Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X Review

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Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X

Tria-Hair-Removal-Laser-4XTo get straight to the point, if you are on a budget, this one here will not be for you (instead, look at this one). BUT do you want the best? And do you want permanent results? Well, read on…

Like I’ve already said in my blog post, Top 5 Hair Removal Machines for Use at Home (< this is a must read as this includes my first impression of the Tria machine for hair removal, INCLUDING the new Tria P which is Tria’s latest product!), the Tria Laser hair removal machine is not on the cost effective end of the spectrum as you are paying a little more than other Home IPL and Laser hair removal machines.

But, is it worth it? YES! If you really do want to get the results of permanent hair removal at home.

If your looking for a temporary solution, then one of the cheaper hair removal machines (like this one) I have reviewed may be better suited to you and your budget (or maybe if you don’t really want to spend the money, you shouldn’t be looking at laser or IPL but rather depilatory devices).

NOTE (UPDATED SEPT 2017) : I am constantly updating this site and answering everyone’s questions on a near-daily basis, so don’t worry – the site is always updated with the latest and up to date information for 2017. And if you are wondering, the Tria is still an excellent machine to date, there hasn’t been a new release since the latest model (as below).

Tria-4x-LaserHowever, the Tria Laser is one of the the newest kid on the block and has outranked all other devices. It has topped this list for functionally, effectiveness and design.

Must not forget to mention that it is labelled the ‘safest home laser hair removal machine’ currently on the market. Believe me, you also have the FDA seal of approval.

Cheapest Prices:

It retails anywhere between $600 – $1,000, but I found so many different prices on the Tria Laser 4X and this is the best I found:

  • For US & Rest of World: Found Here
  • For UK & Europe: Found Here
  • For Australia: Found Here  (contact me for more information, I live in Australia so I can help you with delivery issues)

I probably forgot to mention up to this point, the most important point that I saw floating around that apparently the FDA declared this machine to actually prove the SAME results as professional laser machines. That’s a big king hit!

tria-4x-peonyThe company, Tria Beauty, market this product as the be all and end all of home laser hair removal. And given that I am sitting here taking a back seat on it and reviewing this cute little device, I would, amongst all hair removal machines that I have to, concur with them. It has produced hair free results alot quicker than other machines. Tria promote that you can get hair-less results after 2 treatments, I would have to say that it has taken more than 2 treatments so I couldn’t agree with this statement, for me personally, it’s taken about 4-5 treatments.

The image on the right shows the device in the color Peony, which is a popular choice for women.

When I have looked into why the FDA really like this machine is because Tria have really invested alot of money and time into researching the new top notch technology to make it the safest hair removal machine out there.

Tria-4x-graphiteAfter getting past all the scientific jargon, this new technology has enabled the device to be manufactured in a way which it damages the hair follicle at its root, without damaging the surrounding skin tissue. I know this may not sound nothing knew when you first read it, but for a machine to penetrate so far down to the root, that is a new thing for home hair removal devices.

So the pitfalls of this machine? Nothing really, just its price tag.

The image to the right shows that you can get it in Graphite, a popular color amoungst men.

Overall, it’s really paid off for Tria and its really paid off for its customers aswell. Its a sure sign that we are moving in the right direction for safe hair removal machines in our home.

Tria have done an excellent job with this product and they seem to have the ball rolling with some new products in the pipeline, including the new Tria P, this sister of this Tria aimed for smaller body areas and more limited use.

If you want the Tria, stick with this machine, it will do you wonders.

Update (Latest Product From Tria)

Tria-P-Sept-17This is the latest product from Tria: I would just like to add a quick note here. Tria manufactures two hair removal machines and people are often confused about them and what the difference is. Tria has the above 4X version and it also has a smaller version (see the pic on the right, you can also get more info here) which they developed for people that wanted a handy little hair removal machine for smaller areas of the body and also to remove hair on the face.

It’s smaller, handier, very convenient (excellent for traveling) and works on those areas that are a little hard to reach (think, pubic region) and those areas of the body where caution is required (face).

Cheapest Prices:
  • For US & Rest of World: Found Here
  • For UK & Europe: Found Here
  • For Australia: Found Here (contact me for more information, I live in Australia so I can help you with delivery issues)

It’s also excellent for those people that have had professional laser hair removal in a laser clinic and want an affordable machine to do ‘touch up’ sessions with. It’s super affordable and is another great option from the same company as it’s based on the very effective, diode laser hair removal technology.

My recommendation is that if you want a device for touch-ups or just quick hair removal for smaller areas of the body such as the upper lip, chin, side-burns, underarms, bikini, snail trail – this device is great (hence why the box reads ‘designed for small treatment areas’; BUT if you want a hair removal device for both body and face, you’ll need to buy the one above, the Tria 4X (available here). It has a longer battery life allowing you to remove hair from the entire body, eg. legs, back, chest, arms, absolutely any body part including face – you name it!

Dermatologist Recommended: Roy Geronemus, M.D. Board Certified Dermatologist and Laser Surgeon Director, Laser & Skin Surgery Center of New York Past President of the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery

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  3. hi there, just wanted to say that I have this tria machine and I absolutely love it. You’ve done a great write-up on it and you are spot on with everything. I’ve come to your site because I need to get some glasses to protect my eyes. Do you use them?

    • Hi Jackie. Thanks for your feedback :) Yes I do use goggles to protect my eyes and you shouldn’t really be using a light intensive machine such as laser or IPL without them. I’ve done a post up about it already so you can refer here > The best goggles are around $20-$30 as they cover the multi spectrum of light that the machines emit, these are good pair without spending to much Metro Laser Goggles from Amazon.

      • I just want to know that will it permanently reduce hair? Or I should go for professional laser hair treatment.

      • Hi Rukmani
        Yes the Tria will permanently remove hair, it uses the same diode laser and professional laser treatment. Obviously being a home device it will not be as strong, you may only need a few more sessions that a professional treatment, but yes it does work.

      • Hi I’m in Australia and was wondering is it safe to buy from eBay from a place in Korea and what happens if there is a fault?

      • Hi Refia
        DO NOT buy on ebay or any auction sites, you may risk buying a fake piece of plastic.
        I’ll send you over an email.

