gents, only 4 machines to share for now but there is plenty there to suit your preferences. Any comments or suggestions, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below. Thanks! Gabby x

NOTE (UPDATED SEPT 2017) : I am constantly updating this site and answering everyone’s questions on a near-daily basis, (as you can see by the comments below, they are endless! So don’t worry – the site is always updated with the latest and up to date information for 2017.

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  3. Thanks for providing such an honest review of the machines, i’ve been looking for a site that ranks the machines like this so thank-you it’s very helpful. I never knew about the Tanda machine, that’s new to me..thanks

    • Hi Monica, your very welcome. Thanks for your comment! I hope you enjoy the site. If you have any questions, please do let me know :) Gabby

      • Hi Yas
        Yes, these home hair removal machines work the same as the laser and ipl hair removal at doctors/laser hair removal clinics. They are based on the SAME technology available, diode laser etc. The only difference is that because they are manufactured and approved for ‘home use’ the technology is not as strong for safety reasons. So Yes :) you will get the same results, just with a few more sessions more than the professional laser and ipl machines, your hair will not re-grow back :)

      • Hi Gabby,
        Where is the best place to purchase the first machine you recommended the Tria hair removal laser?? Im in Australia.

      • Hi Sue
        I’m sending you an email right now with all the details on how to get it shipped to you in Aus. Please check your inbox or let me know if any probs.

      • Hi gabby
        I would like to buy a hair removal machine wife to share I have tanned skin and my ms has light skin with dark hair what would be the best machine and where do I buy it in aus

      • Hi Aaron
        Thanks for leaving a comment. Just how tanned is your skin? Just tan skin or darker? Your ‘Mrs’ has perfect skin to use any of the machines, we just need to determine how dark your skin is to make sure you get the right machine.

      • Hi Bei. No they do not lighten skin. You can tend to get a ‘lightened’ effect but that’s only because the hair follicles no longer have hairs growing in the shaft hence the darker underarm look disappears which is a great thing! But the machine don’t ‘lighten’ the skin. They make the underarms incredibly soft also :) Let me know if you have any other questions at all. Regards, Gabby

      • Hi Evangeline
        For blonde hair, go for the Tanda machine (which is above), also the newest model of the Tanda – Me My Elos Syneron Touch Pro Ultra (here) has been released a couple of months ago, it the most advanced machine/technology from Tanda. Regards, Gabby

    • Hi i have been trying to purchase the remington machine but the link sends me to the US site and wont deliver to Australia. How do i get this at a cheaper price as its quite expensive everywhere else. Thanks

      • Hi Jess
        I’ll send the info you need to get shipping to Aus to your email address you submitted with your comment. I’ll be sending it soon so please check and let me know if you don’t receive it.
        Thanks, Gabby

      • Hi Gabby,

        I am also in the same position as Jess – located in Australia and can’t get Amazon to ship here – can you please email me the info too? Thanks :)

      • Hi Alison, sure no problems. Please check your email as I am sending you the details via email now.

      • Hi Liz, no problem, I will email you now so please check your email to make sure you receive one from me. Thanks for stopping by! Gabby

      • Hi, this was a great review! I also live in Australia an d I was interested in the Tria 4X machine, could you please email me the details for this? Thank you very much!!

      • Hi Awesome review. I am in the same boat as these girls. Could you please help me get your number one pick to Australia?

      • Hi Rhiannon, I have just sent you an email so please check your inbox. If you don’t receive, please submit another comment. Thanks Gabby

      • Hi,

        I’m interested in the Tria Precision but live in Australia also. Could you please send me the email also?

      • Hi Jennifer. I will send you an email now with details. Please respond if you don’t receive it today. Thanks Gabby

      • Would someone from Australia please advise how to get this shipped? Amazon is denying the AUS address! Thanks in advance!

      • Hi Bee. I’ll send you an email with instructions on getting it shipped to Australia. It’s super easy. Keep an eye out for my email or let me know if you don’t receive it. Regards, Gabby

      • Hi Zoe. Sorry for my late reply, please check your inbox for an email from me :) Regards, Gabby

    • Hi I would like to know how can I order it in Australia? My husband is there and I want him to buy it. My questions are how much the price? How can you give it to him Australia?

      • Hi Patricia. I send you the details on how to buy the Tria in Australia which you can buy directly online and can get it shipped directly to him. The price is the same as the US price, its the cheapest and authentic Tria that you should buy. Kind Regards, Gabby

  4. Admiring the time and energy you put into your site and detailed information you present. It’s great to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same outdated rehashed material. Great read! I’ve bookmarked your site and I’m adding your RSS feeds to my Google account.

  5. Very likely I’m want to bookmark your blog post . You surely come with amazing articles and reviews. Many thanks for sharing with us your blog site.

  6. Thanks for this info. I have spend lot of money trying to remove unwanted hair, and wanted to find a good system that I could use in the privacy of my home, I recently learned about tria and being doing research. U helped greatly thnx

    • Hi Zeneth

      I hope I’ve helped, that is the aim of the site :) The technology is safe to use at home, no need to spend a fortune at the salons anymore, thank goodness! Please feel free to ask me any questions that you have. The Tria for sure, if you have the money is the #1 machine for hair removal. They have also released a new machine called the p laser. That is worth a check too! Thx for your comment, Gabby.

  7. Hi Gaby,

    How does the Tria go on Indian hair? [ Facial hair] ?
    I have always had Ellipse treatments done from Salon and now looking for something I could bring it home for DIY.

    Please advise.

    Many thanks,

  8. Hi dear,
    I have a really hard and black hair. I am looking for a laser hair removal that help me to remove that in full body. I need a machine that really works for me. I was wondering what is your suggestion ?

    • Hi Azadeh

      I completely understand, my hair is very coarse and thick aswell :) In order to get good results, you will really need to invest your money in a really good laser hair removal machine, this machine would be the best for you. It is worth the money to treat your full body with dark hair. If you need any more help, let me know. Gabby :)

  9. Gabby – I’m interested in the “secondary benefits” of IPL, i.e. improvement in age-spots, broken capillaries, and collagen production that you hear about when women get IPL treatments on their face. Can these at-home devices be used safely on the face and can these anti-aging benefits be realized? thanks!

    • Hi Sue,

      I would be glad to help. Sure, I understand where you are coming from and it is a common question we get. Your best bet for broken capillaries, age-spots, collagen and general anti-aging is to buy an anti-aging laser machine, this is the best one > Anti-Defying Laser. This is because when you apply a laser to your face you need to be careful the strength of the laser. Let me know if you have any more questions. Gabby

  10. Thank you so much for all of this information. I am going to try the Tria. Can you tell me how often I wait between each session? I have struggled for years with hair removal and have paid 1000’s on going to salons, I may as well try something at home!!!

    • Hi Jenny. That is for sure, many people end up opting for hair removal at home these days because the technology is really good now so it’s a great alternative to spending a fortune in salons. Good to hear you are going to go for the Tria, it’s definitely the best machine out there. In regards to how often you should wait in between each session – you should do a treatment every 2 weeks for the first couple of months. No less than 2 weeks though. Let me know if you have any other questions, Gabby

  11. Thank you for your write-up. It’s really helpful. I just have a couple of questions. I want to buy tria and I was wondering if they need cartriges and where I can find them. Second question is about the numbing cream. Do I need one if I get the tria cooling gel or is this the same thing? And when do I use the anticeptic wipes – before or after? Thank you. :)

    • Hi Dani, sure I would be happy to answer your questions.
      1. The reason you probably can’t find cartridges for the Tria 4x Laser is because you don’t need cartridges :) Hence why the machine price is a little more aswell considering that you don’t need to keep paying for cartridges.
      2. The Tria Calming Gel is a ‘cooling gel’ so it should be applied before and after treatment, it’s not a ‘numbing gel’ but can act as the same thing depending on your pain threshold. This gel works to cool the area by providing an extra layer so it doesn’t hurt that much. By applying it afterwards, it also helps cool and calm the skin down aswell. A lot of people find they are fine just with the Tria Calming Gel for pain but it depends purely on how you react to pain. For example, if you find waxing unbearable, maybe opt for both, a numbing gel pre treatment and the calming gel post treatment. If you want to know a really good numbing cream, let me know.
      3. Antiseptic wipes should be used pre-treatment to ensure there is no deodorants/moisturizers on your skin prior to treatment.
      Hope I’ve answered your questions, let me know if you have any more :) Gabby

      • Thank you Gabby. :) I’m really happy to hear that it doesn’t need cartridges but I think that I’m going to need both cooling gel and numbing cream. And I will really appreciate if you can recommend some cause I kind of want to get them all together. Thank you again. :)

      • No problem at all :) Yes I understand and your not alone that’s for sure, better to be fully prepared with both the numbing cream and cooling gel. There is only 2 good numbing creams I would recommend, one – the Lidocaine Gel GREENCAINE which is the best, used professionally by salons etc and a slightly cheaper option – the Lido Cream 4. Otherwise if you want just a light numbing effect with not much protection, a cream around $15 will do just fine. Hope that helps you. Regards, Gabby

  12. Hi
    Very interesting facts. Thank you.
    I have very dark brown hair (often mistaken for black)
    But I am now salt and pepper.
    One area of concern is my upper lip.
    I have both colors of hair there.
    Does that mean I may need more than one machine?
    My skin tone is olive and I can get a pretty dark tan.
    Thank you, Susan

    • Hi Susan, great question and I would be glad to help. If you have both light hairs and dark hairs, although the Tanda machine is not the best machine when it comes to effectiveness, the Tanda machine > Tanda Me Smooth, does have the ability to treat both lighter and darker hairs so you don’t need two machines. It’s personal preference though because my cousin is the same as you but she prefers to stick with the Tria. Because you mentioned you can get a pretty dark tan, just be careful with your tan, ensure no tanning before and after treatments! Gabby

  13. Hi, just wondering what the best in homer laser hair removal device is for light hairs on the chin and lip areas please? Thankyou :)

    • Hi Ashlee, sure, the best machine for light facial hair is the Tanda Me Smooth. Just make sure you use it from the cheek line downward..Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. Gabby

  14. Hi Gabby,

    Thank you for the information you shared here. I found it very useful. I have a couple of questions to ask.

    1. I’m an Asian with black/dark hair and naturally tanned looking skin, so are No.1 and 2 both great for my hair and skin type?

    2. How long does it take to have hairless result for lower legs? And how long the result will last?

    Thank you


  15. Hi Gabby,
    Since I’m considering permanent hair removal for the first time, your blog was very helpful. I have 3 questions:

    1- For weatish skin tone which is prone to sun tanning, would u suggest Tria as the best option?

    2- My husband has chest hair which he wants to get rid off but is too shy to go to a salon. Would Tria be effective for both of us or do u suggest another laser machine for him. We both have Asian skin with fine-coarse dark hair.

    3- Women on the other site has expressed dismay over battery life of Tria. Is it true for all machines or does it depend on usage and after use maintainable?

    Thank you for your time.


    • Hi there

      Thanks for your comment and I would be happy to help you out.

      1. It just depends on how ‘dark’ your skin color is. I definitely don’t recommend you do ANY suntanning before or after treatments. Tria is the best machine up to a certain point. If you have very dark skin (whether from tanning or naturally) that’s when the Me Smooth machine (see #4 above) tends to work better for very dark skin tones.
      2. For sure, there is a lot of men that buy home devices exactly for that reason, it is very popular for men. Tria works fine for both however keep in mind this. I have noticed a lot of men tend to go towards the Remington or Tanda machines that have a bigger laser tip. Men tend to want to remove hair on larger areas of the body such as the chest and back whereas women want one that covers those large areas such as legs + smaller areas such as the bikini line, upper lip and underarms. He will find another machine easier for the areas he wants to treat. This is the Tanda machine I am talking about – Me Smooth.
      3. That’s correct, the Tria works on a battery which lasts about 35-45 minutes. People seem to make a point about it at the start but soon find out that after the 1st session, you don’t seem to need more than 30 minutes to do what you need to anyway. Sessions get quicker and quicker because there is less hair so the charging doesn’t pose such an issue after a while. Not all machines run on battery. Only the Tria devices are the ‘re-chargable’ devices, the others are corded, plugin.
      Hope this answers you questions! If you still unsure about anything, let me know.

  16. Hi, I am looking a for a laser hair removal for mainly my upper lip & chin area. I am considering the Tria Precision, would this be the best for the lip & chin area?

    • Hi Cathy, that’s correct, I am currently trialling this machine and in the process of doing up a review for the site so great timing :)! The Tria Precision Laser (Tria P) is great for the upper lip and chin area for sure (anything from the cheekline downwards). The only downside with the precision which the 4X laser is better is that it if you want to use it for the face AND body, it is not as good. If you want a machine for both, the Tria 4x is better. Hope that answers your question.

  17. Excellent website. Plenty of helpful info here. I am sending it to some pals ans additionally sharing in delicious. And of course, thank you for your sweat!

    • Hi Amit
      There is still options for you so let me know if you need any help. There is still machines that you can buy for people with dark skin and dark hair.
      Again, let me know if you have any questions.

  18. Hello
    Im a beautician living in Australia and I’m looking to purchase a laser hair removal machine. Any advice on which machine and would you recommend purchasing the Tria Hair removal machine for my clients? Does it come with a training manual?

    Many thanks

    • Hi Karen
      Hello! Sorry for my late reply. In regards to your question, I am not quite sure what you mean by your question, whether you want the machine to use on your clients or to recommend to your clients? However, I will try the best I can. The Tria is by far the best right now however in saying that this Tanda machine > Me Smooth is also a good one because it can be used on darker skin colors. Most machines do come with an extensive user manual, how to use it including the overlapping areas etc etc.Hope that helps, contact me if you have any other questions, Gabby

  19. Hi there
    I was wondering if you can help. Basically I have very, and I mean very, pale skin. I have dark blonde hair, with coarse dark and light hair underarms and in the bikini area. When I shave or wax I am left with immediate stubble and have struggled to get rid of this, both shaving and waxing leave these areas extremely sensitive and irritated. Can you suggest a machine that could work for me? Many Thanks.

    • Hi Grainne, of course! First of all, if you have very pale skin – you have the best skin color for laser/IPL hair removal which is awesome!!! I totally understand the stubble you are talking about. This is the exact reason why I got into laser in the first place because of the stubble that was left and it annoyed me sooo much and also because my skin is on the sensitive side and waxing, left my skin sensitive with red pimple like irritations and shaving left my skin feeling sensitive and pin like afterwards. So I totally get how you feel :) Since you have the perfect skin tone/hair color combination you are pretty open to use any of the machines I have suggested on my site, I have ranked them in order of effectiveness so you pick what suits you best as everyone’s preference is different. I’m a Tria girl but I can also appreciate the Remington is quite good, I’m going to upload another review soon of the better version (and slightly more expensive) Remington i-Light which is actually better in performance than the Remington I-Light standard > this is it Remington Quartz. Any other questions, do let me know.

  20. Hi Leonardo
    Sure, I would be happy to help you out and I can answer all of your questions below.
    1. Shaving is a must before using the Tria, and any other laser or IPL hair removal device for that matter. You cannot wax, tweeze, pluck or bleach. Only shave. You must shave before the treatment and in between all treatments for it to work. I wrote some info on how to prepare here which may help :) How to Prepare for Laser or IPL
    2. Tria works on pretty much all areas of the body, for men they don’t suggest using it on the face (for females it’s fine). You just have to be careful in sensitive areas (ie. use a lower setting) but the Tria does work and is safe to use.
    3. Results – these vary from person to person as we are not all the same :) I have provided my personal experience and yes I’ve done a lot of research too. The Tria is the best on the market right now for home permanent hair removal that is for sure. The other machines work too, I just have the Tria as my fav.
    4. Pain – this again comes down to your pain tolerance level. The best thing about the Tria (and some other machines) is it has 5 comfort settings so you start low so it doesn’t hurt and as you get used to it you increase levels. If you are worried about the pain, try this numbing cream > Greencaine
    5. Yes that’s right, once you have treated the area numerous times, you only need to use it 1 a month and even longer. I use it roughly now only every 2 month as touch up.
    6. I started using it approx. 2.5 years ago now so I think I’m kinda in the veteran category :) No, I no longer find it painful, was a little prickly at the start but the more sessions you do, the less hair grows back and the less painful it is.
    Hope I’ve answered all your questions.

    • Hello girl, thanks very much for replying. It’s only now that i am having access to the internet so i came here to see your reply and it helped me a lot.

      I still have some questions to you but it’s different now, it’s regarding the functionality now.

      I have seen the tria and there is one thing on it i REALLY doesn’t like.

      And it’s the tip of the device, i mean the tip is TOO SMALL.
      How the hell you get ALL YOUR BODY worked out with this little tip???

      How many hours does it take? You must work out one hair at a time with that little tip and excuse me, but this is a VERY BORING proccess to do. It may take ages to get all my body worked out with these machine and that little tip, i have A LOT of hair on my body and let me tell you it’s NOT FUNNY having all that hair, i simply HATE IT, and i am trying to find a way that works to get rid of this permanently!