      • Hi Brooke. I hope it’s not too late to help you out. I will send you an email with all the details you need. Regards, Gabby

      • Hi Zabrina
        The Tria 4x laser does not work on blonde hair, therefore to answer your question, no the Tria will not work on your blonde facial hair. The Tria 4X Laser only works on brown or black hair. The ONLY home hair removal machine that works on other hair colors such as blonde, red, grey and white hair colors (as well as brown and black of course) is the Tanda me machine (my review here or the NEW Tanda me machine here). The Tanda works on all hair colors and skin colors :) So that is your best bet for permanent hair removal using a machine at home :)
        Regards, Gabby

    • Hi there
      I see you said ur from Australia? How do I purchase this and still have warranty coverage. Also do you know if you can get the Tria face laser in Australia too? Cheers

      • Hi.
        I am also from Australia and am interested purchasing one of them. Could you please send me the name and address of the retailer ? However the price is an issue as I am only studying having no income… What do you think of buying a second hand one?
        Thanks a lot for the info you posted on your blog. Cheers.

      • Hi Julie, I have sent you an email so please respond to that. Sorry for being so late :) Thanks, Gabby

      • I can’t seem to buy if from Aus anywhere. ? Amazon won’t ship it to Aus. Any help would be much appreciated :))))))

      • Hi Sharee, I have just sent you an email so please check your inbox. If you don’t receive, please submit another comment. Thanks Gabby

      • Hello, just another another Australian wondering where I can safely purchase this item? And interested in hearing your thoughts on warranty issues etc. Thank you so much for your efforts and fab website!

      • Hi Jenny. I hope its not to late to help you out. I’ll send you an email with the details now. Let me know if you have any questions. Regards, Gabby

      • Hi Amy, Sorry for my late response, let me know if you still need my help? I’ll send you an email anyway, feel free to respond :)

      • Hi Sumaiya. How dark is your indian skin, if it’s too dark (if you are darker than tanned olive) you might not see any good results using this machine. Please let me know as I’ll suggest another machine. You can contact me on email too, go to my contact page for my email address. Thanks Gabby

    • Hi Paula,

      Yes, there is a new machine that is specifically made for more sensitive areas of the body and it primarily used by women for the facial region including upper lip, pretty much anything from the cheek line down. This is a link to the product if you would like more information, hair removal precision laser. If you have any more questions, just let me know :) Thx, Gabby

  4. I just bought my Tria Laser, so excited. Just want to say thanks for giving your honest feeedback on all the machines and all the time you have put to your site. Thanks, great work to you!

    • Hi Kathleen, great to hear and thanks for your lovely comment! Please report back here with your progress, would love to hear about it. Gabby

  5. Wow I’m really tempted actually considering buying one are the results permanent or is it more like waxing thanks

    • Hi Ray, yes the results are permanent. You’ll see results after the first treatment and keeps getting less and less every treatment. Nothing at all like waxing. The hair root dies, the hair thins and reduces, eventually they all go with more and more treatments :) Very tempting indeed :) Gabby

  6. Hi Gabby,
    Great site, really useful info. I’ve been meaning to invest in a machine for ages, but was a bit lost when trying to decide on a particular model.

    Can you tell me whether the Tria machine is suitable for using over large areas like legs, or if another machine would be best? Looking at the picture, the actual laser opening on the Tria looks very small, so I’d be worried it would take forever to do my legs. I would like a machine suitable for legs, underarms, bikini line etc.

    Any advice much appreciated – thanks in advance!

    • Hi Jenny, thanks for your lovely comment :) Your question is completely understandable, a lot of people are a bit put off by the ‘head’ of the laser being so small with the Tria especially in comparison to other machines such as the Remington I-light, because it is quite a bit smaller being a ‘laser’ device. And of course, when it comes to treating the legs, at the start it can take about 1 -1.5 hours to treat both full legs (so not quite forever but not quick either). Just remember though – treatment times will decrease with every session, so although it may take 1 hour on your first session it won’t always take 1 hour. Because with each session, there is less and less hair growth so the treatment times shorten each time. So after 3 sessions, it may only take 30 minutes. Whether you go the Tria or the Remington is personal choice, they are both excellent machines. The Tria produces faster results than the Remington and is overall the better machine but the Remington does the job just fine also. That is just my personal advice. Thanks! Gabby

      • Hi Leni
        Just depends how private you want to go. It’s advised by the company only to do standard bikini. I and many of my friends go a little more privately with no problems, just use the lowest settings and be patient. Do not use high settings on private areas as the skin is more sensitive. Just be patient in more sensitive areas, expect to see results over a longer period of time.

  7. Hi Gabby,

    just a quick question on the Tria products. I have noticed there is two tria products available and I’m trying to workout which one is more suitable for me, can you help me choose a product?

    • Hi Lisa
      It depends on what you want it for. The Tria 4x is better for the whole body, the Tria P is best for the face and smaller sensitive areas of the body such as the bikini line because it has a shorter battery life. Thx, Gabby

  8. Hi I have been looking for something to remove the hair from my chin and mustache. I am so embrassed with it I don’t want to be around people, specially on sunny days when my chin starts to sparckle or shine.
    I have to use a trimmer every day to try and hide it. I spent money on sessions where they stick a needle in your face and shock the hair. very very painful. Then my husband bought me the no-no. It burns the hair of your face and you have to be careful not to over use it because it burns your face . I have been using it for four years and I still have hair growing back. I cant even say how many treatments that is but I’m thinking its way more then I should need. I am so tired of investing money into things that don’t work.Do you think the Laser 4x would be right for me.

    • Hi Judyann
      I completely understand and its really frustrating trying things that don’t work, not to mention the pain that you go through. I know, I personally think the No No is actually quite painful (I haven’t tried the No No on my face, only on my arms and I wouldn’t go any further with it). And although it’s a popular product I personally don’t think it’s as good as these laser/IPL machines. The Tria 4X Laser is the best home machine at the moment so it’s definitely the one to go for. I’m going to be doing a review on a product I’ve been trialling for a while which is a new Tria machine called the Tria Precision – that might be of interest to you to as it’s a goodie for the face but the only downside with it is that it’s not effective for the rest of the body. With the Tria 4X, to determine whether its right for you, just make sure your skin color is not very very dark. To give you an idea, I have Italian background and I am fine with my olive skin tone. Apart from that, you should be fine. If you have any other questions, let me know :)

    • Hi Alley

      Thank you :) For the Tria 4X Laser, you are required to do treatments every 2 weeks, no sooner. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  9. Hi, great info! Which laser can be used for the pubic area? And I dont mean the bikini line only. Some laser machine mention that it can be used for bikin line but not the whole area. Hope you can help me choose the right machine. Thanks

    • Hi Linda

      That’s true, the bikini line is absolutely fine for all of the machines I have suggested but given the Tria 4X is the best I would go for this one as you get better results especially the bikini line area (due to thicker, more dense hair). I have personally used the Tria on a little bit more than just the standard bikini on a very low setting and I’ve been fine (that is just my experience). Hope that helps!

    • Your welcome. Yes I’ve actually been using the Tria Precision for the last 6 weeks or so. I am doing up a review to upload to the site soon. Overall, it’s a good machine, very similar to the Tria 4X Laser, not so good for whole-body laser hair removal due to shorter battery life (roughly 15-20 mins). Best to use for the face, lip, chin, underarms, bikini and more private areas. I will expand more on it in my write-up :)

  10. I am really glad to glance at this website posts which contains tons of useful information, thanks for
    providing such information.

    • Hi Lisa, about 90,000 flashes, plenty to do you whole body numerous times. You shouldn’t have a problem there at all.

      • Hi Angel, it’s more than enough for your entire body. They didn’t design the device to cut short on anything, it will do your entire body just fine.

    • And after these 90 000 times?? It is NOT so much if the intention is to have the device as ”lifetime” investment. After some times (honestly for me these 90 000 sounds like two times for legs and bikini) have to throw the device with no chance for further use :( Really, this is IMPORTANT fact and should be announced in first place. I was seriously planning to purchase this device and got suspicious about how long it may work. Everywhere as one great plus was mention that it does not need further expenses as no changeable cassettes are necessary, but they actually never mention that device will serve shorter with less flashes included :(

      • Hi Anna. No, your statement is not correct. 90,000 pulses is plenty to make your ENTIRE body HAIR FREE. You will be able to do pretty much unlimited entire body sessions with 90,000 pulses. By the time the pulses run out, you will be hair free anyway, so I am not sure where you got the idea that you can only do it twice on your legs and Brazilian, this is not correct. Women have been using the Tria fortnightly for years… Let me know if you are confused about anything else, I am happy to clear up any uncertainties that you may have. Kind Regards, Gabby

  11. Hello and thank you so much for your awesome reviews. I am searching for a hair removal system after spending ALOT of money for Laser hair treatments in a salon for my underarms and bikini. I now want to do my small facial hairs and legs…but do Not want to spend the $$$ in a salon. I would love to only have to purchase one machine. I have an olive complexion and am wondering if this machine would be suitable for both my legs and face. what are your thoughts?

    • Hi Melissa
      Sure, I would be glad to help and can totally understand where your coming from. It’s so frustrating because you spend a ton of money at laser clinics only to get 1-2 areas of your body treated which is so annoying because once you start on one area you want to keep going on others such as your legs – your totally right! Sure, the Tria is the best machine on the market right now in terms of results and efficiency so you will for sure get the job done with it for both your face and legs. The Tria Laser 4X is also safe to use on your face (cheek line downwards) so that’s fine. Your skin color – just depends on how olive you are. The Tria can work up to a certain ‘brown’ tone, but to give you an indication, I have the Italian olive tone and it works brilliant on me. If you are really brown maybe the Tanda Me Smooth is better. Any other questions, just let me know. Gabrielle.

  12. Hi Gabby,

    Thank you for all the info, your blog has been really insightful.

    I have been for laser/ipl hair removal treatments on my face and underarm and I’ve been for about 15 sessions and I got tired. My hair growth did slow down but I didn’t think that after so many sessions I would have to keep going back every 6 weeks especially considering how much it costed in total!!

    I want to get a machine to use at home.

    Firstly your reviews on this machine stand out by far but my concern is that I have a darker than medium skin tone, I am Indian (from South Africa), I’m not dark but I’m not light, so I’m not sure how to judge if the machine would be effective for me? Any tips you could offer would really help.

    Also, how easy/difficult is it to use the machine?

    Thank you :)

    • Hi Riona
      Thanks for your feedback, I am glad that my site is helpful to you.
      I know how you feel, when I first started out, I think I got up to about 12 sessions on my underarms getting it done professionally and I couldn’t afford it anymore. That was a while ago now so I am thankful for the home based machines.
      For darker skins, choosing the right machine can often be difficult. I try my best helping both women and men out in deciding which is the right machine but it’s only based off my personal experience. So for me, I am olive (so not too dark but not light skin either), in summer I get quite black from tanning in the sun but I don’t do any sessions when I am really tanned as a precaution, I wait for the tan to fade slightly and I use all of the machines fine, including the Tria. The most important thing to consider regarding skin color is the ‘difference in skin color to hair color’ so if you have brown skin and brown hair, the Tria won’t be as effective, but if you have brown skin and black hair (like me), it will work. But just remember, most areas of the body are lighter skin tone like the face, underarms, bikini etc etc will work fine because you will tend to me lighter skin color in these areas. I hope I that helps.
      The Tria is super super easy to use, they all are :) It comes with a comprehensive instruction manual so if you are unsure of anything it’s covered in there including the best way to use it (i.e patterns for treatment areas). Let me know if you have any other questions, thanks again for your feedback, I really appreciate it :)

  13. hi, i was wondering if you know of any lasers that remove hair and available for home use also remove brown spots?


    • Hi Natasha
      There is a laser that is used specifically for anti-aging, the laser machines on my site are specifically for hair removal. I’ve had a few people ask about this, this is the one > Age-Defying Laser. Hope that helps in what you are after. Gabby

  14. Hello I am Arshad,
    i just wanna ask, which machine is suitable for me, i have very much hairs on chest, abdomen, hands(including arms), so i want to make my hairs thin, not remove permanently, i just wanna light hairs, i have very dark and dense hairs now, and also tell me, how long does the machine works, how many treatments it will do, do i need to change the cartridge or not, and is it painless, or it burns the skin or not, coz one of my friend done laser on his beard and his face was burned near chin..

    • Hi Arshad
      Yes as a male you have to be careful using the Tria on facial hair due to the thickness of the hair follicles. It is not recommended (by Tria) to use it on facial hair, a lot of men can’t help themselves and use it SO if you do, just use it on the lowest setting and be patient, don’t get confident and increase to the highest setting. Well you said that you don’t want to remove hair permanently so if so, then you don’t need do many sessions at all, just do a few to make your hairs more sparse. With pain, the first 1-2 sessions may have a rubber band kinda pain to them, after the first 2 sessions you shouldn’t feel anything. It’s not painful and any ‘pain’ you feel lasts for a millisecond and goes straight away. With the Tria – no need to change cartriges (it’s rechargeable) with all other machines – cartridge replacement is needed.

  15. Since the Tria doesnt have the option of using cartridges and only has a set amount of 90,000 pulses/ 30 charges, would that be sufficient to remove hair from almost entire body or would it be more safe to get the Remington so you wouldn’t have to buy another machine to finish the treatments? And what if another person wanted to use the tria machine when I was done? Would the tria have enough pulses left for that person to use.