      And i really can’t believe that this machine with this little tip will be able to work permanently on my hairy body, i am starting to suppose i will have a lot of work to remove all that hair with these machine, it will be boring as hell and will take AGES for me to finish just one session!

      The thing that disturbes me most is my facial hair, that is what i want to get rid off as soon and as fast as i can!

      I hope this tria really work to me as you are saying, but i am getting ready for extremely BORING sessions coming ahead working out one hair at a time with that little tip, really hope it works as you say and that shit really gets permanent results!

      So i will really have to shave completely before working out on my hairs one by one with these machine, right?!

      Thanks a lot for replying my comment, hope you reply this one too and it will help me a lot because i have spent a long time researching the net before finding you and your blog and i guess that this is the solution for my case, i just hope it really works now because i have a lot of hair, as i said and i am not willing to waste my time on boring sessions working hair by hair which is
      already a pain in the ass just to find it didn’t work in the end, ok?!

      Thanks again for taking your time for read this.
      Bye bye.

      • Hi Leonardo
        No problem at all! I’ll try and answer some of your questions below.
        1. Small tip – yes this is just how the Tria is built – if you find it not for you, that is where machines like the Remington and Tanda may be better suited for you. The Tria does have the best technology but comes with a small tip (making it better than other machines for hard to reach, smaller more sensitive areas). The tip isn’t that small that the hairs get treated one by one. You do an area at a time.
        2. Time – the small tip can mean that it may take up to 45 minutes to do a your full legs BUT just remember, each session will take LESS and LESS time because there is LESS hair after each session. So after a few sessions, it may only take 20 minutes to do full legs. It won’t take you ‘ages’ to do each session forever. The session times drastically reduce after each session.
        3. Shaving – yes you need to shave before doing a treatment. If you do any other hair removal method, you ruin the effectiveness of laser/ipl. It just won’t produce the permanent results.
        Hope I’ve answered everything. Just remember, if you are put off by the size of the laser tip with the Tria, maybe the Remington (or Remington Quartz – which is on the same level as the Tria) maybe better suited to you. Regards, Gabby

  21. Hi Gabby,
    I am very happy to read and re-read your comments and reply.
    I have Q to you. I bought the tria4 ,but did not use it yet!
    I am asking can I use it safely on the bekini lines if I have an asian brown skin color??
    Would you advice a different laser machine for such area? I am looking for a safer and efficient result as much as possible.
    Appreciate your advice.thank you.

    • Hi Nadia
      Oh great! I am so happy that you come back regularly, thank you for your feedback :)
      You’ll absolutely love the Tria. Asian brown skin color should be fine just depending on how dark you are. If you have brown skin with black hairs, it should be all good. A lot of women actually buy 2 machines, one portable like the Tria and another for different body areas. This Tanda – Me Smooth is a popular 2nd machine for those worried about they skin color as this machine is suitable for all skin colors and hair colors, just not as effective as the Tria but is a good alternative for what you are after.
      Hope that helps :) Gabby

      • Hi Gabby,
        I am so happy for yout reply. I took your advice and I ordered Tandam me on line. I can’t wait fir its arrival. I will update you about my expereince with it. Best regards :) .

  22. Hi Gabby, I am a fair skinned redhead. I’m looking for a hair removal system to use on my chin and the area just below. I got frustrated one day and took a razor to this area. Now those hairs are coarse and a mix of mostly grey and some black. Which system would work best for me?

  23. Hi Gaby,

    I am asian pakistani skin. I have had Ellips treatments b4 at salons which is costing a bomb I want to invest in a good machiene.Imedium brown skin with dark hair on face and body.
    Which machiene would you recomend me, I am confusef between tria,remington & tande me….ple help. Plse rcmnd top 2 tht wld suit me

    • Hi Rida
      Sure, I would be glad to help you out. With the Tria you get the best results, the Remington is good also (not as good as Tria though), Tanda works well but not as good as the Tria or Remington but works on all skin tones and hair colors. Both the Tria and Remington work up light brown/medium brown skin color so I am not sure how dark brown your skin color is.Most people, if they feel their skin color is too dark, opt for the Tanda machine as a safe option.So top 2 I would say Tria and Tanda :)

  24. Hi I was wondering if it’s safe to use Tria on my face… I would also like to know how much hair it takes off, basically if it’s time consuming.

    • Hi
      Yes the Tria is safe to use on your face (from the cheeks down). Using the Tria on your face will only take max. 5 minutes. For areas such as arms and legs, it will take longer. Hope that helps. Gabby

  25. Hello I’ve been looking for something like this I need help. I can’t decide between the Remington or the Silk’n go! I’m leaning towards the Silk’n go because it claims to make the hair stop growing and you can use it for both face and body. What can the Remington do? (I don’t want Tria)

    • Hi Prima
      Sure, if you don’t want to go with Tria, then yes it’s between the Remington or Silk’n. The Silk n Go machine is marketed to be safe to use on the facial region so if you want to use it on your face, it’s safer technology to use there, however, in saying that I have used the Remington on my face and so do many other people and it’s fine there also, just more of a safety thing. If you are talking about this Silkn > Flash&Go then yes it’s ok, the handheld design is it’s best feature. It’s an older machine but still remains quite popular for use at home. If you are heading more towards Remington, I would go for one of the newer/more powerful machines, such as the Pro or the Quartz. I haven’t done a review on it yet (I am hoping to get my hands on one in the next week or so to do a review as quite a few people are asking about). It’s pretty much the same as the Remington i-Light, just better technology, better results,more cost effective, longer lasting cartridges. Anyway, hope that helps :) Gabby

  26. On May, I began to use home hair removal machines. I’m statisfy with the result now. I used it on my hands first and then my upper lip. Now there is little hair grows and also thinner hair. Also I felt pain free when using it. It’s a great product!

  27. Hi Gabby,

    I have very fair skin and blonde (slightly red) hair. What machines will be best for this combination?

    Also, my skin is quite sensitive in some areas. I sometimes get a rash from shaving or waxing. But, I have had IPL for my skin and didn’t have any reaction at all. Would laser or IPL be a good option? or is the intensity different for skin treatments and hair removal?

    Thanks so much!

    • Hi Courtney
      The Me Smooth is probably best for you based on the skin/hair color combo you have provided for me. Tanda just bought out a new machine, like, new as in this month so either the older version > Tanda or the newest Me My Elos Ultra Pro are the ones for you. Yes I know the sensitivity your talking about, I used to get it back when I used to wax, I used to get red sorta bumps after it. You shouldn’t get any rash after any ipl/laser, the skin may be sensitive after the first 1-2 treatments until the skin gets used to it. My advice, start on low settings and build up tolerance and also use a ‘skin calming cream’ – the Tria Calming Cream is excellent to stop any sensitivity after treatments. Any other questions, let me know, Gabby.

      • Hi Gabby

        Been looking at some of these reviews. Amazing work.

        I am similar to the lady above. Just wondering if the above advice is still the best for fair sensitive skin with blonde/dirty blonde/golden blonde hairs, mainly in pubic and underarm regions?

  28. Hello

    I’m a black woman and would really love to remove those annoying hairs in my body for good. Laser is the boom right now but for my skin color it isn’t easy to start a treatment. Any advice?


    • Hi Yu
      It sure is a boom that is for sure :) The Me Smooth machine can be used on darker skin tones, either the standard model which has been around for ages – Me Smooth or the new ME My Elos Ultra Pro machine that just got released this month, better technology/more pulses etc!! Hope that helps :) Gabby

  29. Hello Gabby,
    Okay so i have struggled for many years to permanently remove hair in various regions of my body. I suffer from hirtuism which is basically hair EVERYWHERE which is very uncomfortable and embarrasing. After going through bottles of nair and shaving cream I have finally decided to seek a more permanent result for my stomach, chest, back, and possibly face region. I want to get the most bang for my buck and i was wondering which of these products you recommend for my personal needs so i can finally say goodbye to these troublesome follicles. I have a fairly pale skin tone with brown hair but the hair is fairly thin so i won’t need anything too heavy duty.But i want a product that won’t irritate the skin and can be used on all parts of the body including the face. I would also like to spend the least amount of money possible while recieving permanent results. Please help!!

    • Hi Callie
      I can understand how frustrating hirtuism is and for me, coming from strong Italian background, I almost felt growing up that I had hirtuism as the hair was so persistent. Pretty much for you, laser/ipl hair removal is your best bet at overcoming this problem, shaving and creams and waxing will just keep on the hair removal cycle. Good news is that with your pale skin and brown hair – you are pretty much open to use any machine that you desire. Obviously the higher the price range, the better the results. With home hair removal machines, you are paying for safe technology to be used at home so you will find the Tria, although the most expensive, the most effective. The Remington I-Light, Tanda, Silk’n and Phillips ALL do work, the difference being in the effectiveness – how long until you see hair free results. Safest to use on the face are the Tria 4X and Tanda. Remington is ok (not marketed for the facial region but I have used there with no problems). Hope that helps you out a little Gabby.

  30. Hi! I have natural blonde hair (more dirty blonde) and the hair I want to laser is a light brown, do you think these lasers would be effective on light brown hair? I want to laser so bad but I’m just nervous my hair isn’t dark enough. The skin in the area I want to laser is white so that’s not a problem, just the hair. Thanks for a great article! :)

    • Hi Candace
      Your welcome, I would be glad to help you out. It’s often difficult for people to determine if laser hair removal will work on them, the most important thing I tell everyone that asks me is that these days, it’s not the hair color or skin color that is so important, it is the color DIFFERENCE between the hair and skin. So if you have pale skin and even light brown hair color you will be fine with most machines. If you have pale skin AND blonde hair then the Tanda me machine is probably your best best to get results, apart from that, the machines as per my rankings are recommended for best performance for any other skin combination. Gabby

  31. So glad to find your ratings. I have been using the No No with success after the first couple of uses, than no hair removed after that short time. Today, I thought I need to try something else. Though I am using it on my face, chin and upper lip, I am considering the Remington because of the company that makes it. Company recognition means a lot to me.

    Thanks for for all the valuable information

    • Hi Beverly
      Your welcome :) To be honest, I used the No No way back when I was a late teen, for the price, absolutely no comparison to these laser hair removal machines, these are way way better. For sure, Remington are an excellent brand when it comes to personal care, however, Tria though they haven’t been around for as long as Remington, are a very reputable brand for hair removal, worth a consideration for sure but it comes down to personal preference. If you do want for your face, Tria is better (or the Precision), Remington might suit you for larger body areas though. If you need any help, let me know. Gabby

    • Hi Jesica
      Your welcome. For sure, the Tria 4x laser it is fine to use on your bikini zone. If you want to go more in the pubic region, ensure you use a low setting as it is more sensitive around these areas. Gabby

  32. Hi, thanks for honest & good reviews.. But I am still a bit confused! :( help me out please.. Are these devices safe? I mean any hazard to skin in short or in long term? And I am south Asian, so which device will be more suitable for me as per your study on these ones?

    • Hi Shaiyns
      Your welcome :) I know it can be daunting and confusing. Hopefully I can help you out a little. Yes these devices are safe, they are FDA approved. Just as long as you follow the instructions and use it safety you wont damage your skin. I.e Don’t start out on a high setting, start on the lowest setting and build up your tolerance. If you have light brown Asian skin and black hair, pretty much any machine is fine for you to use. If your skin color is quite dark, then maybe go for Tanda Me Smooth machine (the Tanda Me is reviewed on my site) the new machine which was released last month is this one – Me My Elos Syneron. If you have any other questions or your still confused, contact me. Gabby

  33. I have been waxing my lip for years now. I find I have to do it more often as time goes by. I am thinking of buying a facial hair laser but am worried I will have to let the hair “grow in” before I treat it. Is that true? Thank you!

    • Hi Katherine
      If you are just thinking of doing laser hair removal on your face, the best machine is either the Tria 4x laser as per my site or another machine which I am putting a review up soon and I’ve mentioned a bit through the comments already is this Precision Laser made by Tria. However, if you want a laser for whole body aswell, go for the Tria as longer battery life. In regards to let the hair ‘grow in’. I am not sure what you mean by this?Can you clarify please so I can help you out? Thanks, Gabby

      • Thanks Gabby. What I meant was, will I have to stop waxing before I use the laser? Does the hair have to be visible, or can you treat the area while still waxing or shaving? Thank you!

      • Hi Katherine
        Yes you have to stop waxing once and for all. Even on the face, I know it seems weird to have to shave your face but that is the only way. You can’t remove hair any other way before laser/ipl otherwise your sessions will be a waste of time (this includes bleaching, tweezing or threading). This is because the laser needs to penetrate the hair and the heat needs to travel all the way down the hair follicle. Waxing (tweezing etc), pulls the hairs out so the laser will have nothing to penetrate. You need to shave in-between sessions and before each session, the day before or the day of is fine. Just so hair is at the surface of the skin. If you have any other questions or are unsure about anything, let me know. Gabby

  34. thank you for ur information .. i tried the laser in the clinic on my face and another areas the resulte was great on leg , bikini , underarms but the problem that in the face i noticed my fine hair incressed then i stoped the laser after 10 sessions and now remove my hair by sweet then put a cream to delay the hair growth .. now i am thinking of buying the home ipl and comparing between philips lumea sc2006 and tria laser .. plz tell me what is the best for me thx

    • Hi Sara
      Yes, that is completely normal. People normally try out the clinics/salons and after spending ALOT of money on 10 sessions they give up. It’s completely normal :) Personally, I love the Tria 4X Laser but I know it’s not for everybody or available for everybody, not sure where you live but I know that you can’t get the Tria shipped everywhere. Apart from the Tria, the Tanda (reviewed on my site) or the newest 2014 model, the Pro Ultra) is great and I like the new Philips Lumea SC1981/50.Regards, Gabby

  35. hi
    found your reviews very helpful, am thinking of purchasing one as the salons are very expensive. with regard to the five you have reviewed, what is the life span of each as I have read that they only emit a certain amount of light flashes and have to replaced.

    • Hi Christine
      Thanks for your comment :) Sure, I can help answer your question. The life span and number of flashes or pulses for each machine is as follows:
      1. Tria – it as a lifespan of approx. 90,000 pulses. There is no need to replace cartridges with the Tria 4X Laser, the machine lasts for 90,000 pulses.
      2. Remington – The basic Remington that I have reviewed on my site, each cartridge lasts 1,500 flashes. The better Remington I-light machines, the I-Light Pro Plus and the Remington Quartz, their cartridges last 3,000 flashes and 30,000 respectively (yes the Quartz lasts 30,000 – that is not a type, you pay a little more upfront but it’s the latest model from Remington and the best and most cost effective over the long run).
      3. Flash&Go – cartridges last approx. 5,000 flashes
      4. Tanda Me – cartridges last approx. 5,400 pulses (The new Tanda 2014 model lasts 126,000 pulses)
      Hope this helps. Gabby

    • Hi Gunvor
      Personally, the best hair removal machine for brazilian or hollywood style is either the Tria 4X Laser or the newest Tria Precision Laser (here) is actually designed for more of those sensitive areas of the body. Be careful though, keep on the lowest setting and do a test patch on your skin first. All of the manufactures of all the machines suggest not using on this area of the body. However, they do get used on these areas of the body by thousands of people. Thanks, Gabby

    • Hi Maria
      It’s pretty hard to answer your question as the best hair removal machine is based on your skin color and hair color aswell as the body areas that you would like to remove hair from. In general, the Tria 4X Laser is one of my personal favorite laser hair removal machines for the entire body. The Remington is good also in the fact that it has a larger surface area so you can remove the hair faster. Out of the machines that I have reviewed, the Tria 4X Laser is the best to be used to remove facial hair and Tria have also a new product called the Precision (see here) which I am trialling out at the moment, which is the safest laser hair removal machine for the face and sensitive areas of the body. Hope that helps, regards, Gabby

  36. Hi there!
    So my hair color (on my noggin’) is golden blonde, so naturally, I don’t have very dark body hair. But I’m getting really tired of shaving and waxing. Which would you recommend more for me? I’m a little more fair skinned and I’m wanting to focus on my legs and underarms. So the hair is light to medium brown.

    • Hi Amy
      For your light skin color and your hair color being light to medium brown, you have many options which is good :) (bad in which you probably don’t know which one to pick). But you skin color and hair color combination, you should get good results with all the machines. I would look into the Tria 4X Laser, the Tanda (even the new Tanda Syneron Touch/Pro Ultra machine is good) and the Remington (standard as per my review of the Quartz, which I haven’t got a review but it’s the latest IPL machine from Remington). Personally, I would go for either the Tria or the Tanda but then again, the Remington Quartz is good also. It’s your personal preference on what you prefer, corded, not corded, cartridges etc. Goodluck! Gabby

  37. One last thing, with tria and Remington how much of hair has gone?, can you say 80-90% or much less??

    because as I noticed the “flash and go” is about 50%, and are the results permanent ?

    so I can use “for example” flash and go then treat the stubborn hair with tria later , what do you say?

    • Hi Zeineb
      Yes, pretty much, eventually 100% of the hair will be gone and will minimal top up treatments here and there it will be gone for good. For sure, if you wish you can buy the flash&go, then the Tria later if you want. Or you can just get the Tria 4X Laser and you will be very happy with the results. Gabby

  38. plz tell me hw i hv to use it n wn i vll get the complete result .vll it last forever bcoz i hv hairs all over my face aswell as body. tria is safe fr face or nt?

    • Hi Priya
      The Tria 4X Laser is safe to use on the face. The Tria is used to permanently remove body hair forever and how many treatments to remove body hair varies from person to person. You will notice drastic results each time you do a treatment.

  39. Hi Gabby

    What are your thoughts on Silk’n glide? I will be using it mainly for maintenance. I have light skin with dark brown hair.


    • Hi Mon
      Yes it’s not bad the Silk’n glide for what you want to do and for your skin color and and hair color, I just prefer the machines that I’ve recommended on here instead. Regards

  40. Hi,dear

    Your site was so helpful for me
    I’m searching a good machin for myself that can remove my thick black hair on my whole of body and also in genitor area and specific place on my face,above eyebrow wich one is the most safe and effiecient in your point of view?
    The first thing is safety becouse of genitor area that I want to use
    How is the efficiency sight of that?
    Thank you for answering us.

    • Hi Erfan
      Thanks for your comment, I am glad you find it helpful :)
      To be able to help you more, I know already that you have black hair but to be able to guide you to the best machine, what is your skin color? In regards to laser hair removal on your face, you cannot use any of the machines I have suggested above your eyebrows which you mentioned in your comment. You can only use home hair removal machines below the cheek bone (so no eyebrows). In regards to hair removal on the genital area, the safest machine is either the Tria 4X Laser which I have suggested on the site (tria 4x Laser review) or the new Tria – Precision.Thanks, Gabby

  41. HI GABBY




    • Hi Debb
      I just read your email aswell so I hope that I’ve caught you before you head off for your trip (I will be sending my response to you via email aswell but I thought I would reply to your comment on the site as the Q&A can assist other people aswell). Firstly, I am sorry for the delay in replying, I normally get back to everyone within 1-2 days but here are my responses to your questions:
      1. Will IPL/Laser machines damage your skin? No, the IPL and Laser hair removal machines will not damage your skin – that is that you use them properly. If you decide to use the machine on the highest setting for your first time – then that’s just being stupid and you run the risk of damaging your skin. Also if you use the machine on a body area that is not recommended by the machine then yes, you will damage your skin. All the machines do not damage your skin, they are designed only to target the hair follicles and not the surrounding skin area. That is why it’s important that you get the right machine for your skin color and hair color. This is also why it is not unusual for many people to buy two machines for different color hair and skin for different body parts.
      2. A machine that will permanently remove body hair for ANY color body hair is the Tanda Me machine (see my review of this machine here) (or the newest 2014 model Tanda here). So the good thing with the Tanda machines is that for those lighter colored hairs that you mentioned on your chin, upper lip and sideburns, it will work, it is good to cover the areas of the body where the hair color changes. The only downside with the Tanda is that it’s not that effective as other machines such as the Tria (my review) which is the best for those darker hair that you mentioned. Anyway, hope that helps and hope I answered your questions in time before you leave. Thanks also for your lovely comment that you like the site, that’s really nice of you :) If you need any other help, let me know. Regards, Gabby

  42. Oh and last question, do we know if Tria will come out with a new model? I was wondering since the 4x was in January 2013, but then again I guess its not changed as often as iphones ha!

    • Hi Seb,
      Not a problem at all! I am not sure whether Tria is releasing a new product any time soon. Tria recently brought out the Tria Precision machine which is a hair removal machine for the face so given that have most recently brought this out, it may be a while until another Tria is released, but in saying that, I have no idea :) For you and your dark hair color and light skin, the Tria is the best machine for you, that is if you want the best. Regards, Gabby

  43. I don’t know if you received my comment i sent on october 01 because it says ” your comment is awaiting moderation ” but you may not have received it, so i will send it again in case you not received, i sent it in october 01. Here it is again.


    I came here today to talk about something special that happened. Today is the first day of the october month 01/10 and i decided i have shaved myself completely, the entire body!

    And let me tell you i always fall in love with myself with how good it feels and looks to be completely hairless!

    It is an sublime feeling, it can not be described with words being free from all that hair!

    How much i wanted that condition to be lasting forever, not having to shave anymore and be completely hairless, this is my main goal now because let me tell you it’s terrible having to shave completely all the time every new month.

    I really hope this machines work for me to accomplish these.
    Tell me, Your hairs doesn’t grow anymore???
    You don’t have to shave anymore???
    If you are using these machines for years, then i suppose you are already completely hairless, right?!
    So, how much sessions/time it took for you to be completely hairless???

    bye bye, kisses.

    Now it’s 23 october, and i am FULL OF HAIRS around my body again :(
    And that annoys me very much. Will wait for the beginning of the new month to shave myself AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN.
    And I HATE this proccess lol
    Can’t wait to buy these machines to get rid of these hairs permanently!
    bye bye, kisses.

    • Hi Leonardo
      Oh I am so sorry, thanks for sending through the message again. Your original message must have got deleted along with spam that I receive everyday. To answer your questions, I am pretty much hairless in areas of my body where I have used the home hair removal machines. I am still doing top up treatments to ensure the hair doesn’t grow back but these are not very often. I only shave the areas of my body now that I am doing treatments for right now. Anyway, I wish you the very best :) Regards Gabby

  44. Hello Gabby,
    First of all, I must say that your feedback was HIGHLY useful and informative. Thank you for your time and effort.
    Now, I have a question regarding the at home laser machine.
    I have done laser hair treatment at a salon before. The technology I tried
    was The Soprano XLi. I’m sure you are aware of it. I am very satisfied with the result as this was highly effective.
    I have indian skin- brown with black hair.
    My question is, which at home laser machine uses the same technology? Any thing which is closer at least? Basically I want permanent results for the entire body.
    I heard about the new Philips laser removal machine as well. Do you recommend it?
    Would like to know your thoughts.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Ishta
      Thanks for your feedback :) I haven’t actually heard of the Soprano XLi before, sorry. Lasers/IPL’s in salons/hair removal clinics can tend to have more of a range of lasers and also tend to have different technology than the home based machines to make it more safe for people to use at home. I would need to read up on the Soprano Xli fully but what I’ve read so far is that it’s a diode laser which I guess is the same laser used in the Tria 4x laser. The only thing is that the Tria 4X Laser, although it is the most effective laser hair removal machine, as soon as the color of your skin get’s too dark, it gets less effective. Not quite sure how dark your indian brown skin is, I’m Italian and I have the olive brown skin tone and I use it just fine and I have black hair too. The Tria 4X Laser is fine to use on your entire body including your face also. Please don’t rely on me though because, I don’t know fully about the Soprano system as it’s not a highly used one from what I am aware but from what I’ve read, this is what I understand. Not quite sure which Philips you are referring to as they are both called the Lumea (the SC1981/50 or the SC2008/11?) Anyway, my opinion on Philips hair removal machine is that I don’t mind Philips at all, I used them a while back and then they started getting overtaken by Tria for the last couple of years but it looks like they are coming back with some pretty good machines these days. Anyway, hope all this helps you decide, good luck :) Gabby

  45. Dear Gabby

    thank you for sharing your advices with other people ,I have a question which is;Can I use any of these machines to remove stomach hair?,How long does it take to stop using the machine?I look forward to your response

    Best Wishes 😉

    • Hi Jouseph
      You can definitely use these machines to remove stomach hair, so yes :) How many treatments that you require will be different for everybody as we all have different hair types, hair growth rates and how and if we follow the instructions properly and depending on the hair removal machine that you use also. Basically, I would say the average time for a good machine would be 36- months and a not so efficient machine, maybe 9-12 months to see drastic results. Hope this helps.Gabby

  46. Hi Gabby

    As you seem to be a believer in repetition you won’t mind me complimenting you on your site, style of writing, honesty and advice as so many others have done before me. An excellent job, well done.

    My husband is just about to buy the Tria for me … because Gabby said he should lol so I have no questions about that. But, I’m trying to get the Lidocaine Gel GREENCAINE but it doesn’t seem available here in the UK. Do you know where I can get it without international shipping and import charges.

    Thank you on behalf of all the women and men that have found great comfort in your advice.

    • Hi Tracy
      Oh wow, thank you for your compliments, I am really quite flattered :) It’s nice to hear from such nice people all the time. Oh how lucky of you that your husband actually acts on things, excellent! I hope you will enjoy it. In regards to the Greencaine Gel, to be honest, I would have absolutely no idea, it’s a great product that I am not quite sure it would be readily available to the public because it’s one of those great commercial style products we can get through the internet and made in the USA. I live in Aus and I’ve looked for it in pharmacies and hair removal salons but they don’t have it. The ONLY other way you might be able to get it without buying it over the internet is going into a tattoo place and asking? Maybe? I’m not sure regarding import charges, I thought you would be ok as the tube is only $55, there might be a uk seller on amazon selling it, you might be able to bypass those additional charges. Anyway, hope that helps, kinda? AND THANK YOU for your lovely comment, it’s made my day! Warm regards, Gabby

  47. Hi, I am so greatful for your review. My daughter has dark brown hair. She has hair on her arms as well as legs, back, toes and face. I saw the the silk n glo had a new improved device out that needed no change in light cartridge. Would this improve your evaluation of this product?

    Thanks so much for taking the time to answer.

    • Hi Debbie
      Your welcome, thanks for leaving a comment! Ok, good start with dark brown hair so that is good, she should get good results. In regards to the Silk n Go device, would you please be able to clarify which device you are talking about, because the Silk Flash&Go and the Sensepil both require cartridges. I also know there is a Flash&Go Freedom device but that also requires cartridges too. I haven’t seen one without a cartridge replacement from Silk’n yet? Can you please let me know so I can look into it further for you and let you know what I think? Maybe it’s something advertised and only available in the US so please let me know. Thanks! Gabby

  48. Hi! Love your site! I have one question though! If you have been using these machines for a while, why have you still got hair that needs removing? I have had many areas on my body professionally done and have NO hair in those areas. I am a older now and have a couple of chin hairs which I can’t be bothered getting done and would like to do myself! Plus, my son looks like Sasquatch or a Hobbit so I thought I would use a machine on him. We both have fair skin and medium dark hair and would like to know what machine would suit?

    • Hi Bella
      Thanks for your comment. To answer your first question, there is many reasons why I am still treating myself on an occasional basis. I don’t need to treat my whole body anymore, I am pretty much hair free but in some areas I am now doing touch ups. If you read my ‘about’ on the site, I initially was doing professional IPL/LAser and you will notice that I didn’t continue doing professional IPL/Laser because I bought these Groupon deals/coupons where you get IPL/Laser for next to nothing, back in the day, and I went off to a salon and I got burnt so I never returned. Secondly, I have had hormone problems so my hair growth has been slightly ad hoc over the years and with work/study I didn’t keep up a regular schedule like you need to get rid of hair entirely. Anyway, those are a few reasons why I have had difficulty with hair removal and now I do it all myself, when I want by using these machines. I also find the prices in professional hair salons (especially because I live in Australia) are a complete waste of money (very overpriced especially for some body parts like the chin and lip area that you mentioned, but even legs, bikini are very expensive in Australia aswell) and would rather invest the money in these machines and do it myself, it may be a tiny bit slower but I’d rather it anyday and a few years back, these machines weren’t really available so it’s a blessing now. If you have fair skin and medium dark hair, pretty much any machine would suit you just fine :) It just depends your price range and where you live whether it can get shipped to you (like the Tria I have heard they only ship to selected countries)..So with your hair/skin color, you can decide which one suits you, whether you want handheld, one with replacement cartridges, the best or a mid-range one, all the machines I have suggested work a treat + there is two I haven’t included that are new are the 2014 Tanda (here) and Tria Precision (here) :) Regards, Gabby

  49. Hello! Thank you for this site! Very informative and helpful :)

    I was just curious if there was any update to your top 5? I really want to get one of these but I really only have 1 shot at this! I can’t afford to get more than 1. I know every person is different and you can’t tell me what will work best for me, but is Tria still hands down #1? Any updated news on the Tanda Me Smooth? I have also had trouble finding info on it. thank you!

    • Hi Andrea
      Thanks for your comment and I would be happy to help you out. In regards, to an update, yes and no. I just haven’t got around to updating the list to add a few extra in, I am so busy answering everyone’s questions :) Yes, there is an update to include the newer machines AND no because the Tria 4X laser as above still tops the list as the best hair removal machine to use at home, so still is the #1 machine. This is the new Tanda Me Smooth machine HERE that got released this year and I have to update the site for it, they have done well with the new machine as it comes with over 100,000 pulses with each cartridge. So that is the one that you would have been looking for. Hope that helps you out a little, I know it’s very hard to decide. Good luck though :) Regards, Gabby

  50. Hi Gaby,

    Hope you’re doing well!

    I had professional laser treatment done on my face even though I barely had any visible hair there and I completely regret it. It’s been almost 6 months since my last treatment and my hair is thicker and longer than it originally was; I constantly trim it with a trimmer. I am Indian and have naturally tanned skin and dark black hair. I am wondering if I should go back and get professional laser or buy an at-home hair removal kit. Can you please let me know which is better in terms of both price and effectiveness?

    As for the at-home treatments, I know you mention both the Tria 4X and Tanda Me Smooth for medium skin types, but which one would you recommend more? To give you an idea of my skin color, it is pretty similar to Friend Pinto’s. Hope that helps!

    Looking forward to your response. Thanks!

    • Hi Jhanvi
      Thanks for your comment. I am doing well, thank you :)
      Ok. For starters, I find it very weird that your hair is thicker and longer than it was originally after professional laser treatment so I am not sure what has happened there or what professional machine they were using.. Ok, your skin type sounds roughly like mine, naturally tanned skin/black hair combination (I am Italian so I have naturally tanned/olive Mediterranean skin) and dark black hair….and lots of it :) Thanks for giving me some idea of your skin type by referring me to some thing, that is a great idea, I need people to do this more often :). From what I can see, your skin isn’t dark dark, but in saying that it is on the dark side. Between the Tria 4X and Tanda, here is my advice….. The Tria is more effective than the Tanda IF you have the right skin color. However, if you are on the darker skin color side (like your hair color and skin color are very similar), I would opt for the Tanda, although not as effective as the Tria, if you have a dark skin color the Tria won’t be as effective anyway, so go for the Tanda. My advice, go for this NEW Tanda model (this one) that got released in May/June this year as it’s an upgrade to the Tanda I have reviewed on the site, more effective and cartridges last longer too. In saying this, as I have naturally tanned skin, the Tria works fine on me. Hope this helps you decide :) Regards, Gabby

  51. Dear G

    Pls may you write a book and turn into an book.
    1) How to prepare yourself to laser.
    2) What different skin types need.
    3) Which machine is which and which machine is suitable for which skin.
    I very dark skinned up to now i am still lost, about which way is up.

    • Hi E B Zhou
      Thanks for your comment and for your suggestion, maybe yes I should write a book, there is so much information and I can see a lot of people need help and I do spend quite a bit of time answering everybody’s questions on here which does take a lot of my time so that is a great idea :) Thanks! I am not sure HOW dark your skin is but if it’s very dark then the only machine that is safe for you to use is the Tanda machine which I have reviewed above. Plus the new Tanda machine has been released this year which is better technology than the Tanda above – New Tanda Machine. The Tanda machines are the best if you have dark skin. Have a look to see if it suits you :) Regards, Gabby

    • Hi Keema

      Thanks for your comment. The best home hair removal machine from black afro like hair is either the Tria 4X or the Tanda machine (the one above) or the new Tanda machine (here) which is more powerful and the newest machine on the market this year. It just depends on your skin color. If you have dark skin color, the Tria 4X laser will not be effective but the Tanda will, so skin color is the deciding factor. Hope that helps you out! Gabby

  52. Wondering which would work better on grey hair ???? I am medium skin colour with dark hair but have had laser treatments in the past and some of the grey hairs seem more stubborn.

    Thanks in advance for your reply :)

    • Hi Debbie
      Thanks for your comment, the best hair removal machine for grey hair, in fact the ONLY machine that works on grey hair on the market right now is the Tanda Me Smooth machine (see above or the new machine here). The Tanda Me is the only machine hair removal machine to use at home that can be used on ALL hair colors. Also – check out the newest Tanda machine if you want the latest machine/technology on the market. Hope that gives you some relief :) Gabby

  53. Hi,

    Thanks for your blog. I’ve the intention of buying one purely for maintenance. I’ve already paid thousand over on lips, underarms and bikini and really don’t want to spend excessive amount for maintenance (as the beautician said i will not get rid of the hairs entirely even after 12 sessions and they had prompted me to purchase more sessions for maintenance which will cost 1500). Hence, getting my own IPL/Laser machine should be a better option as it cost 1/3 the price.