    • Hi Alex
      That’s correct, the Tria is re-chargeable so no need to buy additional cartridges all the time and yes, that is correct, it is limited to approximately 90,000 pulses. You should be able to treat the whole body for sure with 90,000 pulses and yes a friend can use it too (although not recommended for hygiene reasons if you intend to use it on more private areas of the body). Although a lot of people, including me, love the fact that its re-chargeable, a lot of people find it annoying and would rather spend the extra money on cartridges, so the Remington, yes is a good alternative, keep in mind that you can get one of the more advanced Remington where you can pay a little more upfront but the cartridges last longer such as the pro pulse or the Remington Quartz (with the Quartz – each cartridges lasts about 30,000 pulses v 1,500 flashes of the normal Remington). As you can see, it’s depends on person to person what you prefer. Regards, Gabby

  16. I noticed you kept saying “from the cheek down”. I have facial hair on the side of my face. Like sideburns. Can it be used there?

    • Hi Ami
      For females – yes the sideburns are fine (just cannot use the Tria under the eyes) but upper lip, sideburns, chin are all fine :)

  17. Just discovered your blog. Very interested in the Tria laser. I’m african-american, medium toned, would the Tria work for me. If not, can you offer a suggestion or will Tria develop a laser that can be utilized on darker complexions

    • Hi Marie
      I surely do hope Tria invents a laser for dark skin tones, I am waiting for it every day, many darker skin tones are requesting it so I am assuming it is not that far off. I wouldn’t suggest the Tria on african american skin tone, I would suggest this Tanda machine, although a little slower, it is really your only option at this point > Tanda Me Smooth or the NEW model which has just been released this month > Tanda Pro Ultra. Let me know if you have any other questions, Gabby.

  18. Hi gabby,,
    Thanks for your reply,
    I think TRIA has very small head, so its very time consuming, and it’s rechargeable, so it wouldn’t last longer for long sessions,,, would you prefer Silk’n sensepil or remington ipl for me, i mean how many flashes it delivers on a cartridge? will it be effective or not?? Plz tell me the best rather than TRIA.. I dont want to use TRIA…
    One more thing i like to say that, I am from INDIA, so i want safe buying, i mean, i have read in amazon, that it doesnt include warranty… is that true??

    • Hi Arshad
      For sure, it all comes down to personal preference. If you are Indian and you have dark skin, dark hair, I would recommend the Tanda > Elos (this new machine made by Tanda – similar to the one I have reviewed on the site but WAY better – released this month where you get about 150,000 pulses per cartridge!!) Otherwise, the Remington Quartz machine, you pay a little more upfront but the cartridges last a LONG time so costs less overall. The machines should include a warranty for sure so maybe you didn’t read right? Thanks Gabby

      • hii gabby,
        thnx for ur reply
        i have fair skin and darker hairs,, i just wanna but among remington ipl6000 or silk’n sensepil… ????which is better and best?

      • Hi again Arshad
        I would say the Remington ipl6000 for you. Or even if you want to get better results, go for the remington pro plus (one version higher than the ipl6000) which can have better results. Same machine but more cost effective in the end. (This is the Pro Plus machine – Remington IPL6000P)

  19. Is it safe to use laser on genitals (dark skin, dark hair)? If so, what do you recommend ive heard about tria, philips, tria precision not sure what works well

    • Hi Patricia
      It is not recommended by the company itself to use the machine on the genitals, this is because the skin is extremely sensitive and the hair is a lot thicker. In saying this, you are fine to use it to bikini line and slightly more than that. Anything extreme is not recommended. Me personally, I have used it on the first setting only and I wouldn’t go any higher as you need to be cautious. That’s correct, the Tria Precision is quite good, another machine manufactured by Tria. I’m using it at the moment and about to post up a review for the site. For my readers – until I post up a review, this is it > Precision. Any other questions, do let me know. Regards, Gabby

  20. Just thought I would leave a comment to say thanks for all your help, your amazing for taking the time to help people out. I bought my Tria about a month ago after I came here and I can’t stop raving about it. Thanks!

  21. hey
    im male with fair-medium skin and very dark hair… what good device recommended to me? can i use tria on my facial hair ? i want effective device for full body >>> thank you Gabby

    • Hi Haitham
      Good news is that you have the perfect skin / hair color combination. The company that manufactures the Tria advice that men shouldn’t use the device on their face for precaution. IN SAYING THIS, I have seen a lot of men use it on their face. If you do, you just need to make sure you use it on a very low setting. Apart from that, another machine that is effective for whole body including face is the Tanda Machine, you can see the link to the review on my site, or the newest model has been released here.

  22. Hi there.
    I’m trying to decide between buying a Philips lumea or a Tria for my myself. I’m a beige skin-toned female, with dark brown hair. I live outside the US. Could you please tell me :
    1. If Tria, due to its laser technology, would have more permanent results compared to Philips Lumea (IPL)?

    2. If Tria works on dual voltage, as we have 220 V here?

    Having read horror stories about Tria units breaking down often, and their customer service being poor, I feel it’s too much risk ordering it online all the way here. There’s no tria service available internationally.
    Philips on the other hand has global warranty and service centers.
    My sister uses lumea and she swears by it. She had some dark hair on her chin, which are gone now, thanks to lumea.
    So if the permanency of results is the same, I’d go for Philips, or perhaps Remington to keep myself protected against any breakdowns etc. Your thoughts please?

    • Hi Saima
      Again, I apologize for the late reply, thanks for messaging me on my email but don’t worry, I am back online now so ask any questions you want :) Great news for you is that because you have biege skin and dark hair, you will have great results with pretty much any machine. However, the better the machine, the quicker and better results you will get. I am not sure where you read about the poor Tria service, they are one of leading companies in hair removal/laser technology and laser devices, they are one of the leaders in the industry. All I know is that if you live outside the US, you probably won’t be able to get it shipped to you. Tria (from what I know) only ship to a selected few countries but it comes up on Amazon if you want to check anyway. So basically, if they ship to you, they will honor warranty and service inquiries.In regards to breakdowns, I haven’t heard that breakdowns are a regular occurrence. I’ve been surrounded by these machines, doing research for years now and I’ve heard the odd few breakdowns but that happens with everything. I wouldn’t be too worried. So the conclusion on what machine I could suggest for you – you need to go with a machine you feel comfortable with, that is the ultimate way to decide as each machine appeals to everyone differently. You may want to go with the Philips because as you say your sister has it and it works good, but then again, maybe going for a different machine you will see the results may be better and you can compare them?? My advice for you, either of the machines that you have suggested are great. Not sure if you are referring to this Philips Lumea – SC1981/50 or another model? Remington is good also, either the one I have reviewed on the site or the better versions which give better results, either Pro Plus or the Quartz (this is the Pro Plus I am talking about – here) If you are unsure about anything else, let me know. I am back online so happy to answer any of your questions. Gabby

  23. I’ve been looking into hair removal for a while, and I can’t find a lot of information about nipple hair removal, would the tria 4x be fine for it on a low setting? There’s only a small amount so I’m guessing it wouldn’t take a lot of time for it to disappear?