    After reading through your blog & comments, I am still confuse with the technical terms , i.e “re-chargeable” (good or bad? how to re-charge?), “cartridges” (how long you need to replace one? where to get it from?) and “no. of pulse” (does all machines have different no. of pulse over their lifetime?). Can you kindly explain above limitations of a DIY laser/ipl machine?

    Really appreciate your reply.
    Thank you

    • Hi Jiel
      Sure, I would be happy to help with the questions that you have. Above all, each machine appeals to different people so hopefully after I have answered your questions, you feel that you can make a better decision as to which machine suits you better.
      1. Re-Chargeable basically means that the device it not connected to a power outlet for it to work. The only re-chargeable hair removal machine is the Tria 4X Laser (and the new Tria – Precision). This means that you can take it anywhere and use it whenever you want, you don’t need to be limited to connecting it to a power socket. So this is a very handy feature and something that I personally like because I hate clutter and power cords etc. The bad thing with this is that once the charge runs out, it needs re-charging. The charge lasts approx. 45 mins which is plenty to do a full session of legs.
      2. Cartridge replacement purely dependent on the type of machine you buy, for some machines the cartridges last longer than others and the prices differ for each machine also. The cheapest place I have found to buy the cartridges online is on Amazon because they have specials and they are the most competitive. I can’t find the cartridges anywhere else.
      3. No. of Pulses – yes, this is different for each machine depending on the machine and the cartridges it uses. Pulses/flashes is an interchangeable term used.
      Hope the above answers your questions, let me know if you need any other help,

      • Thank you so much for the explanation. It is very clear and to the point. I am sure I will get a Tria after the 12 sessions.
        Love to read your blog!!! PLEASE UPDATE MORE ~~~~~

      • Thanks Jiel
        No problem :) Yes, I know, I have a few more updates that are coming shortly and also some user experiences from the community which I think are really helpful to everyone. Regards, Gabby

    • Hi Fernanda
      Thanks for your comment. YES! Out of all of the Philips hair removal devices, the Philips Lumea SC1981/50 is one of my favorites. It’s one of Philips newer IPL devices and I really do like it, a lot and prefer it over many of the other Philips hair removal machines. I like the new design and the features are great and it does remove hair really well so yes, if you are looking at the Philips, then the SC1981/50 is very much a good product :) Gabby

  54. Hi Gabby,
    Love this websight. Could you please lead me in the right direction. I was wanting to purchase a home laser device, that will treat myself, and my partner. My partner has the dark, hair he would like removed from his shoulder and back area, and I would like something, that I could also use on my body, but also get rid of some of the white fluffy hairs, that appear on my face. Thankyou :)

    • Hi Sue
      Great to hear your husband wants to use the machine also, that is awesome. Most of these machines are fine to use for both of you based on the areas of the body that you said, shoulder, back and all over body. The only hesitation I have is that you mentioned that you want to use a hair removal device for grey/white hairs on your face. There is only one hair removal machine that works on grey/white hairs and that is the Tanda Me machine (see above or the newest Tanda machine here). The only machines such as the Tria, Remington or Silk’n don’t work on grey/white hair. Otherwise, if you aren’t too concerned regarding the odd few grey/white hairs, the Remington (the i-light pro above is good but because your husband wants to use it and men tend to have thicker, coarser hair, I would suggest the more powerful Remington I-Light machine here). I would have suggested Tria but they don’t ship to us here in Aus (updated 2014: if you live in Australia, leave a comment or send me an email so I can help you on how to get the Tria shipped to you in Aus) if you and may not be easy for your husband to use on large body areas such as the back either. Hope that helps. Regards, Gabby

      • Thanks Gabby, for your wonderful information. Would the Remington l light machine, work ok on the odd dark hair, on my face?
        Many thanks
        Regards Sue

      • Hi Sue
        Yes it will work, many women use the Remington i-light on their face, but I must tell you that the Remington i-light is not manufactured or advertised as ‘safe’ to use on your face. This is a claim by Remington to cover themselves but in saying this, women do use it on their face but you just need to be careful and use on a low setting.
        Another thing I need to tell you is that, over the weekend, a lady that follows me on here, contacted me and successfully got the Tria 4x laser sent to her in Australia. As I live in Australia myself, I’ve been trying to help my fellow aussies, get the Tria sent to them and now there is a way. Do let me know if you want the details and I’ll email them over to you :) Regards, Gabby

  55. halo gabby

    thanx so much for ur information.
    am an african,kenyan to be specific.which machine would b suitable for my colour?

    • Hi Sharice
      Your welcome :) For your skin color, the only hair removal machine that can be used on very dark skin colors is the Tanda Me Smooth machine above or the newest model released this year here.

  56. I’m thinking of getting the Tria. Just double checking: is that the best option for light brunette skin? (Please check my photo on Facebook ( I’ve been doing Milesman on frequency 26~28.) Thank you very much!!!! Xox

      • Hi Aline
        Thanks for your comment. Based on the photo that you referred to me, it looks like your skin is light brown which the Tria 4x laser will work on you because you also have black hair. If your skin is quite dark (towards dark brown), the Tria 4x laser will loose effectiveness, it still works on me and I’m olive so I tend to use this as an indication for people trying to decide. I also see you are commenting from Aus,if you are currently living here (I live in Aus too), let me know if you want details of how to get the Tria 4X laser shipped to Aus as I can help you out to get it shipped here :)
        Thanks and Regards,Gabby

  57. Can I pluck my facial hair while treating it with tria….I have alot of facial hair….its thick and dark coars hair….right now I pluck it every single day I dont shave ….it makes the face darker….so Between setions can I keep plucking…

    • Hi Maria
      Thanks for your comment and great question. This is a question A LOT of people ask as people don’t know whether to shave their face such as their upper lip in between sessions. All I say is this, if you want the BEST and FASTEST results, you need to shave, don’t do any other form of hair removal because what shaving does it gets hair in synchronized hair growth stages so you can treat more hairs at once and more often so that the hair goes permanently. By plucking, waxing, threading or any other hair removal other than shaving, you are ruining the hair growth cycle and you will not be targeting the hairs in the right hair growth stage with laser/ipl hair removal. If you are still too uncomfortable to shave, I would recommend you do a session with the machine, pluck afterwards, but 2 WEEKS before the next treatment, you need to shave the area, that is the only compromise I would recommend. The only downfall with not shaving entirely is that your results will show after more treatments. Anyway, that is the best advice I can give you.

  58. Dear Gabby,

    Love to read your blog.

    I live in Australia and I’m thinking to get a Tria.

    Can you recommend a shop or a website for me to place an order?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Tess
      Nice to hear from you. Sure, I would be glad to help you get the Tria shipped to you here in Australia as you can see Tria doesn’t actually ship automatically to us here in Aus :( I have quite a few of Australian readers contacting me to get information on how to get it shipped to Australia. Firstly, you need to buy your Tria from HERE (pick which color Tria you want and add to cart/buy). You need to buy it from that link as that is the reliable place to buy if you want it delivered to you in Aus with no problems.
      For the delivery address, you then need to use the Australia Post Us/Aus Delivery Service called ShopMate HERE. Australia Post has set up ‘ShopMate’ in the US which they have set up a warehouse in the US to get items delivered there, then they sent it to you in Aus (it’s amazing!!!), its a parcel forwarding service. All the details are on the website with the link I pasted in above.
      The shipping rates are actually quite affordable considering the machines weigh a couple of kilos and the shipping is fast as my last reader on here lived in Perth, WA and received her item in 12 business days (she waited a total of 18 days) which is actually quite fast! Let me know if you need any help with the process and inputting the details or anything like that (feel free to msg me on my personal email address which is under contact for more information). Also don’t forget to buy a travel adapter as it comes with a US plug. Good luck and Regards, Gabby :)

  59. hey have u tried the 2013 my my elos? i really need a good review because i dont wanna get Tria for the size and time factor, but i want the best result i get so if that is the best i will. .i had the flash n go and had to many problems and yeah, dont wanna waste money i dont have haha so please help me :( thank you

    • Hi Tasha
      The me my elos is a good machine (there is also the 2014 one released now – this one), but I would recommend it more for people that have brown/black skin with brown/black hairs of for people that have blonde, red, grey or white hairs. If you are neither of the above and you want the best laser hair removal machine, your best to get the Tria if you want to get it right this time but I totally get about the size and time which can bother a few people so maybe yes the tanda, go for the 2014 one though. Regards, Gabby

    • Hi Adi
      To be completely honest with you, unfortunately, there is no machine that is ‘approved’ to be used on men’s facial hair as men have dense, coarse, thick hair. Some men that I do know have bought the machine for different areas of their bodies such as their chest and back and used the machine without knowing on their face on a very low setting. They have seem some good results (but took some time as you have to use on low setting) but considering they are getting sparser they are quite happy. Again, none of the manufacturers or me would recommend using it on your face, other areas of the body for males is absolutely fine. Hope that helps you out. Gabby

    • Hi Eve
      Thanks for your comment. No I have never heard of the Rio machine, not very popular worldwide for hair removal. Since you asked me, I did some research and looked at the specs etc and I can’t say that I am that impressed with the machines. I would recommend going for a machine that is more globally known and has more track history such as the machines I have suggested, hence why I summarized the best and most popular and also the safest for treatment on your skin to avoid any injuries or side effects. If you need any other help deciding which of the above machines suits you, let me know your skin color, hair color, area of the body you wish to treat so I can try and assist you better. Regards, Gabby

  60. Hi. I have found this post very helpful and informative, so thank you :)
    But I did have a question.. I have thick, dark, coarse hair all over my body. I was looking at the Tria, but I saw the nozzle was very small and precise. Would there be anything better for large areas such as my legs? I don’t want to buy 2, though..

    • Hi Simone
      The only other machine that is on par in regards to effectiveness to remove dark, thick and coarse hair all over your body is the Remington Quartz (the better machine/upgraded machine to the Remington I-Light above). This may be better if you want a bigger head for your legs. Regards, Gabby

  61. Hi Gabby,

    You really have put a lot of time and thought into your personal research which is very admirable. You have mentioned that some of these machines are not very good for darker skin tones. Is there a recommendation for women of color (dark skinned) with black hair?

    Your thoughts are much appreciated :)


    • Hi Nadia
      Your welcome, thanks for your comment :) That’s correct, depending on how dark you are, some machines will become ineffective or will take quite long to see results. If you are very dark skin color so more than olive (I am olive so I often make reference to myself) so if you are darker than me, a Mediterranean olive skin tone, than the only machine that you can use is the Tanda machine (this newest one is the best for you – New Tanda Machine) If you are olive with black hair, the Tria is the most effective, then the Remington (consider the Quartz though). If you need any other help, let me know Regards, Gabby.

  62. ok so i am new to the whole hair removal treatments, quite frankly have never done one at all.

    i have problem areas with hair so to speak…

    i have gone bald at a young age and was wondering if i could use it on my head like the scalp.

    also as you know being a man and being a hairy man is not attractive these days…

    so could i use it on the gential areas? like everywhere when it comes to a mans body…

    i was reading that i would need to shave first… so to hit the back i would need to have the wife shave then apply the treatment

    looking forward to your answers ty.

    • Hi Jason
      Thanks for contacting me. Don’t worry, most people that contact me are just like you having no idea about hair removal machines/treatments. I would advise not using any of the machines on your scalp, usually men tend to have no fear and use it on their face when the machines aren’t actually tested or recommended for use there but I would advise against use on the scalp, I just haven’t heard enough ‘talk’ about it there. In regards to the genital areas, this is another hot topic when it comes to both men and women alike, for men, it’s one of those things that people say, proceed with caution. The problem is that these areas are ‘very sensitive’ so the skin is sensitive and combine that with thick, coarse hair growth you can’t get carried away. I would be cautious of course but it does get done by quite a few men on a VERY low setting (i.e don’t think you can use it on a high setting in these areas).
      All other body areas are fine to use, no problem at all. Shaving – it’s one of those things, if you want to get results fast, only shave. I only shave and most people serious about trying to remove hair permanently will only ever shave. You can’t treat the area with hair so that is a no go, other people tend to wax but this just delays your results so yes I would try and get your wife to shave your back in between and prior to treatments :) Any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask, Gabby.

  63. Have you used the Remington on your facial hair? The Remington site recommends not using it for anything above the neck line. I was just about to go with it until I read that.

    • Hi Sonya
      Thanks for your comment, yes I have used the Remington myself on my face and you are right, the I-light, pro plus or quartz haven’t been tested or approved to be used on the face BUT they released one machine that can be used on both the face and body – the ipl6000f. A lot of women actually buy the other machines and use it on their face without even knowing it. Again, its personal preference, obviously not recommended considering there is many other laser hair removal machines that are actually approved and safe to use on your face such as the other Remington I suggested above and obviously the Tria. Regards, Gabby

    • Hi Zoya
      I am sorry, I tried to translate into English but it wouldn’t work, can you please translate your comment so I can help you. Thanks!

  64. Hi Gabby! You’re site is awesome! I’m hoping you can help me decide on the right machine for me.

    I have olive/beige skin and medium brown hair. I would like to get rid of all kinds of hair- my facial hair (upper lip, chin and sideburns) underarms, belly, back, bikini line, legs and arms! (My dad is quite hairy and I definitely inherited his side of the hair genes)

    I am torn between the Tria 4x and the Remington Quartz model. What I’ve gathered:
    Tria 4x – better/faster results, actually FDA approved for face. BUT- small laser face means having to use more pulses to cover large areas- I’m worried that because of how much hair I want to get rid of, that I’m going to run out of pulses before I’m done!

    Remington Quartz- will take longer to see the same results as the tria, but has the larger interface so treating larger areas will be easier and I don’t have to worry about running out of pulses bc the cartridge can be replaced. BUT, I’ve read in a lot of sites that touch ups would be needed about every 6 months (some people have said their hair grew back after 2 years of stopping treatments) – if this is the case then the tria would still be better bc I would love to pretty much forget about my hair after a year or so of treatments.

    Considering I have so much hair to remove, should I still go for the Remington even though I’m pretty convinced the Tria is better? Thank you for your help!!

    • Hi Lupe

      Oh, that you for your lovely comments :)

      Everything you wrote is spot on, 100% right. However, here are a couple of things to keep in mind. They say that the Tria’s pulses of 90,000 are plentiful enough to do remove unwanted hair from your whole body around 300 times. I haven’t run out of pulses and I don’t think many people do so don’t worry, you wont run out of pulses, the hair will be gone well before you run out of pulses :)….. Also keep in mind with every treatment, you have less hair :) so two things – 1. you don’t need as long to treat each area 2. you don’t need as many pulses as the previous time. Less hair growth = faster and less pulses.
      You are right about the Quartz and you will definitely need it if you have hair growth how you mentioned (which was pretty similar to mine), the Remington Quartz is on the same level as the Tria and really it comes down to personal preference but given you have a lighter colored skin and darker hair color the diode laser in the Tria should work a treat compared to the ipl technology in the Quartz. Go on you though, you have summarized it perfectly, my personal preference is the Tria but its up to you :) Gabby

  65. Hi Gabby,
    Awesome blog and very informative. I have been looking at the ipulse smooth skin gold…
    I am considering purchasing your number one pick but just wondering what you think of this product?


    • Hi Yvon
      Thank you :) I’ve seen this product a while back but I believe it doesn’t stack up against the rest on my list. I find the machines that you can buy online and I’ve rated are more heavy duty and get the job done quicker. There is a couple of machines available in stores in Australia, Harvey Norman and the likes that are quite overpriced (upwards of $700) and the technology and effectiveness really isn’t great for the price in comparison to the likes of the Tria and Remington. I’ve used the machines that I recommend hence why I vouch for them, this one, I haven’t and I haven’t heard too many people liking it either. I see you are from Australia, if you do need help sending any of the products over, let me know because you can get the product shipped to you via Australia Post’s ShopMate system. Contact me if you need help doing this. Also so I can help you more, let me know your skin color and hair color to ensure you are getting the right machine for you :) Gabby

    • Susan
      The No No is an epilator, it is not based on light based technology, Laser or IPL so it will not remove hair permanently like these machines do. I used it when I was teenager, it was more painful than waxing for me.

  66. Hi Gabby, great blog heaps of great info, thanks. I have had some salon treatments now looking to invest in a home appliance for maintenance and additional areas! What’s your take on the Silk’n glide, which I believe can be purchased in Australia? Getting hold of the Tria seams hard for Australia. Fair English skin with med to dark hair.

    • Hi Natalie
      Excellent idea! I would prefer the Tria 4X over any machine as you’ll just take a lot longer to get the same results, in my opinion, no other machine is as convenient and effective as the Tria. Silk’n are a well known brand in personal care but they just don’t cut it for me, that’s my personal opinion. I am not sure whether you saw my comment to another fellow Australian but I am from Australia too and you can get the Tria shipped to you from here using Australia Post’s shop mate courier. I left a comment with details but if you want more info, send me an email on my personal email so I can give you better instructions. Australia Post allows customers to deliver to their warehouse in US and they ship to Australia and you get the parcel in about 10 business days. Let me know if you want more details or any help. Gabby

      • Thanks Gabby, I am convinced and am going for the Tria. Nothing else seams to come close and as your site shows you know your stuff, great reading! Will email and get more info from you! No more nasty ingrown hairs can’t wait!