    • Hi Stephanie
      Thanks for your question, it’s a good one and I am sure a lot of women are wondering the same question (but too scared or shy to ask). It’s actually quite common. Based on the manufacturers of all the home laser hair removal machines on my site and all the ones that I have researched on the market today, all of the instruction manuals, they tell customers not to use the machine on the nipples. This is because the skin is very sensitive in this area. Apart from the manufacturer advising not to use it on the nipples, I have done my own research and there is quite a few women that actually do it (on the lowest setting) and they are quite relieved and happy with the results. It’s up to you, just proceed with caution. Good luck, Gabby

  24. Hello Gabby
    I’ve found your posts very informative. I’m male & I shave my head. I’ve heard about permanent hair removal but figured it would cost thousands of dollars, so I done a search to buy my own equitment. I read about the tria & was suprised At the price of only 450.00 from what I’ve read on your posts this is kind of high. Anyway could this be the solution, I mean can it work for the head? I have light skin & my hair is dark brown probably more fine than medium in thickness. Also I here about the 90,000 pulses it sounds like this is the life expectancy of the machine provided it will work for what I want would I have to invest in another machine? I would like to do my head some thick but not corse neck hair & a few chest hairs. Could this be my shaving solution?
    Thank You & Blessed Be!!!

    • Hi Will
      Thanks for your feedback! Ok, permanent hair removal does cost thousands, that’s if you go off to a salon or clinic to get it done. Tria is one of the most expensive machines at 450.00 but like you said, a few years ago, these machines were around 900.00-1,200.00 each so the prices have come down quite a bit. The best thing is that the machines will work for you because you have light skin and dark brown hair so that is great! You will be fine with 90,000 pulses to do the areas that you are wanting, it’s more than enough.The Tria sure is a solution to shaving that is for sure. As a male, please just be extra careful with using it on your neck, use it on a very very low setting and use a test patch first. Not sure if you are wanting to use it on your head hair? Chest hairs it will work brilliantly! Let me know if you have any other questions, Gabby

  25. Hi
    Is it ok if the Tria 4X is shared by 4 or 5 girls? Also u have mentioned that it has 90,000 pulses. Does that mean that it is of no use once all d pulses r over??

    • Hi Ayesha
      By answering your question, I will tell you what Tria advises and my personal opinion. Tria advises that the machine not be used between different people. I believe they say this because of hygiene reasons. I wouldn’t recommend any of your friends use it on personal areas or areas such as the underarms etc for hygiene. The great thing is that because it has the skin tone sensor, you can use it with a few of your friends. Hope that helps, Gabby

      • Thanks alot for your reply. And what abt the it of no use once the 90,000 pulses are over??

      • Hi again
        Your welcome. That’s correct. It runs out at 90,000 pulses but that is a heaps and heaps of pulses which you probably wont ever get to. Otherwise you go with on of the other machines but they come with cartridges which you need to constantly buy. Good luck :)

  26. Hi Gabby,
    I still live with my two younger sisters and we’re all around the 17-19 mark, and were thinking of investing in one of these Tria Hair removals to share, for our underarms and legs. Would it be sufficient for three young women to use and see good results?

    • Hi Alanah
      Sure, you could definitely share the Tria, it’s one of the best machines so you will get good results from it.On average, you need around 600 pulses for your legs but remember, after each session you will need dramatically less and less pulses because there is a lot less hair. You won’t need to use it as often and you will use it for less time. A great way to buy it if you can share the cost, good idea :) Gabby

  27. Hi Gabrielle

    I have read all the comments but have not heard anyone ask how this machine works on grey hair. I am older now and dealing with unwanted chin hair that is mostly grey. Will the Tria work on this hair? I’m also of a medium skin tone that tans very easily. My body hair including my chin hairs are both grey and blonde.
    Thanks in advance for your response

    • Hi Diana
      Good question! There is a few women that have asked me about how to permanently remove grey hairs and whether home laser hair removal machines work on them. Good news is that you can remove grey hair, the not so good news is that with the Tria 4X Laser you can’t. For grey hair and blonde as you mentioned, the Tanda machine is the best for you, either the one reviewed on my site, here or the newest 2014 model called the Pro Ultra here. It works on grey hairs and blonde hairs. Your skin color is fine also. Hope that helps, Gabby

  28. Thank you for your great advice. I have fair skin, I want to target bikini and face.I like the sound of the tria 4x . Problem, I have a lot of long fair hairs on my face which I’m reluctant to shave, I’ve heard that the philips luminiere will treat blond hair without shaving, is this true, is this something I could do with the tria? Or is the philips a good machine for me instead?

  29. Hi gabby. I loved your review. I was going to buy the nono pro5 but I think I may go for this instead. Do you know what the difference is between them? Apart from the price!! How does it work? Do you just glide the machine up ur leg or do u hold it in one spot then move on? And is there any pain? I used an epilator once and nearly hut the roof!
    This seems amazing for bikini and further in area. No more waxes!!

    Thanks :)

    • Hi Rebecca
      Your welcome :) To be completely honest, I tried one of the early models of the nono range and it was a waste of time for me. I jumped straight onto laser/ipl hair removal machines because they are what they are – they reduce hair permanently compared to the nono which did absolute zilch. I’ve only read a little bit about the nono pro5 that you are talking about but by what I’ve read, it’s not even considered ‘laser or ipl’ technology, it has it’s own type of thermicon technology using hot blades?? so I am not so confident in that it will produce any results if not at all?!? With the Tria 4x laser it is very simple to use, you hold it in one spot, the light flashes then you move to the next spot and the light flashes. That’s it until you cover the area that you wish to remove hair from. To begin with you may have a slight pain but its not ‘painful’, you just need to get used to it. The ‘pain’ sorta feeling decreases after each time as you have less hair that are getting penetrated. NO!!! Using an epilator is way way MORE painful – I totally agree, I did it once when I was younger and never again, using an epilator is overated! These laser/ipl hair removal machines are no way painful like using an epilator so don’t worry :) If you have a concern about your pain threshold, I wrote an article on numbing creams and calming creams (see here) so maybe consider one? Regards, Gabby :)

  30. Gabby,

    I have light skin and mostly blonde hair. The hair I want to remove is my happy trail, bikini line, and around my nipples. This hair is dark, almost black. Will the Tria4X work? Will it also remove my peach-fuzz blonde hairs? I like my blonde hairs and don’t really want to loose them.
    I might also do my underarms. Will I need more than one device?

    • Hi Caitlin
      Would be glad to answer your questions for you. The Tria 4X Laser will work on your hair color because it is black and you should get great results because you have light skin. However the Tria 4X Laser does not work on blonde hairs, so if you don’t want lose your blonde hairs then you have no worries with the Tria 4X. For all the areas that you mentioned the Tria 4X is a great device, even the underarms. You don’t necessarily need more than one device, a lot of people like to get a second device for larger body areas such as the full legs/arms/stomach etc etc. Hope this helps, any other questions, let me know. Gabby

  31. Hi, i am a man with a lot of black hair on my back, can i use tria on back and is one device with limited pulse number enough for a full hairy back treatment? is there any better device for a hairy male back and chest?

    • Say, another question. Can tria apply on back with keloid scars remaining from acne and does it affect keloid scars or not?

      • Hi Hamed
        Thanks for your comments, I would be happy to answer your questions. The Tria 4X Laser is safe to use on a male’s back. The Tria does have approx. 90,000 pulses/flashes, this is plentiful to fully remove your back hair. In regards to your keloid scars, the manufacturer’s don’t suggest using any of the devices on moles or darker skin but I think you should be ok on keloid scars. I don’t have them myself but if you are unsure, you should do a test patch and see how you go, I think you should be fine. If you are looking for another machine to use on your chest hairs and back hairs, maybe consider the Remington (but maybe the top line Remington model – the IPL6000 Quartz). It produces better results, especially for thicker male body hair. Any other questions, feel free to let me know. Thanks, Gabby

  32. Hi. I would like to ask you this machine can work for the face too ? And how many treatments for the body areas? thank you

    • Hi Rene
      Yes the Tria 4X laser can be used for the face.The number of treatments will vary from person to person and is dependent on a number of things such as hair thickness, hair color, skin color and whether you follow the treatments properly etc. You will see drastic results within the first few treatments and each treatment you will notice a big difference. The number of treatments for the hair to completely disappear on each body area is hard to say. Regards, Gabby

  33. I’m thinking about buying the tria 4x mainly for upper lip hair. I am fair skinned and very dark hair and I have pcos soon have quite a bit of hair. I’m concerned with having to shave and then use it. Does the hair fall out right away or will I have a shadow until it does? Thanks

    • Hi Carrie
      Thanks for your comment. Great choice with the Tria 4x laser for the upper lip – totally agree and you will have great results with your dark hair color and light skin color. I can understand what PCOS is like, my sister actually has PCOS and we noticed the hair growth about 1 year ago. When it comes to shaving, there is no other option, you need to shave, and yes, that means on your face too. You need to shave to get the permanent hair free results that laser and IPL machines offer. The hair falls out at all different stages so some will fall out straight away, others may take more treatments.You shouldn’t be concerned with the shadow, you will be doing treatments every 2 weeks with the Tria 4X laser so it won’t be a problem. Regards, Gabby

  34. oi,

    por gentileza, eu moro no brasil, estou querendo comprar e pedir para entregar para um amigo na california, para ele me mandar…

    mas tenho uma duvida, no site eu nao encontrei se ele é bivolt?

    voce sabe qual a voltagem dele? se eu comprar um de 220v, posso usar adaptador para transformar 110v para 220v?


    • oi Paula
      Obrigado pelo seu comentário . Tentei traduzir de Inglês para Português , então eu espero que seja ok :) Ótima pergunta ! A Tria é bom para usar com 100V-240V assim você deve ser fino. graças Gabby

      (Paula’s comment translated –
      hi ,
      please , I live in Brazil , I am looking to buy and ask to give to a friend in california for him to send me …
      but I have a doubt , I have not found the site if it is dual voltage ?
      you know what voltage it ? if I buy a 220v adapter can use to transform 110v to 220v ?
      Thank you …

      My (Gabby) response translated:
      Hi Paula
      Thanks for your comment. I’ve tried to translate from English to Portuguese so I hope it’s ok :) Great question! The Tria is fine to use with 100v-240v so you should be fine. Thanks Gabby

  35. Hi There!

    I Noticed You Referenced Blonde And Grey Hair Above, But I Have Fair Skin With Dark Red Hair. I Also Have PCOS (With Course Facial Hair) And Have Tried Everything From Electrolysis To Lasers (Several Years Ago). Which At Home Laser Would You Recommend For Me?


    • Hi Renny
      Thanks for your messages, I did receive both and I am happy to answer them now for you :) In regards to trying to permanently remove red body hair, unfortunately, you cannot use the Tria 4X Laser on red hair color, it will not work as it’s not designed for any other hair color except black and brown. For red hair color, you have a few options, there is the Remington I-Light Pro (which I have reviewed on the site here) or the upgraded Remington Quartz (this one), same machine made by Remington but more effective. You will need to be patient with red hair, it can take a little longer compared to having black/brown hair. There is also the Tanda Me Smooth machine, as per my review (here) or the newest 2014 model released a couple of months back. These hair removal machines all are effective for red hair. Hope that helps, Gabby.

  36. Hi
    i live in Pakistan(Asian). i have had 6 sittings of IPL laser from a clinic on my chin and neck area. hair growth is reduced (upto 60%) but still i have black hair on my neck and chin area. my skin color is quite fair(not like English people but still fair) and my hair are jet black.
    what do you think will suit me more ipl or laser? as i already had ipl settings but it did not work best for me(upto 90%) . should i try laser appliance now ? can you recommend best laser/ipl hair removal home appliance for me? and from where i can order it ?

    i never order anything before from internet . i want to order now Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X. Can you please help and explain me from where i can order this .(i don’t have a credit card and credit cards don’t work here in Pakistan) so will i have to pay after delivery? will it be cash on delivery?? help me please. really need to buy it!!