        Thanks your a star

    • Hi Natasha

      Thanks for your comment and a few people from Australia have asked me about the Beurer as they can buy it in-store at like, Harvey Norman. I’ve looked into the Beurer machine, but I haven’t tried it out myself so I can’t comment on it’s effectiveness and I don’t know anyone who has. And being in the industry, I know alot of people that have tried different machines over the years and no-one has used this one thus far.

      I’ve commented on my thoughts regarding this machine before and it’s basically this, I can see you can buy it in Aus for about $799. I personally feel this machine is very expensive in comparison to the machines I have suggested. The machines that I have used personally and many thousands of women and men have, are cheaper and also effective. I wouldn’t feel so comfortable buying that machine for the price and not knowing its effectiveness, however it is personal preference.

      If you do end up getting it I would love to hear from you and I am sure my readers would too so please if you wouldn’t mind, contact me (my email is on the site also) and let me know how you go with it..

      Thanks, Gabby

  67. I have very pale skin and very dark coarse hair on my chin neck cheeks and lip oh side burns! What do you recommend is best for me to use to get the best results?

    • Hi Jessica. The Tria 4X laser for sure, you’ll get the best results with your skin color and hair color and its completely safe for the face, I have done my sideburns also. No higher than the cheeks though (i.e no eyebrows). Regards, Gabby

  68. Hi Gaby,

    I have medium brown skin. Its very tanned right now though.

    I was wondering which of the machines would suit me best? I am waiting for my tan to fade off before using any of them. My hair is jet black and skin tone is medium brown.

    Thanks a lot for your help! I loved your article! :)


    • Hey Ads,
      Thanks for leaving a comment. In regards to the best machine, it’s hard for me to determine really how dark your skin is. The best way to give you an idea is to tell you that I use the Tria 4X laser and I have olive skin. I come from Italian background so I have the Mediterranean olive skin. I get very dark naturally in summer as I like to tan but I use the machine when my tan has faded down as to increase the effectiveness, especially on the areas of my body that get tanned. Other areas of my body that are lighter such as bikini and underarms, I do all the time just fine. The only thing is that the darker your skin is, the less effective the Tria 4X becomes. If you really are on the darker side, I would suggest the Tanda Me machine (the latest machine here) which can be used on darker skin tones.
      Hope this gives you a better idea.
      Regards, Gabby

  69. Hi Gabby
    Just curious what machine will work best on light colored almost downy fine hair. I have a medium complexion and have started to notice chin hairs and sideburns. It is so embarrassing. Tweezing takes forever.

  70. Hello, Thank you for sharing this, I’m from Iran with white skin not much as Europe people but it’s white I think =]
    And with very very very dark and thick hair on bikini area . Before I used to wax. And after that because of various reasons I started using Gillette razors, and now my hairs are really thick! So when I use wax strips there is always blood where the hair follicles were. I tried to read all the comments and your answered for learning more. Can I ask which one is better for me spend lots of money for laser or buy IPL machine?! And if IPL which one great for me?! And IPL stop growing hair for always?! Can I use that for my bikini area?! Sorry about my English. Thank you very much

    • Hi Athena
      Thanks for contacting me and sure I can help you out decide what machine is best for you. Firstly, I can understand how you feel, I am from Italian background so my hair follicles used to be quite large and stubborn and my hair growth was thick so when I used to wax as a teenager, it was painful for me and I used to get the blood spots on the wax strips also. I hated it and the hair used to grow back so quickly and I used to get ingrown hairs frequently also.
      With these laser and ipl hair removal machines at home, you will experience absolute bliss. I have and I am one of those harder cases :) The good news for you is that you have white skin so the lighter the skin is the better the results from these machines that I have mentioned above. Lighter colored skin and darker color hair is the great! I would recommend buying the Tria 4x laser (above) for your skin color and hair color. It is absolutely safe to use on your bikini line and the entire body (including face!). Yes, the hair after many sessions will completely stop growing :) No problem about your English, I understood just fine. Best of luck and contact me if you have any more questions or concerns, Gabby.

  71. Hi Gabby,
    Thanks for your response to my question regarding Beurer IPL. I have tried to purchase the Tria 4X Laser from both the above Amazon link and also from Tria itself and neither will send to my address in Australia. I have purchased form Amazon in the past with no problems. I am at a loss as to what to do, that is why I started to look into the Beurer as I can buy it here. Also what is the warranty on the Tria for use in Australia?

    • Hi Nat
      No problems. I have mentioned this to many of my fellow Australian readers, the ONLY way you can get the Tria sent to you is from Amazon and by registering with Australia Post’s system called ‘Shop Mate’. Email me (my personal email under the contact page of the site) for further instructions of if you need help. What it is is Australia Post have a warehouse in US which enables you to use Australia Posts address in the US and they then ship it to you in Australia. 100% safe, insured and very handy system for us in Australia that find it hard to get things that we buy online shipped to us in Australia. It’s super simple and you receive the product within 15 business days. Many of my readers have been very happy with this system. Email me for more details if you have any problems and I can step you through the process if need be.
      Thanks, Gabby

  72. Hey Gabby!

    Just came across your blog and I LOVE IT!!!!!!

    I’m African meaning I have dark skin and jet black afro hairs.
    I wanna find out which laser home kits will be best for my kind of skin.
    I have been to many waxing sessions and want to have my own home kit in the privacy of my home. Basically because of my black African skin tone (dark brown) I want a laser kit I can use on my bikini area (pubic) armpits and legs!

    Best regards

    • Hi Tati
      Oh, thanks for your nice comments :) The ONLY machine that can work on your skin color is the tanda me machine which I have mentioned above (+ the new machine of this one, the upgraded machine here). That is your only choice. Thanks for contacting me and all the best, Gabby.

  73. Hi Gabby,

    I’ve had IPL sessions on my back and chest. After about 12 sessions it had removed about 60-70 of the hair density. The treatments were done at a salon and since I have very course black and grey hairs on my chest (I have an olive skin) the machine was setting was quite high.

    I have a fear that these home use machines will not be strong enough to deal with the hair on my chest. Do you think that I would be wasting my money or are they capable of dealing with course men’s hair like the salon machines do?


    • Hi Wayne
      Thanks for leaving a comment. Just for your information, A LOT of men use these home hair removal machines just fine and they absolutely love it, and asking if it is a waste of money it’s not because what will be a waste of money is continuing professional sessions as they cost a fortune. I also have a lot of men contacting me that have bought them for their chest and back and are very happy with the results. Let me get this straight, being able to see dramatic results in just 3 sessions like women can get, men will not get the same results in just 3 sessions. You will have to be more patient and just depends on each individual case on how thick your hair is and how many hairs grow out of each follicle. It will work, especially if you have had a few professional sessions, you will love the machine. You will need to go for the new Tanda machine me my elos considering you have grey hairs and also if you have dark skin (this is the newest Tanda which is the upgraded one to the one mentioned above which is way more powerful for you.) Any other questions, do let me know, Gabby.

      • Hi Gabby,
        Thanks for the reply. Do you have any knowledge about the E-one product. It’s quite pricey.

      • Hi Wayne,
        I have but it’s very expensive, it’s based on IPL technology, in my country its $2,500 so I don’t think it’s an affordable option for many readers out there. If you want to spend upwards of $1,000 I can give you some recommendations of more professional/salon type machines that are very good, if you want as I have been discussing this recently with a few of my readers wanting to open up a business and want more heavy duty/professional machines. Thanks

      • Hi Gabby,

        Thank you for all the info. I would like to know more about the salon type machines +$1000. Where could I mail you?

      • Hi Wayne
        Sure, my personal email is on my contact page here. I can’t paste it in here because I’ll probably get a lot of junk :)

  74. Hi
    I came on to check if philip lumena precision was on this list because i was just about to order it so quite surprised that it didn’t make it to your list.

    On the other hand, happy to see reviews of Tria and Remington but can’t decide which of the two – I want to order one of them asap so i can start the treatment at home. I have a couple of questions:

    – I live in the middle east so it is fairly hot and dry here and i use the pool fairly regularly, will the exposure to sun be a problem re using either of these devices?
    – I’m hoping to achieve noticeable reduction in hair (esp ingrown ones on my legs) as I am due to go for IVF in May/June, is it ok to use these devices before IVF? I understand best to not use these during pregnancy but not sure about before.

    Thanks a lot for your help.

  75. And I’m south asian with light brown skin and dark hair – so based on that which of two or for that matter any other machine would you recommend?

    • Hey there
      I did get your email also so thanks for contacting me :) I thought I would reply on here just in case there is any other readers in a similar scenario as you.
      The machine that you decide to buy all depends on how ‘dark’ your skin really is. The best way that I can put it out to my readers is that I am from Italian parents so I have olive brown skin. I successfully have used all of the machines I have recommended, hence why I have reviewed them for my skin color. Tria is my favorite and I got the best results from it as it has the strongest laser technology being the diode laser that it uses, however the Tria 4x is not everyone’s favorite and since you mentioned in your email that you didn’t like the idea of re-charging it every 45 mins, maybe you need a machine that is corded. You also mentioned that your skin is light brown so you should be fine using either the Tria 4X or the Remington Quartz. If you feel your skin is too dark – go for the Tanda machine which is fine for dark skin. Also you mentioned about the ingrown hairs, I totally get you, I used to have them before using these machines, I hated them so much and one of the biggest reasons why I started looking into laser/ipl hair removal, I remember them being so painful.
      Secondly, using the machine with sun exposure. It is recommended that you don’t get sun exposure while doing the treatments, however, to give you an idea, I live in Australia and I have similar climate to you, it gets very hot and I am sunbathing a lot. I still use the machines in summer time, even when I have a tan, but you must be careful and know how you use them if you continue to do so over the summer period. You need to be diligent in not sun tanning immediately before or immediately after the sessions, give yourself at least 1 week before and after. Preferably, I would recommend not ‘tanning’ whilst doing them but if you do, just be careful…also the darker your skin is, the less effective it becomes so think of this also.
      Thirdly, using the machine is definitely a no-no whilst pregnant, I wouldn’t risk anything there. and unfortunately, I have no idea about using it before IVF but I will have a read on it for you. I would say that once you start IVF, I wouldn’t do anything. Any other questions, do let me know. Gabby

  76. Hello, I am 22 year old male, light skin and dark hair. I want to remove the hair on my lower neck between my collar bone and my normal hair line for my beard. Will the remmington or the4x be able to treat the hair in that area? If not what can I use besides waxing.

    • Hi Joe
      Yes it’s the best machine for removing hair on your neck, I wouldn’t go with any other machine besides the Tria especially since you have light skin and dark hair. Regards, Gabby

  77. Gabby,

    Great blog and keep up your great work! I am Asian with little darker complexion. I recently bought BellaFlash and it didn’t work well. It works sometimes and then goes on with flashing lights. Please recommend the best option.

    • Hi Bal
      Yes, that is exactly why I only recommend these few of machines because they have a very good history of working very well. Like I’ve said, in my opinion, the Tria 4x is the best machine on the market but since you mentioned that your skin is a little darker, depending on how dark your skin is, maybe the Tanda might be a good option too. Here is the latest model for the Tanda which is suitable for all skin types and colors. Any other questions, let me know, Gabby

  78. Hi, I want to ask which machine is best for me. I want to use it for body and face, but most for my chin. I really have dark and thick hair and light skin.?And I also want to ask should I shave the place before I use it? Just don’t want to get more hair there. And Is Silk’n Flash & Go Luxx and Remington iLight Pro Plus and Tria Laser 4X are same and if not which one I should get? Thank you!

    • Hi Diana
      Sure, I will be happy to help you out. Good news that you can definitely find a machine that will work great on you because you have light skin and dark coarse hair. You really do need to shave before each treatment and in between treatments, I know it’s totally weird having to shave on your face but it’s a must if you want to permanently remove the hair. There is no other way to get the best results as shaving ensure that the hair grows in a proper cycle, the hair growth cycle that is needed properly for the laser or ipl light to work properly. Out of the machines that you mentioned, if you want the best results, the Tria 4X is best for the face and body. The Remington is not ‘manufactured as safe’ to use on the face and the Silk’n Flash is not as good as the Tria 4X. I’ve done up a review on it – read more here. Hope that helps, message me if you need any more help. Regards, Gabby

  79. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing this site with very good information =)

    I have a few queations, if you might be able to answer?

    I have been on hormone therapy (testosterone) which has increased my hair growth, a lot. I already had lots of hair all over my body before the testosterone treatment as well. But I have now stopped taking it because I don’t like the increased hair growth among all the things.

    So, as a born female my hair growth was alrady a lot. And after testosterone thormonens even more.

    1) I wonder what the differences are between laser and ipl? I have dark black, tick hair, all over my body and face. Stomach, back, legs etc. And I have more towards an olive skin tone. And get tanned in summertime.

    2) Do you recommend laser or ipl? In my case?

    3) Which machine do you recommend for the best results? And for all the body parts incl. my face? The cost is not what matters to me, but the best machine, that is the most important for me.

    4) As I understand the Tria had a smaller “head” than the Remington. But do you still recommend the Tria even though the Tria had a smaller “head” and takes longer to treat the whole body with and the face?

    Thanks a lot for your help! I really appreciate it!


    • Hi Samie
      Yes because you want to use a machine on your face and body I still recommend the Tria 4X for you. The Tria 4X has the best technology to do permanent hair removal at home (it uses a technology that is used in laser clinics – diode laser). The only thing, if your skin is very dark, you’ll need to use the Tanda (here is my review on it). But you said that your skin is toward olive skin color so you should be fine. (I am Italian so I have olive skin and I use it just fine because my hair color is black blakc).
      I would not use the machine if you are using any hormone therapy though, just make sure you are not taking any hormone supplements when using the machine.
      So overall, the best machine is the Tria 4X for you.
      Any other questions, just let me know :)

  80. Hi Gabby,

    I purchased the me smooth system about 6 months ago. I am 3 months pregnant. Has this been approved by FDA yet to be used while pregnant? I know it wasn’t back in 2013 but not sure that it is now.

    Thank you,


    • Hi Carmen, I would advise not using it whilst you are pregnant, I don’t think any companies would give a guarantee using it whilst pregnant. You will be fine to use it once you give birth, but it’s better to be on the safe side :) Gabby

  81. Hi, first of all thanks for all your advising,
    I want to buy IPL, hair removal for my wife, because she want to use at home, she has black hair,so can you please tell me which brand and where I should to buy this product that can helpful for her?

    • Hi Arash.
      Sure, it all depends on your wife’s skin color. Since you have told me that she has black hair, that is a good start. With her skin color, does she have fair or light brown skin? If yes, the best machines would be either the Tria 4X or the Remington Quartz depending on how much you want to spend. If she has dark skin, like dark dark brown, then she can only use the Tanda Me machine shown above or you can also buy the newest 2014 model of the Tanda. You can’t find these machines instore, everyone buys them online so you should be able to get them shipped directly to you, here are the links to the products for you (Tria 4X, Remington & New Tanda) Hope this helps you out in deciding which one is best for your wife, if you have any other questions at all, don’t hesitate to contact me again. Gabby

      • Hi Tonja
        It comes with a 1 year warranty which can be viewed here in the pdf under ‘Product Warranty’. Regards, Gabby

  82. hi I search for a hair removal machine , 2 are in my mind the tria laser and elos me touch ,
    I am a man of 36 years
    I have very white skin and dark hair but little mixed with white hair
    ,,what one is good for me ?
    did elos me touch remove white hair also ?
    and tria remove only black hair ?

  83. hi I am trying to select a rair removal mashine but don’t now if I buy triax4 or elos me
    I am a man 36 years
    my skin is very white and I have black hair and little white hair around the black hair ,I want to remove them both
    which one is the best for me to remove black and white hair ?

    • Hi David.
      You are definitely on the right track. That is correct. The Tria 4X only treats brown or black hair against white or slightly tanned/light brown skin. The ELOS can be used on grey hair aswell as white, red and blonde hair and also on dark skin. Basically, the Tria 4X is more effective than the ELOS but the ELOS works on a variety of hair colors/skin colors. It all depends on how much white hair you have? If you don’t have many, the Tria is better, if you have alot of white hair, go for the Elos. Hope that helps, Regards, Gabby

      • hi Gabby really thanks for your help
        I have about 40 white hair in my chest
        and about 300 white hair in my face
        do elos can work good for my face
        because most white hair is in my face
        because if dosent work good to eleminate
        white hair in my face I buy triax x4
        thank you gabby I really apriciate

      • Hi David. No problem :) Ok. The Tria 4X will NOT work on white hair at all, so if you want to use on your face for all the white hair that you have, then you need to buy the ELOS machine. Considering you mentioned that removing the white hair on your face is your priority I would suggest the ELOS better for you. Regards, Gabby

  84. thats really a great inventi0n, im really fed up with wax..
    its just waste 0f time m0ney with PAIN in bonus,
    i just want t0 ask that can i use it all 0ver 0n b0dy even the sensitive parts (vagina/hips) with 0ut any side effetcs?