    • Hi Komal
      Sure, I can try and help you out the best I can. So you have black hair and fair skin, the best hair removal machine is the Tria 4x Laser like you stated above. The only place I can suggest to buy the Tria 4X Laser is through amazon (here) because a lot of readers on my site are international and amazon ships to a lot of places around the world.To be honest, I am not sure how you are going to do it without a credit card, maybe there might be other payment options or maybe even cash of delivery?? I am not sure, if you go through the steps and order it, it will come up with payment options and you can see from there.Just try go through the order process and see because I am really not sure how it works in your country.Anyway, hope that helps a little,try and see how you go. Good luck! Gabby

  37. Hi gabby! First, i’d like to say a great THANK YOU because i’ve been looking for a blog like yours for a lot of time without finding it! You test the products of which you talk about on yourself, and no one else does it. So thank you!
    Then i’d like to ask something (i hope you’ll understand my english, i’m italian): if i well understood, the tria has 90’000 pulses, and you said that these are enough to complete a whole-body treatment; but I read somewhere else that in every case the hair removal treatments need some kind of maintainance, so there’s not a real end to the treatment, even if at some point you’ll need to do it not very often; so my question is: isn’t more convenient to buy a product that has the possibility of changing the cartidge, seeing the investment in a long-lasting perspective? Or perhaps 90’000 pulses are so numerous that you’ll have to buy the product again, for example, two or three times in a lifetime? Sorry but i have absolutely no instinct in figuring out big numbers, so i cant understand at all how much 90’000 pulses can ACTUALLY be. Then i’m only 24, so i’d need something very long lasting, and i’m not exactly rich, so if i spend such a great amount of money i have to be sure i’ll be satisfied :)
    For now thank you for your useful informations and for your blog, i’ll wait for your answer, totally trusting you!
    P.s. A lot of months have passed since you first talked about the tria, does it still work?

  38. Hi gabby! First i’d like to say you thank you, because no one else in internet has done such a great work explaining so well the various kinds of ipl and laser epilators as you did! I’ve looking for a blog lile this for YEARS!
    Then I’d like to ask you something, because i’m quite young and not exactly rich, so i’d be happy to spend such a great amount of money, but I have to be sure of the fact that i’ll be sarisfied of this expense. In fact I heard that this kind of treatments aren’t really permanent: they can have marvellous results, but they’ll always need a maintainance; so my question is: is it worth to spend for a product that garantee you only a limitate amount of pulses (even if 90’000) instead of one for which you can buy cartidges without needing to re-buy the whole thing? Or perhaps 90’000 are so much that by buying one only machine you cover years of treatment, even only to mantain it, and so it is actually cheaper to buy the tria? I’m sorry but my imagination is completely useless in figuring out great numbers, so i have absolutely no idea of how much 90’000 actually are.
    However I hope that my english is understandable because i’m italian :)
    I’d like to make clear the fact that quality is absolutely the most relevant thing to me, i just wanted to know if it was worth to afford such an expense :)
    Again, thank you a lot and i’ll wait for your advices totally trusting you

    • Hi Marta
      I think you may have left 2 comments on the site so I have read both and here are my responses.
      Thank you for your lovely comments, that is very nice of you and your English is perfectly fine, I could understand everything you wrote so don’t worry :)
      Laser hair removal and IPL hair removal IS PERMANENT, however, you need to keep in mind that it’s not permanent after only 1 treatment/session (you need to do as many sessions for yourself to get rid of the hair permanently). If anyone expects that 1 session will get rid of the hair permanently, than they are misinformed about laser/ipl. The reason for this is because our hair grows at different stages, each individual hair is at a completely different stage of growth and laser/ipl only works when the hair is at the right growth stage to get penetrated and dies. So if you the proper pre-treatment such as shaving and post treatment such as keeping up the sessions at the right cycles and shaving in between (amount others) then YES IT IS PERMANENT :) If you something naughty like wax or pluck then don’t expect permanent results because you are not following the procedures properly. In regards to maintenance, they don’t always need maintenance. The ‘maintenance’ involved may be 1-2 sessions per year (if that!) and this can happen for many reasons. If you carry out the sessions properly you may not need to do maintenance – it all depends on each person. I don’t see this as a problem at all.
      I understand your confusion regarding the Tria’s 90,000 pulses thing. A lot of people contact me and need help so don’t worry you are not the only one. Basically, Tria developed the Tria 4X laser with 90,000 pulses as this is plenty of pulses to do your whole body without the need to buy cartridges etc. For some people, this may not be enough but I would believe this is on rare cases. Remember, the Tria is the most effective machine out of all the machines, so you shouldn’t need to use it as much as the others. It all comes down to whether you would prefer a handheld machine without the need for replacement cartridges or a machine that requires cartridges replacement and may take longer to see results.
      I believe these machines are definitely worth it, I swear by them. Although I live in Australia, I come from Italian parents and I have lots of body hair and I have been battling the body hair all my life. Hence, these machines have made my life a lot easier.
      I hope that helps and if you don’t understand anything, let me know and I’ll try and help you out.
      Regards, Gabby

  39. I’m a 47 year old male who’s recently started shaving my chest. To my surprise I’ve discovered that some of my hair follicles have more than one hair coming out, generally there are 2 hairs and sometimes 4 hairs out of one follicle. Will this be an issue with the Tria 4x (how about the IPL devices)?


    • Hi Simon
      Thanks for leaving a comment. Really, it’s no surprise at all and it’s not a male thing either, males and females can have more than 1 hair coming out of each hair follicle so its completing normal but I must say in 99.9% of males, this is the case. This will not be an issue with any of these devices, you will have excellent results with any of these machines. The Tria works wonders though :) Regards, Gabby

  40. Thanks so much for the review, definitely helped make my mind up! This next question may be a little ridiculous however here goes..

    I’ve had numerous sittings for laser treatments and have been super impressed with the results and the reason for me looking into buying a home kit is because I’m about to set off on a rather long holiday around the world and would love to have this kind of device on hand. Do you think that it’s possible that airport X-Ray scanning technology could potentially damage the effectiveness of the laser? I’ve read that it has the potential to damage camera film and that it’s best to take that kind of thing through carry-on baggage rather than checked in baggage as the X-ray signals are much less?

    But in saying all this I’m just realising that the Tria would go through many x-ray checks if its getting shipped internationally etc?

    Any help is appreciated! I may contact Tria directly as well.


    • Hi Andrea
      Thanks for your comment and I must say, I’ve never had this question before but it’s an excellent question. To tell you the truth I wouldn’t have any idea but from my personal point of view here is a few things to think about. 1. The machines get shipped globally anyway and go through x-ray scanners. 2. The Tria because it’s a hand held device is popular for people that travel a lot so basically I don’t think you have anything to worry about. I would love to hear from you if you find anything else out as other people may want to know the same thing. Happy holidays and safe traveling (lucky you!) Regards, Gabby

    • Hi Andrea
      I am just messaging all my fellow Australian friends and readers on here about some new developments that I have received regarding shipping to Australia for the Tria 4x laser. Online you will see that you are unable to ship but I can send you some updated details as a reader of mine in order to get the Tria shipped to Australia successfully. Let me know if you are interested and I can send you the details :) Happy holidays and festive season :) Regards, Gabby

      • Hi Gabby,
        thanks for the great blog! I also live in Australia and I’m looking to buy a Tria. I am having the same problem though, the website doesn’t have a shipping option to Australia. Are you able to give me the details on how to order it here please?
        thank you :)

      • Hi Irene
        I confirm I received this comment and also your email. I replied to your email yesterday with some instructions to assist you with :)
        Hope that helps you out, just email me back if you have any more questions/issues.