  85. Hi Gabby, thanks for the info. :) Its really helpful especially for us girls who wants to have fairer and flawless skin without the need for going in a clinic because of busy scheds. (and a tight budget!) :) uhm.. i just want to ask where I can order the one ur using as of today? u said the TRIA right? Thank you very much! ☺♥

      • Hi Katherine
        These machines can only be purchased online and generally they ship internationally. I am in Australia so I’m not 100% sure in regards to Doha, Qatar but if you buy online from amazon, which you can buy here, they pretty much ship anywhere for great rates (if not, it’s usually free). Hope that helps.

  86. Hi,

    I have been looking into laser hair removal for a while now and read all the reviews and information on your website. I just need some help making the right choice for me! I have light brown skin ( a little darker during the summer due to tanning), and coarse black hairs. I want to use the device mainly for my upper lip, underarms, bikini line and legs. I have to shave every other day now on my legs in order to keep them somewhat smooth, it’s horrible. I do not mind replacing cartridges every once in a while or paying a little more as long as I get my results. I would just like to know which device you would recommend to me based on this information. The Remington or the Tria 4X? Thank you! :)

    • H Caroline
      Sorry it took so long to reply, I think your comment got held up in moderation so I am terribly sorry. I hope I can still help you out.
      Since you have coarse black hairs, I would advise you buy one of the newer machines because you will need to highest powered technology to help you kill those coarse hair follicles :) One of those would either be the Remington Quartz (top one from Remington) or like you said the Tria 4x. For me personally, since you want to use on your face, bikini, underarms and legs, I would opt for the Tria 4x if it was for me. You should be fine on your tanned skin. Obviously, please do not tan immediately before or immediately after doing treatments. I tan inbetween is fine but I must admit, effectiveness is not that good when I am tanned. Overall, I am all for the Tria 4x, I swear by it and I just find it so versatile for my whole body especially for my face.
      Regards, Gabby

  87. hi i want this product but plese tell me this is for me because so long hair and my skin is very senstive .so tell me .now i want in pakistan so tell me in my facebook account onaly my facebook account.and please tell me pakistani price .and who set on me .and i use in very sensative part.

    • Hi Ali Raza
      Which machine are you interested in so I can help you more. You should be able to buy online and get it delivered to you from here on any machine.
      Regards, Gabby

      • hi gabby, plz tell me which one is perfect for men’s dark hair and is this permanent hair removal treatment after the couple of sessions?

      • Hi Guri
        You’ll get the quickest results from the Tria, and then the newest newest Remington here aswell. Both work well for men’s dark hair as they are the top 2 machines which means they are the most powerful and newest technology which is needed for coarse hair. If wanting to do larger body areas such as back and chest, I’d probably recommend the Remington as above.

  88. I am trying to select a hair removal machine but I really don’t know what is the best for me. I am 60 years old, my skin is white with brown hairs and I begin to have white hairs on my chin and upper lips. It’s a big problem for me, I use wax and my tweezer. I want to know which machine is best for me and do you have to change the cartridge.I want to buy the tria but I don’t know anymore.
    thank you

    • Hi Chris
      I would be happy to help you out but I am not sure what you are most concerned about, the brown hairs or the white hairs because the machine you need is largely dependent on the hair color you have. I am assuming you are more concerned about the white hair on your chin and upper lip. Is that correct? If so, the ONLY machine you can buy that can be used on white or grey hair is this Tanda machine. The Tanda machine is also good because it works on all hair colors, so it will work on the brown hairs also. Unfortunately, the Tria cannot be used on white hair, only brown or black hair. With the Tanda machine that I have shown you above, you will need to change catridges. With the Tria, you don’t need to change cartridges at all.
      Let me know if you have any questions. Regards

  89. Hi thr , i try brazilian wax before n it was so painful so would like to ask those machine can use for it or not ? my fur was thick n always make me feel itch currently i no dare to get 1 more time brazilian wax anymore the pain are killing me . pls help me ..any recomend? i have try shave it but it also feel itch have couple days .


    • Hi Carmen
      Tell me about it, I used to do it years ago before I started using these machines. Please tell me what is your skin color and hair color so I can help you out properly.
      Basically this:
      If you have light skin + dark hair, use the Tria 4x (here)
      If you have anything but the above, use the Tanda (old model here & new model here)

      If you need any other help, let me know.

  90. For older, over 65 women what is you recommendation. Skin is light, some dark hairs but mostly blonde and grey. Some fine and some coarse. This is for face and neck area.

    • Hi AJ
      I recently answered the same question here for another lady who was older also. Here is my response. Let me know if you have any other questions as I am happy to help out where ever I can.
      The only machine that works with grey, white or blonde hair is by this brand – you have 2 options, the newest model or the older model. The machines I’ve shown you above also work on all areas of the body, both face and body but what’s good about this machine is that it works for dark hair also.

  91. Hi Gabby,

    Thanks a lot for your detailed description and comparison of some of the best IPL devices in the market.
    Could you please let me know which of the machines would be the best for full body for male which is not too heavy on wallet as well… :) . Let me tell you that I very thick black hairs throughout my body.
    I would also like to know about approx how many flashes would it need for full body treatment

    • Hi Sushant
      Thanks for your comment :)
      Since you don’t want to spend too much, I can only recommend a machine that I recommend for people that want something mid-range and are ok to wait a little longer for results, rather than buying the top of the market machines. I can’t tell you how many flashes as it depends on what body areas you do, how many hairs you have per hair follicle, how thick your hair you can see there is many factors that determine # of flashes required for full body treatment. I would personally recommend you look at the this machine here as I think it’s the best option for you and at a good price range.
      Kind Regards

  92. Hi, such a fantastic site and reviews!

    Just wondering if you/or do you know of anyone who has used the iluminageTOUCH Permanent Hair Reduction system or the Remington iLIGHT® Pro PLUS Quartz before and how they compare to the Tria?

    The Tria looks tempting however the size of window looks like it will take ages to do the whole body! Thanks x

    • Hi Kelly
      Thanks for contacting me.
      Yes the IluminageTouch is the same as the Tanda that I have included above but looks more like the new version of the machine (here). Interchangeable, they are the same thing.
      The Quartz is the best machine from Remington, I highly recommend it also. These are both 2 very good machines. In comparison to the Tria, I believe Tria is the best, personally for me and for many. The treatment window is a concern for a few people but I assure you that as you loose hair growth, it doesn’t become a problem.
      Hope this helps!
      Regards, Gabby

  93. Hi,
    Great reviews.
    I’m wanting to remove my thick hair on my underarm and bikini /brazilian as well. Being asian my skin color is kinda beige or light beige with dark hair. I would also like to use it on my partner to remove hair on his arms and legs. However his skin color is a bit darker than mine with dark hair and have tattoos on his arms and legs. I am thinking of laser than IPL as I want quicker results. Can you recommend which machine I should try?
    Your recommendation is greatly appreciated. Thanks

    • Hi Wendy
      Excellent, you have the perfect skin color! Light/biege skin with dark hair means that you can choose any machine you want according to your budget. The higher priced machines means they are newer and more effective (i.e you will see results ALOT quicker) and more permanent results. The top picks are Tria and Remington as above. I am from Australia so if you want the Tria shipped to you in Australia, let me know as shipping to Australia is not ‘default’. I can help you out through Australia Post – let me know!
      Just word about the tattoos – do not use on tattoos as you risk fading them. Laser/ipl targets dark pigments, hence if you use on tattoos, it is more than likely they will fade over time.

    • Hi Saira, I can’t determine fully what your skin color is like. I’ve looked up ‘south asian skin’ on google but still, there is some darker than others, the best way is to look at this picture and see> Fitzpatrick Skin Tone Chart. If you are up to skin tone #4 you will be fine using the Remington I-Light (if you are from the UK you can purchase it here).
      Hope that ^ helps you out. To give you an idea, I am from Italian parents so I have olive Mediterranean skin and it works ok on me, better in winter once I haven’t tanned so much in summer that is…
      Kind Regards

  94. Waxing has not been removing hair on my neck hardly at all. I still have a lot of fine light colored hair on my neck. It’s embarrassing as a woman to,have to deal with this. Which product would get rid of this hair? Also, will the hair grow back dark once I remove it? I will also want to remove hair in mustache area, chin and along the jaw area. I’m new to all of this. I don’t want hair growing back black. Can you give me some insights? What can I do?

    Also, do you use a numbing cream before using laser? Some say it hurts?


    • Hi Dee
      I know, it’s totally embarrassing for many of us having to deal with hair growth on our bodies. Since you are referring to removing blonde hair, the only machine which you can use is this tanda machine. This machine is also safe to remove blonde facial hair on the areas you mentioned, the mustache, chin and along the jaw. Your hair will start not growing back so I wouldn’t worry about the color of hair. Not sure if yours will change, it depends on different people and how long they have been removing hair. Also, with numbing creams, I’ve included these on the site, but here is the variety of numbing creams available here.
      If you have any other questions or worries, let me know.

  95. Hi Gaby – great article, thank you for sharing it. I am in Australia I have olive colour skin and dark hair. I see the trio would be a greay option in my case. However, I before I read your article I was considering to buy the Philip Lumea SC2006 the best option however I

    • Sorry i pressetd post comment without editing my comment above So to aim before I read your article I wanted to buy the Philips Lumea but not sure how good it is in comparison to the Tria one?
      Thank you

      • Hi Maria
        No problem. I would suggest the Tria over the Philips. If however, your skin color is quite a dark olive, I would suggest the Tanda. Since you are in Aus and I live in Aus too, email me if you have any questions about shipping etc. My email is under contact me.
        Regards, Gabby

  96. Hi Gabby! Thanks for your comprehensive review! Ive spent so much on Ipl already and just really want something I can use at home and save me a ton of money! I live in Perth Australia, where would you recommend be the best/most economical place to purchase the tria? Thanks!

  97. hi and thanks. please help me to get rid of my dark coarse hair of genitalia! how about philips lumea that has head for smaller area and sensor of body colour? can it or any other device be safe for whole genitallia and annus?

    • Hi Khodam
      I would still recommend the Tria for the more sensitive areas of the body. Is this the Lumea you are referring to here? If so, it’s also a good machine but I believe not as effective as the ones I provided above.

    • Hi Lisa
      Sure, I’ll send over all the information you need to your email as you submitted here.
      Let me know if you want me to resend it if you don’t receive it (also check your junk mail). I’m sending now so you should get it soon.

    • Hi Katherine
      Sure, I’ll send you an email now to the email you submitted the comment with. Let me know if it doesn’t arrive or if you want me to resend it (also check your junk email too).
      Regards, Gabby

  98. Hi

    When you say it hurts, how much does it hurt? Does it hurt more than getting a Brazilian waxing done?

    Also how can i buy Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X in New Zealand?
    I live in Wellington New Zealand.


    • Hi Kanwal
      Some people say it hurts, others don’t. I don’t believe it hurts. It is like a quick pain and then it goes, it doesn’t last long. I did years and years of waxing and I think waxing is way more painful than any of these machines.
      I’ve looked into shipping to New Zealand and you may be able to get it shipped to you. I’ll send some information on what I’ve found to your email so please give that a check and let me know what you think.

      • Hi!
        I see that someone else in New Zealand was wondering how to buy these and get them here. I am interested in the Remington one and live close to Queenstown, NZ. Do you know where I could buy this to get it shipped here?
        Thanks so much for all this information by the way..very very helpful :)

      • Hi Marie
        Oh thank you so much for your lovely words! It’s a pleasure to help people out :)
        Sure, I will send you an email directly so we can chat via email as I check and respond to emails for my readers. I will send you some details on shipping to New Zealand that I know of.
        Thanks! Gabby

    • Hi Nadine

      Depends on what areas you want to use it on and your skin color/hair color. I’ll email over you the details on the email address you provided so look out for my email.


  99. Hi Gabby,

    I’m super interested in purchasing the Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X, but I also live in Australia. I’m hoping you can help me out with that, as it seems you have something figure out :)


    • Hi Carlynne

      No problems at all, I’ll send you over an email with all the details on how to get the Tria shipped to Australia (to the email you have provided here). Let me know if you don’t receive it as I’m sending it off now.

      Kind Regards

  100. Hi Dear Gabby,

    Appreciate To your Very Usefull Information You Provided.So Helpful.

    I’m Eager To Purchase One Of These.Which Do you Recommend For dark Hair.

    I Have To add I Live In Middle East.


    • Hi Mr
      Your welcome :) Well, since you have dark hair, any of the above machines will work great on you. The above machines are ranked accordingly to effectiveness so the Tria is really the best, followed by the Remington. To make your decision, you will need to see which machine will ship to you in the Middle East, I believe you will have more chance with either the Remington or Silk’n. Not sure if you can get shipping to where you are but you should check here.
      Hope that helps you out.

    • Hi Hira
      Well since you have dark black hair, you can choose any machine if you have lighter skin color than the hair color. I would either choose the Tria (which is my #1 choice) or the Remington (but I would suggest this newer Remington for better results)
      Hope that helps
      Kind regards

  101. Hi Gabby, thanks for the informative review! Im in Australia too, I’m really interested in the silkn and have a couple questions, could you contact me at my email please? Thank you :)

  102. Hi Gabbie,

    Im also in australia looking at getting the Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X. was wondering if you could send me the best place to buy them here

    • Hi Jess
      Sure, I will send you over the information to your email, let me know if you don’t receive it as I am sending to you in the next few moments.

  103. Which IPL device is better to remove pubic hair for man ?

    it safe to use ipl hair removal on pubic area ( penis and scrotum ) ? I read about proudct from ( me my elos ) and they said it can use also in dark skin .

    • hi Abdul
      Yes that is correct, this machine can be used on dark skin. I would be very very careful in the pubic areas that you want to use the device, I don’t think it is recommended personally to be used in the areas that you wish as it’s a very sensitive area and the manufacturers say not to use it there also.
      Regards, Gabby

    • Hi Day
      I’ve had a look online to see where you can get shipping to you and I don’t think you can in Argentina for the Tria. Yes I no longer have any hair growth, the only thing I have is a few hairs here and there (like 2 or 3) on each area that I am still treating due to different hair growth phase, I am still very very happy and it’s been a few years now.
      If you can’t get the Tria, maybe try the Remington from here or here to see if you can get shipping to you in Argentina.
      Let me know how you go and if you have any other questions.

  104. Gabby, in your article you ask to contact you for the best price in Aus for the Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X.

    Would appreciate your help as amazon say they don’t send this here

    • Hi Bob,
      Sorry for my late reply. Sure! I’ll send you over an email with all the details to the email you provided here, I’m sending it tonight so let me know if you don’t receive it.
      Regards, Gabby

  105. Hi,
    Firstly thanks for all the info – very informative!
    I have a very old Silk’n Pro (about 6-8 years old). I haven’t used it in years and wanted to buy some refill cartridges when I came across this site.
    I’m considering investing in a new machine. Or do you think the old Silk’n Pro is still good?
    I have dark hair/pale skin. I wanted to use it on my legs. I like the sounds of the Tria but I’m worries it’s too small to do legs?

    • Hi Melinda
      Your weclome :)
      I too have some older machines and I have the newest machines also. From my experience and from that of technology these days, the old machines just don’t do the same thing as the new ones. If you want quick, precise and longer lasting results (like actually being permanently rid of body hair!) you’ll prob need another machine, in saying that, the Silk’n Pro was a good machine it’s time :) We are talking about technology in the permanent hair removal world that has really advanced in the last 3 years…Look, the Tria is at the top at the moment and yes, a few women have concerns about it being too small for the legs. That’s granted but it’s still the best device out there so your looking at a device that will give the best results so the ‘head’ wont be such an issue after the first few sessions anyhow. Dark hair/pale skin, your an excellent candidate :)

  106. Hi Gabby

    Thanks so much for this article. Its really informative and has sold me on the Tria. I am in Australia though and was wondering if you could please give me some information on where I can get the machine from.

    Thanks so much

    • Hi Sourina
      I’m glad that I have helped you out and given you the information and confidence you need :) Sure, I’ll send you over an email now with all the details you need. I am sending it shortly so let me know if you don’t receive it.

  107. Hi,
    I read your article and it’ s veeery helpful and informative!! Thanks!! I am from Greece and I want to purchase one of these! Which one do you recommend me? I have blonde – brown hair. I’ ve tried Alexandrite laser at dermatologists since 2010 (many years..) but I’ ve got tired because I’ ve spent so much money all these years and now I’ m looking for home – laser..

    • Hi Christina!
      Thank you for contacting me all the way from Greece :)
      What color is your skin, is it dark or light? Since you have blonde/brown hair, you need to be careful, if you hair is too blonde, the Tria or the Remington will not work, but if it’s mostly brown, you are fine to use them. If you want Remington delivered to you in Greece (if your hair is brown), you can buy here. IF your hair is lighter (more blonde), you will need to use this machine (here), and you should be able to get delivery to you in Greece with the link I gave you.
      Thanks so much for contacting me.
      Regards, Gabby

  108. Hi Gabby,
    Im also in Australia and am looking at getting the Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X. Could you please let me know how I can get one. Thanks

    • Hi Di
      Sure, I’ll send you over all the details to your email, please check as I will be sending it soon so let me know if you don’t receive it.
      Thanks, Gabby

  109. Hi Gabby,
    Im also in Australia and am looking at getting the Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X. Could you please let me know how I can get one. I’ve read online about someone’s’ difficulty in activating and charging it? Is that the case or is it straight forward? Thanks

    • Hi Elizabeth. Sure, I can send you all the details you need over to your email. I’ll be sending it in the next 10 minutes so let me know if you don’t receive it. Also, activation and charging it is straightforward. There is no difficulties, only if it’s a faulty machine completely does anyone have problems. Look out for my email :)

  110. Hello, I am looking for a hair removal machine that can give me permanent results, I have a friend who uses the Philips Lumea machine, and she is so far happy with the results, my question would be why would the Tria be better than the Philips Lumea? I’ve read so many great reviews of it on many websites and on youtube, but when I look at ranks of the best hair removal machine for home I seem to find the Tria in most of them and not the Philips Lumea, I am from switzerland and to find the Tria would be more expensive than the Philips because of shipping costs, so I wanna know if its worth it or are both machines good, I am medium skin colour and dark black hair.
    Thank you in advance :)

    • Hi Paula
      Sure, I can understand where you are coming from. Which Philips Lumea does your friend have as there is a few different models? For sure, the Tria, you can’t get it worldwide so there is some people that need to buy other machines, that still work exceptionally well. Me personally, I love the Tria BUT I do appreciate and still like other machines also, depending on different people’s skin color/hair color. The Philips Lumea does give good results, don’t get me wrong about that so it’s not like the Tria works and others don’t. Generally, the reason why you are seeing the Tria #1 is because it’s US based data/videos etc which in most cases won’t apply to you if you are in Switzerland. Let me know which Philips Lumea you are thinking of buying so I can assist you in making the right decision :) Don’t forget my personal email address is on my ‘contact page’ if you want to email me directly.

      • Thank you so much for the help Gabby!

        She has the Lumea Prestige (SC2007/70), and I’ve also read amazing things about the Remington iLight but here in Europe we have three models the IPL 6250, IPL 62500 and IPL 6750, if its not too much trouble could you recommend me the one with the ‘best’ results for the hair removal to be permanent, I know would be better if they would be laser but for the moment this is the only way I can achieve it, my goal is to use it mainly in my arms, legs, face and underarms, or maybe other brand or models you can recommend :)

      • Hi Paula
        No problem and also I’m incredibly sorry for my late reply, your comment got missed completely. I hope it’s not too late to help you out.
        Yes I am aware of the different models of Remington. Look at the end of the day it comes down to what you prefer, some people absolutely love Philips Lumea range and others like Remington. They are both pretty much on par with each other so a big thing is which one you can actually get in your country. The good news is that your friend does you an awesome Philips, I like it also :) Have you seen how many different models of Philips Lumea there is > check this out, there is so many to choose from. I’d go either to be honest, my word of advice, get the newest model you can, the newest technology is best. That’s my advice :)

  111. Hi, thank you for your recommend. I would like to purchase one of these, could you tell me which one can remove forever the hair? And how can I purchase it in Australia?

    • Hi Sapphire
      Which machine were you interested in more so? What is your hair color and skin color? Feel free to contact me via email if you wish as I can reply to you alot quicker, my personal email is available on my contact page here. All machines remove hair permanently, some are just more efficient and effective than others.

    • Hi Jen, Just saw your comment and your email, just replied to your email earlier, let me know if you don’t receive it.

  112. Hi Gabby, I live in Australia and would like to know the best way to purchase a tria 4x. I have read all of your reviews and the comments and I think that this device suits me best.

    Thanks Stacey

    • Hi Stacey
      Emailing you now so let me know if you don’t receive it. Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been offline over the festive season :)
      Regards, Gabby

  113. Hi Gabby,

    Thanks for putting this together!

    I have recently started salon treatment for hair removal. I have average skin colour with course dark brown hair.

    I’m male and interested in having my private bits hair free and the salons won’t do this service.

    Can you recommend the cheapest possible device that you would think would work for me.

    I live in Sydney so would be looking to buy locally or online.

    Cheers, Justin

    • Hi Justin
      Sorry for my late reply, I have been offline during the festive season. Are you still looking to purchase a machine or did you already purchase one?

      • Hi Gabby,

        Thanks for your reply and happy new year!

        Yes I am still looking to buy one.
        Since I messaged you, I have been calling around the salons in sydney to see if anyone can do male bits.. i.e. scrotum and shaft etc.. it looks like it will cost me about $100 per session and I am sure I would need at least 6 sessions so I am thinking it will be best to do it myself at home… what do you think?

        Would you mind emailing me directly because I don’t check this page often.

        Cheers Justin

      • Hi Justin, is the email you provided correct in your comment? Please confirm as it kinda has the site url in it? If you want, my email address in on my contact page. Feel free to email me on this :)

  114. Hi! Thanks a lot for your review!!
    Could you please email me information on how to get it shipped to Australia? I’m interested in the tria 4x and the Remington, haven’t made up my mind so if you could send me infos on both that would be great!! Thanks a lot

  115. Hi Gaby, I’m really glad I found your website, thank you. I’m tossing up between getting the Tria 4x or the Remington IPL6500. Which do you recommend for Asian skin (I have beige skin with thick black hair) and which provide a more permanent solution? Where can I buy the Tria in Australia? Is the warranty valid in Australia? Thanks

    • Hi Monica
      The pain level is very tolerable. Some people can find it painful, but most don’t. If you have done waxing before, I personally believe that waxing is more painful as it hurts when waxing and your skin is sensitive afterwards also. The pain with these machines only lasts a quick second and then goes. There is no long lasting pain but to make it as less painful as possible, you can always using numbing creams and calming creams that I’ve written about here:
      Hope that helps, Gabby

  116. Hi Gabby,

    Thanks for the info on this. I am a male with thick black body hair and Arab/Turkish like skin complexion, from the UK.

    Given you have recommended the Tria 4X, I have read a lot of good reviews regarding the Philips Lumea 2009 model. Which of the two do you think would be most effective for large parts of my body, such as my back, chest and upper arms? It seems the Tria is more favoured in the US, and the Philips more so in the UK?

    I’m just looking for the more effective machine for hair removal, opposed to cost and battery time etc. Would appreciate your opinion. Thanks for your time, hope you had a great new year.


    • Hi Amir

      Sorry for my late reply, I was away during the festive season.

      Yes I would have to agree with you 100%. The Tria is favored in the US and predominately sold there and the Philips Lumea (there is quite a few models avail, but I am talking about this one here) is favored in the UK AND is favored and rated quite highly amongst the male population do to the areas of coverage such as the chest and back due to the wider treatment window and number of flashes contained and design of device.

      For you, yes I would recommend this machine and I think you will be happy with the results.


      • Thanks for the reply Gabby, you have a great site going on here. One final question before I purchase this week. Given the debates over IPL vs Laser, wouldn’t the Tria 4X be more effective long term over the Philips?

      • Hi Amir
        Yes I personally believe so :) but in saying that, the Philips is exceptionally popular in the UK. I personally favor the Tria myself but everyone is different as to their preferences, budget, skin color, hair color, needs and wants!

  117. hi gabby,
    thanks for such a nice post.
    i too hav a query, i want to use a laser machine for my chin are, as i hav few coarse hairs, that i have to pluck out every week .. i hate doing it and i loose my confidence too.
    my skin tone is Indian( not so fair neither dark its more like wheatish),
    would you mind recommending some machine for facial hairs. and how would i know to set the laser machine parameter settings?

    Thanking you

    • Hi Kish
      It is easy to use the machines, you just start at setting 1 :) and work your way upwards to the higher settings when you feel like it.
      If you just want a machine for your face you can get this one here

  118. Hi Gabby,

    I’m sure I read on another post that for the Tria 4x you don’t have to buy cartridges, is that correct?
    Looking at their skin chart I think I’m all good – olive complexion (thanks to mum’s Italian mixed heritage and my father is from Mauritius). I’m also in Australia, is Amazon the best way to order it?

    • Hi Christine
      That’s 100% correct, no cartridges at all. I’ll email you in the next few days as I am currently working off my mobile and can’t do much so I’ll be in touch with you soon.
      Keep an eye out for my email.

  119. Hi,
    I am a man and I want some permanent hair removal in my back, chest and arms. I have seen the tria 4x which seems to be quite effective and has permanent results. However, it is expensive and has a small head. My main worry is that 90K pulses wouldnt be enough for what I want to do. I have also heard of the Remington IPL6500 which shouldnt have these problems but I am unsure of how permanent the results are. Do you have any idea on this?

    • Hi Dan
      Yes I understand your concern, it is for many guys. The Remington machine your talking about (here) is a good one and like you said, you can just keep replacing cartridges. You definitely won’t have problem with the 90k, it’s plentiful for many years, but the small head may bother you, hence that Remington may just be your answer :)

  120. Hello! thank you so much for this website it has been especially helpful. I had a question, since I have hair all over my body, would it be better to get the i-light pro or the 4x since that is a lot of coverage area. What would you recommend is best?

    • Hi Shem
      People buy the Tria for whole body hair removal so don’t worry about that. It’s completely up to you which you prefer though. It is the better of the two machines, but in saying that, if you do go for the best Remington (this one here) you may feel more comfortable with the larger treatment window whilst getting a higher powered device which will yield comparable results with the Tria. My preference still lays with the Tria though.
      Regards, Gabby

  121. Hi Gabby,

    Thank you for the informative post. I have dark skin (olive) and dark hair (black) and at this stage I’m very interested in the Tria product reviewed. I am from Australia and wondering if this is still the best product for my skin & hair type and also where the best place to get this from. Thanks again

    • Hi Mina
      I would be concerned with the Tria as to how dark your olive skin is. Is there a difference between your hair color and skin color? Just to let you know that the Tria becomes less effective the darker your skin is. If you tend to tan quite a bit now, in Summer, then you might be better off with the Tanda as I’ve mentioned above (better for darker skin colors). I can email you details of the Tria if you wish, just let me know.

  122. I’m from South Africa , what ipl is suitable to use in a small home salon that is portable and affordable and we’re can I buy one please, thank you Emma

    • Hi Emma
      I can suggest some good ones but they will be more expensive than the ones above. Let me know your budget please and if you want, I can email you or you can email me too (my personal email is on my contact page). If you can spend around $1000 USD then you’ll be looking at a machine that you can use in a small home salon that will yield excellent results and be more cost effective over the long run for the intention to provide hair removal for customers.

  123. Hi Gabby, I’m considering at home IPL for my face (sideburns, lip, chin, neck). I am fare skinned with dark hairs. I’ve read on several sites you must shave before treatment – and I understand why. I do not want to shave my face…my question is, will IPL treatment work if I prep the area with a hair removal cream instead of shaving?

    • Hi Sam. That’s correct, if you want the BEST results, you will need to shave. I know, it’s totally weird having to shave your face and it’s something that takes a while to get used to but it’s absolutely crucial to do so, especially for your face. Using a hair removal cream will just slow your progress, I wouldn’t recommend it at all. Sorry that is my honest opinion because I’ve been dealing with laser and IPL hair removal for a very long time. Let me know if you have any other questions, Gabby.

  124. Hey gabby

    thanks for your review it is indeed very helpful!
    I would like to ask you if you would recommend me to buy the first one or the last one.
    I dont know which one will be better for me since i would like to use it in Two different areas. my skin color is light but I have light hair on my legs and dark hair on my armpits and bikini area.

    i also live in australia and would like to know where to buy the first one.

    many many thanks!

    • Hi Elena
      Thanks for your comment :)
      Well, the first one will not work on the light hair on your legs, it will only work on dark hair on your armpits and bikini area. The last one will work on both. Yes the results may take a little longer to see but there is no other machine that works on light hair so buying the machine is the best option for you.
      Let me know if you have any other questions.

  125. Hi Gabby

    Thanks for the reviews about these machines.
    Now my situation is that i have been having laser treatment done for my face for more than an year. i have noticed significant reduction in the growth, however nothing permanent though. i have to go to laser clinic every 8- 12 weeks for the maintenance as they call it. i have recently started treating my legs, arms n underarms. i m wanting to buy home laser machine to save myself hundreds of dollars. as per your reviews Tria x is the best n Remington second choice. my only concern is Tria has set number of flashes which means once that’s used makes the Tria waste while Remington one can always buy cartridge n use life long .. what do you think? and also can i have links for both remington quartz and tria 4x to buy in australia from amazon
    thank you. so much

    • Hi Shubhali
      Thanks for your comment. Wow, that is quite a while not to see results, especially at a clinic? I hope they are doing it correctly. Also 8-12 weeks seems a long time for repeat treatments?Anyway, yes it would be better if you can buy a home machine to do your maintenance sessions at home. If you are someone that tends to see results after quite some time (which may just be the case as you mentioned), then yes, I would recommend the Remington over the Tria for the reasons you mentioned. I’ll send you info to your email for you :)

  126. Hi Gabby,
    Thanks for the info you have given here and your reviews. Can you let me know where you would recommend getting a Tria machine? I’m in Sydney.

  127. hi,
    I would like to buy the first one.
    are you able to email me the link?
    tried to order from amazon but it didn’t work.
    thank you

  128. hi gabby,

    i have thick hair on my body so which machine suits for my body and send me the link from which i can book as i am from india.


    • Hi Sudheer
      What is your skin color. You mentioned you live in India, is your skin quite dark? If so, you’ll need the #4 above, the Tanda. Try clicking the link above to purchase.

  129. Hi Gabby,
    I have dark skin and will need to know which machine will best suit me? And where can i buy it?
    Also my fiancé is lighter skin but tan quite easily, would he be able to use the same machine as me.
    How long do you start seeing some result? I am very hairy and planning to go on Holiday in 5 months.
    Thank you

    • Hi Iska
      If you have dark skin, you’ll need to use the Tanda machine above (#4), you can follow the link above to buy it.
      Your fiance is fine to use the machine also, it’s fine to use on all skin colors. As he has lighter skin, he will see results quicker than you lol
      Results vary from person to person, generally after 2-3 treatments you should see a big difference in hair growth. Within 5 months you should see some awesome results, plenty of time to have less hair growth sure!
      Let me know if you have any other quesitons.

  130. Hi Gabby,

    I am interested to purchase the tria hair removal laser 4x, could you please advice how can I get it ship to Australia?


  131. Hi Gabby
    I’ve read your post and it was very helpful
    However I’m still not sure which product to buy
    I have olive skin and black hair and I’d like to achieve permanent hair removal results on most of my body including my face
    Which product would you recommend?

    • Hi Jasmine
      It just depends on how dark your skin color is. If your skin color is dark, then you may need this machine. If not so much, you can choose between the Tria or Remington. The only remington for face though is this machine here.
      If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

  132. Hi Gabby
    Thinking about getting the Remington IPL6000f I-light pro for my son. He has a hairy naevi on his shiulder with darker pigmentation and has had a couple of salon treatments It seems to have a larger light emitting head than some of the others. Disadvantage is having to replace the cartridges but 65000 shots seems to be a reasonable number. Curious to know how difficult it is to use on back and shoulders without someone shaving his back and doing it for him? Problem of doubling up on certain areas.
    Many thanks

    • Hi Sue
      To replace the cartridge every 65000 is fine. Other machines get replaced after 1500 pulses so 65000 pulses is plentiful and not so hard to replace every so often. I’d probably say he would need assistance to do some areas of his back depending on where hair growth is. There shouldn’t be a problem with ‘doubling up’ so much, it’s more important to ensure you get full coverage.

  133. Hi Gabby,

    I saw your review about Tanda Me laser hair removal system. My skin tone is dark brown with black hair. I am thinking of buying Tanda’s new Me Chic device which has 120,000 pulses. Does this Me Chic device have an option of cartridge replacement? How many times this device can be used before first cartridge replacement?

    Thanks for your help.

    • Hi Suresh
      With the new me chic device you cannot replace cartridges, therefore it has limited use. It’s only good to use if you want to use on smaller areas of the body and more for touchups. If you haven’t done this before, I would recommend the bigger and better machine as I provided above as you can get lifetime usage from it.

  134. Hi Gabby,
    Where is the best place to purchase the Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X you recommended -I’m in Sydney Australia, or maybe there is an updated version since you reviewed these?

    Thanks for the reviews too,

      • Hi gabby
        great review. I found this so helpful, I’m having trouble finding a supplier in au for tria and/or Remington machines. Can you please send me the info too

        Thanks Kristy

      • Hi Kristy
        Sure not a problem. I’ll send you over details via your email so keep and eye out for it :) Let me know if you don’t receive it as I’m sending it tonight.

  135. Hi Gabby,
    Very Useful info from your blog. How Can I know more about the Tria home use Hair removal? I’m in China.Thanks.
    Grace Kwok

  136. Hi Gabby, thank you for this wonderful post. It really did help me out. I think I am going to get the Tria one. I am in Australia too. Can you please tell me where or how to get it shipped to Aus? Thank you.

  137. Hi Gabby, first of all thanks for providing such a useful information.
    My name is Marcus and i had been using IPL back then from the beauty clinic but had stopped it last year. Now i want to do it myself since there’s such handheld equipment that can be used at home and knowing the size is not too bulky.
    The main area for my usage is the face where my mustache and beard are.
    Previously i saw Phillips also have the IPL product.
    Can i ask for your advice which one is the most suitable for me? thanks in advance.

      • Hi Marcus
        Thanks for your comment. Sure I can help you out. Did you just want a machine for your face solely? Or for one that is good for both face & body? If you want something affordable, only for your face, then buy this one. If you want one for face & body, try either this one, or this one.
        Since you have fair skin and dark hair, you’ll get excellent results. Philips also have an IPL product, it’s just not as effective/efficient at permanent hair removal compared to the ones I’ve written about.
        Let me know if you have any other questions,

  138. hi gabby!
    I’ve read this article and many of your reviews trying to figure out which machine is best for me, thank you so much for putting together such a comprehensive and helpful write up!
    I’m thinking of getting the tria 4x since i may as well put up the money if i want results. since it’s been a while since you put up this review can i ask if the tria still holds up? would it still be your no.1 recommended? specifically for light olive complexion and fine dark hair?
    also I’d appreciate if some help in getting one for the best price (hello from Melbourne!)

    thank you gabby!

    • Hi Minh
      Hello to you in Melbourne :) You are very welcome. Also apologies for my late reply, I’ve been so busy with Easter and all. Yes I still recommend the Tria 4x, especially for you if you have light olive complexion and fine dark hair (just make sure your hair color is darker than you skin). I’m from Italian heritage so I have the olive complexion but dark hair and it worked amazing on me. I always am trying to keep on top of the blog, so anything new that comes up, I try and get onto it pronto, hence, there hasn’t been an update with the Tria, it’s still favored :)
      I’ll send you the details via your email for shipping to Aus.

  139. Hi Gabby,
    Just wondering how to order the Tria from Amazon, I live in Australia and it is coming up as US only.
    Also…. I have already spent a 1.5 years trying IPL salon treatments, not to mention the couple of $K to fund it. After 12months my hair thinned, was patchy and the growth cycle slowed but it was still growing back thick again as soon as I stopped treatment for a two month. In the end I could not afford to keep up the treatment at $340/month. It was so frustrating to spend so much money but still not have great results.
    I have fair skin, light brown hair and the treatment hair (underarms/bikini) is course and very dark. The two salons I have been too have said I was ideal for treatment….but results were so slow…
    Do you think that the Tria would still be suitable given my case?

    • Hi Hann
      Yes I do still recommend it for you. Basically, you can be fully in charge of your own progress. If you feel you can do another treatment sooner, you can do without the hesitation of going to a salon and paying the $340/m like you mentioned. Yes, the results will be a tad slower (you can’t expect home machines to be as effective as the heavy duty ones) but you will be hairless within time. The best thing is that you will have no hesitation whatsoever, to do say, 1 treatment a week if need be, and that’s exactly what you might need to get the results (that you haven’t been seeing professionally either).
      I’ll send you the details for shipping to Aus via your email. Take a look soon to see if it arrived, if not, please comment again so I know.

  140. Hi Gabby,

    Appreciate your sharing of knowledge and experience. I live in Perth and would like to purchase a Trip 4X. Could you help me please?

    • Hi Jessy
      Not yet, I really want to try it but haven’t got around to it yet. It operates very similar to the Remington above though.

  141. Hi Gabby,
    Thanks for all the info, clear & to the point. I would like to purchase the Tria Laser 4X unless there’s a later/better model? You mentioned you could help with how to purchase this product in Australia. I’d love to know how. Thanks, Vic

    • Hi Vicki
      Sure no problems, I’ll send you across an email to the email you provided here. There isn’t a newer model to the 4x.
      Keep an eye out for my email.

    • Hi Edward
      How tan is your skin? Are you olive or darker? Please let me know, you can email me on my personal email which is on the contact page also :)

  142. Thank you for the reviews, they were very helpful. I am interested in the Tria laser. Could you please tell me how to get it in Australia.

    • Hi Amy. Sure I can help you with that :) Are you still interested? I will send you an email directly so keep an eye out for it in your inbox. Regards, Gabby

  143. Hi Gabby,

    I live in Australia and are interested in purchasing the tria laser precision. Can you please advise how I can purchase in Australia?

    Thanks Belinda

    • Hi Belinda. Sure I can help you with that :) Are you still interested? I will send you an email directly so keep an eye out for it in your inbox. Regards, Gabby

  144. Hi Gabby,
    Thanks for all the info, I’m sold on this one.
    I would like to purchase the Tria Laser 4X, You mentioned you could help with how to purchase this product in Australia. I’d love to know how. Ive found a few websites but would love your ideas :)



    • Hi Chyanne
      You are welcome :)
      Sure, I can send you some details to the email address you provided on the comment.
      Be sure to check your email inbox soon.

  145. Hi Gabby, would you please send me the information about how to buy tria 4X in Australia. I’ve tried buying on amazon but it didnt work.
    Also, do you know why tria is not sold in Australia?
    Many thanks!!!

    • Hi Sabrina
      Sure, no problems, I will send you an email tonight with the details. Not sure, I’m hoping they come out soon to help so many of us over here! Please let me know if you don’t receive it by replying to this message.

  146. Hello Gabby! Interesting reviews! I was wondering if all of these provide permanent results? I’m guessing the Tria 4X would give the best results if anything, so how close to permanent results would that one give?

    • Hi Sam
      Yes the Tria provides the most permanent results. The only machine that provides a lag in permanent results (takes ages) is the older Remington machine. I’ve ranked them on the site as most effective to less effective in regards to permanent hair removal so you can gather from the list, their permanent results that they give.

  147. Hello Gabriella
    I was wondering which one of them will be better for me I have white skin and black hair
    Am I. The Middle East between uae and Egypt
    Which one suits me and how can I get it and how much

    Also I will like to get something that I can refill or find a cartridge for

    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Marwa
      I am incredibly sorry for my late reply, I hope I can still help you out. Since you have white skin and black hair, you can use any of the best machines as I have provided above. Since you want one where you can refill cartridges, the most effective one for you would be the Remington. Since you are in between the UAE/Egypt, you can try shipping from here or from here also.

  148. Hi Gabby,
    I am interested in either the Tria or Remington. Can you please send information on where to get these in Australia?

  149. Hi there,

    Thanks for this great summary!

    Just wondering with the Remington device and the link you’ve posted, will this device work in Australia with the difference in voltage from the US? would you need an adapter to use it?

    • Hi Alice
      Yes you will need an adapter to use it and the device voltage works in a range which is compatible in Australia :) Email me if you have any other questions (my personal email is on my contact page). Let me know if you need help with shipping also :)

  150. Hi Gabby,
    Just wondering what your thoughts are on the Remington I Light Pro that has a lifetime bulb/cartridge?

  151. hello dear
    i live in iran. all of your information was great for me thank you. but i have one question. if I and my sister buy one device , we can use it both?? it will be good? its flashes will be enough for us???

    • Hi Fatemeh
      Sure you can both share the machine, just make sure you clean it properly in between treatments. Which machine in particular are you interest in?

  152. Hello, thanks for the details. I am interested in the Tria or Remington, but also wanted to ask about a Phillips laser as a friend recommended it, but it’s not on your list, can I ask why?

    Can you please send information on where to get the Tria & Remington in Australia?

    Thank you,

  153. Hi gabby

    I would like to purchase the Trio, the one you have stated is the Best Buy. I currently live in Australia but originally from uk so may go back. Ideally would like to purchase one whilst over here but with a uk plug. Any ideas?
    Please email

  154. Hi Thanks for your great review.I have read the article but Im still having some trouble determining which machine is best for me.Im a girl from Iran,Asia. I want a great hair removal machine for myself. I want a machine with large treatment window for face,arm,leg,bikibi.I want a machine for all of my family.My mother , sisters, or my friends(a small salon!!!).I think I have to buy a machine with replasement I mean with unlimited pulses or something that I can buy its things.

      • Hi Saeedeh
        I am so sorry for my late reply, my sincerest apologies to you. I feel terrible. I remember seeing your name and thought I had responded but I must not have press sent. Sorry!
        To answer your question, yes, if you want a machine to use on so many people & relatives, I would suggest buying a home machine that has replaceable cartridges such as the Remington. I would suggest you buy this Remington Machine to use as it is safe to use on the body areas that you want to use it on (face & body). The Remington machine that I have included in the list above is only for the body. Also, I suggest you buy cartridges at the same time. The cartridges you need are these here.
        I hope this answers your question and sorry again for my late reply.

      • I had a mole on my upper lip I didn’t hit it with the machine but it turn into a scab just wondering will it go back to normal later on the future it did got lighter

      • Hi Veronica.
        The machines are generally fine to use on small moles. I like to be careful though and on big moles I recommend not to use it. I am a little confused about your comment though? Your mole just scabbed by itself? Once it goes back to normal, just use the machine around the mole instead :)
        If you are freckly with small moles its fine to use however :)
        Let me know if you have any other questions anytime!

  155. Hi,

    I tried to purchase the Tria 4x from amazon, but it says it does not ship to Aus. How did you get around that? Im on the Gold Coast in QLD.
    Thanks in advance.

  156. Hi Gabby
    Can you please help me with where to buy the top laser 4x machine please? I live in Australia
    Thank you! Nicole

      • Hallo Gabby!
        I am from south aisia( afganistan) and live in vienna (austria) my skin is wheat not realy witn also not so dark how can you tell me pleas from where can o buy in vienna and aplease recommend me which machine ist better for me?
        Thank you

      • Hi Jeda, Did you ever get my reply? I didn’t hear back from you. Please let me know if I can still help you out? Gabby :)

  157. Hi Gabby
    I tried to purchase the Tria 4x from amazon, but it says it does not ship to Aus. Can you please help? I’m from Melbourne.

    • Hi Tatiana, I have just sent you an email so please check your inbox. If you don’t receive, please submit another comment. Thanks Gabby

  158. Hi :)
    Thanks for your reviews! I am interested in the Tria laser and am wondering how to get this in Australia and if you can ‘activate’ it in Australia?

    • Hi Tracey, I am sending you an email now to the email that you submitted here in your comment. Please check your inbox and do let me know if you don’t receive it. Please reply once received :) Thanks! Gabby

  159. Hi Gabby,

    I’d love some help with where to purchase the Tria 4X Machine, I live in Australia :-)

    Many thanks in advance,

    • Hi Daisy
      I am sending you an email now to the email that you submitted here in your comment. Please check your inbox and do let me know if you don’t receive it. Please reply once received :)

  160. Hi Gabby,

    Thank you for the site great, useful information. Could you send me the details on how to get Tria 4x delivered to Australia

  161. Hi Gabby,
    Thanks for your reviews. I am based in Sydney Australia and am interested in the tria precision model. Could you send me details on where I can buy it over here please.

    • Hi Jas. Did you get my email? Don’t worry, I will send you another email with all the details right now. Please check :) Regards Gabby

  162. Sorry, I’m in Australia. Interested to hear comparison between the Philips and your top picks and if they are still relevant after 2+ years. It has something like a 250k flash life I think.
    I’d guess my wife probably has sensitve skin – has reactions to chlorine in tap water and whatever else.

  163. Hi Gabby

    Thank you so much for a great article and the support with finding various machines. Very generous and kind of you.

    I was hoping that you could direct me a little further, I have quite a lot of facial hair with one or two greys. The machine I am after I would like to use on body as well as face. Would you mind sharing with me the top two machines that you would recommend and where I can purchase these from Brisbane Australia.

    Thank you again

    • Hi Col
      Sure no problem. None of the above machines, except for the Tanda, work on grey hairs. So if you want to get rid of those 1-2 grey hairs, you will need to buy the Tanda. If you are not too concerned about the 1-2 greys but want to get rid of all body and facial hair, you can opt for any other machines as I’ve included above. Let me know what you are interested in exactely and I can send you an email with delivery info :) Regards, Gabby

      • Thanks Gaby, think that I will go with the Remington 6500, would you mind sending me where I can purchase it from, I live in Brisbane. Your site has been wonderful

      • Hi Col. Sorry for my late response. Do you still need my help? Let me know and I’ll send you an email :) Regards, Gabby

    • Hi Sera. Sorry for my late response. Please let me know if you still want the info/if you still need my help? You can comment on here on send me an email which is available under ‘contact’. Please accept my apologies for my late response. Thanks, Gabby

  164. Hi Gabby,

    Great Articles!
    I want to buy a Remington or a new Silk’n Flash&go but I’m not sure which one is better for me. I want to use it for my body and face, my skin is light and my hair is dark.

    Thank you so much

    • Hi Sara. They both have the same treatment window size. I personally recommend the 4x because you can use it on your body better. The precision has a shorter battery life so limits the use to only smaller body areas.

  165. Hi Gabby,

    Thank you for your post.

    I am interested in buying the tria 4x but I live in Australia and when I go to the link you provided it takes me to amazon who don’t ship to my address

    Do you know of another site that ships to Australia??

    Look forward to hearing from you

      • Hi Gabby,

        I haven’t recieved the email so I was just wondering if you could please send it through again.

        Thanks :)

      • Hi Gabby,

        Sorry I still haven’t recieved your email. Can you please send it through to me again.

        Thanks in advance

      • Hi Marisa. Hmmm. Ok, I have sent you another one. Please check and let me know again. If so, please make sure you are entering the right email when you submit your comment as that is what I am using to send you an email :) Hope you receive it this time. Regards, Gabby

  166. Hi Gabby
    Please forward me details of where I can buy the Tria in Australia.
    Was going to buy the precision model for Brazilian but if you recommend the normal one I will try that. I will need to buy the goggles and gel also.
    Thanks for your info.

  167. Hi. I am searching for a home use IPL machine to treat bruises (echymosis)
    Because I take low dose daily aspirine for my heart, I tend to get bruising in my forearms, even after, trivial trauma.
    They do go away but after many weeks of ugly looking bruising.
    What sort of IPL machine do you advise for safe, home use?
    Thank you

    • Hi Jay. I am so sorry for not replying earlier, the comment system has been acting weird lately and not showing all messages. I am sorry but I have no idea in regards to IPL machines for bruising. I only have experience in IPL machines for hair removal. Sorry. Kind Regards

  168. Hi Gabby, I am interested in the Tria 4x, I am located in Australia, would you please advise the best place to order the machine.
    Thank you

    • Hi Gaye. Sure no problems. I am sending you an email now. Please check or reply here if you don’t receive it. Thanks, Gabby

  169. Thank you for the great information, have you had any success with the Phillips Lumea? Also I am interested in purchasing the Tria 4x … Any suppliers in Tasmania? Thanks again Ash

    • Hi Ash. Yes I’ve tried the Philips Lumea. Which one in particular. Its very popular more so in the UK than anywhere else. Don’t forget with the Lumea one (here) it’s disposable – meaning as soon as it runs out of flashes, you can’t use it anymore. It’s good if you have done laser/ipl and want an affordable one to use for touchups at home. If you want a longer lasting one, you’ll need to get this one here. Let me know if you have any questions and if you want info to ship to Aus, let me know, I can send you an email with all the details when you have decided :)

    • Hi Joslyn. Your message hasn’t come through. I will contact you on email because the comment section has been funny lately. Let me know if you don’t get my email please. Regards, Gabby

  170. Hi Gabby,
    After reading your information, I am thinking the elos technology, their latest machine would be best for my fair skin and blond hair? I’m in Australia and have emailed the Elos site, but they haven’t replied. I’m not worried about price, just want a machine that works.

    • Hi Helen. Generally the manufacturers websites are hopeless at replying and this is the main driving force of starting up this blog so I can help everyone out there. I was in the same position as you many many years ago now. Customer service is terrible and you don’t know where to look for help. Yes, the elos machine is good. Feel free to email me anytime with questions. I can email you information on how to get delivery to Aus if you would like? Let me know and I can send you an email Regards, Gabby

  171. Hi Gabby! Thanks for your helpful reviews! I just have a couple of questions about the Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X. If you have any spare time i would love to hear from you, thanks! Kahli.

  172. Hi Gabby,
    Where is the best place to purchase the first machine you recommended the Tria hair removal laser x4?? Im in Australia.

    • Hi Tanya. Yes, you can get it shipped to Australia. I will send you the info you need to your email so please check your inbox shorty. Kind Regards, Gabby

  173. Hi
    I am happy to read about home machines for hair removal.i am from india.
    I want to know that is there any side effects of these machines on body in future?
    Cus we are not professional so is good to use ourself at home?

    • Hi Jeetu. No, there is no side effects. The machines that I have recommended are all FDA approved, hence they are safe to use. Ensure you only buy one of these machines and no other ‘cheaper’ machines which are not safe to use on your skin. Let me know if you have any other questions. Regards, Gabby

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