      • Hi Gabby, Like many other Aussies I am wanting to purchase a Tria 4X but couldn’t get ti shiiped to Australia. Are you able to send me details of how to overcome this obstacle? Many Thanks, Charlene

      • Hi Charlene
        Sure, no problem at all!
        This is for all my Australian readers on how to get delivery of the Tria x to Australia.
        The only place you can buy the Tria 4x is from here. You will also need to sign up to Australia Posts Shopmate system here: (its free). This means you can purchase anything from the US like you live there :). Shopmate will give you a US based address (this is Australia Post’s actual warehouse in the US). You need to input this address that Shopmate gives you as the delivery address. It gets shipped to the Australia Post warehouse and on-forwarded to you in Australia. To be on the safe side, I pay for signature on delivery for a small fee which is detailed in the shopmate system once you sign-up (overall, the service is very reasonably priced). The whole process should take roughly between 15 to 18 days. I had one reader in Perth receive after 18 days, another in Sydney after 12 days (that’s total shipping time from the time of order, so really not that bad at all considering its coming from the US)
        Also, my personal email is in the contact section if you want more help or encounter any difficulties, I don’t mind you sending me an email at all.
        Kind Regards

  41. Hi Gabby. I am looking at buying the Tria 4. I am basically buying for facial hair so also looked at the Tria P. Having the option to do larger areas is really tempting. I am just concerned that the 4 will not be as precise around small areas, such as under the nose. Is there a “facial” attachment for the 4? Or should I just go ahead and get the Tria P ? Its a big investment and don’t want to make a mistake. Thanks so much

    • Hi Katherine
      Nice to hear from you again after a few months, hope you are doing great :) Personally, go for the Tria 4x Laser above the Tria P. You can’t go wrong with it at all. Yes, that is exactly right, you will be tempted for sure to do other body areas and you are better to invest the money in the Tria 4x Laser with the option to do other body areas than not have the option at all and you’ll be spending the money anyway. The Tria 4X Laser doesn’t have a ‘facial attachment’ but you don’t need one because the tip as you can see is not as big as other machines, it’s honestly perfect for what you are after, works excellent on the face (it’s safe to use on the face which is important), works great on the upper lip and get’s inside the edges of the nose. Hope that helps! Regards, Gabby

  42. I am looking for a laser product for my daughter. She currently has to use a steroid cream to keep razor bumps off of her upper legs. I want her off of the steroid cream ASAP. I am worried that the Tria will take too long for legs due to the smaller head. In my research I have noticed that the Remington Products IPL6000 Remington iLIGHT Pro Plus Quartz Hair Removal System is an updated version of the Remington IPL6000USA I-Light Pro. Do you have any knowledge on the Remington Quartz? Thank you so very much!

    • Hi Heather,
      Oh that sound’s terrible the fact that your daughter has to use a steroid cream for razor bumps. I know how painful and irritating they can be, prior to doing laser hair removal, I had painful ingrown hairs and bumps from my sensitive skin and because I am of Italian background I used to have thick and coarse body hair. It would happen for both waxing and shaving so I could never avoid it. I never used a cream though and I agree, I would try my hardest to get off the cream too. Once your daughter starts using a machine these issues should go :)
      Totally understand how you feel about the Tria, it does have smaller head than the other machines. What I tell most of my readers is that it’s a tradeoff between the machines because the Tria is way better than the Remington but a smaller surface area. What you need to remember is that after each and every session, the hair growth is drastically reduced so you don’t end up taking as long as the first time that you do it. You are 100% correct, the Remington Quartz is the upgraded/newer/more effective/long lasting cartridges than the basic Remington i-Light. I do know about the Quartz and I would suggest it over the basic Remington i=light, only if the budget permits, as the Remington Quartz not far behind the Tria and worth the extra money on top of the Remington i-light for sure (you save less in the future anyway because the cartridges last longer). Also, if your daughter does have sensitive skin, I would look into getting calming creams as well – I have written a post about them here: creams
      Regards, Gabby

      • Thank you so very much for your response. Ironically my husband is Italian so my daughter being 1/2 Italian is probably more like you in terms of coloring. I plan on buying the Tria 4x next month for her. Fingers crossed! :)

  43. Hi I’m very exited to buy Tria 4x but I have question that I travel a lot to India and Canada can I use this tool in different voltage . What is the solution to use ?
    Please help,
    Thank you .

    • Hi Dave
      For sure, it has a voltage range of 100-240v, you just need to make sure you buy a travel adapter and your safe to go :)

  44. Hi Gabby,

    This is very interesting, i’ve tried to use the sensepil a couple of years back and i don’t think it worked at all so i stopped.

    I’m a guy with quite lots of hair and i’m fine with hair on my legs but chest and back is very annoying and want to get rid of it. They’re quite dark and thick hairs so i think it will work fine.

    But my question is, i want to decide whether Tria or Remington. Do you have any article that compares this two? Which would you recommend for me? I think i’m okay with spending a bit more time on one if it have better results than the other so for me the priority is the one with better results.

    Thanks a lot

    • Hi Otto
      Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. Sure I would be glad to help! I don’t have a side by side comparison with the Remington and Tria, I will do one shortly as it seems to be a very common question.
      Basically, because you are a guy with thick hair, if you go with the Remington, you need to be looking at the Remington Quartz (not the basic Remington i-light pro). It’s the best Remington has on offer when it comes to permanent hair removal and more on the same level as the Tria 4x laser.
      So between the Remington Quartz and the Tria, the Tria has the better technology and more effective technology (it’s based on a diode laser beam which has faster/effective results – kinda imitates salon results). The only downside with the Tria is that it has a smaller laser head and because you want to treat quite large areas of the body such as the back and chest, it will take you quite a bit of time to treat these areas (however, it is important to note that it may take longer for the first 1-3 treatments but as you notice with more treatments, you have less hair growth so it doesn’t end up taking that long after all).
      As you can see the Remington Quartz has a large surface laser which you can do your chest and back quicker, however you might just find that you may need quite a few more treatments in comparison to the Tria to see the results. It’s one of those things you need to weigh up what’s more important to you. Any other questions, just let me know, hope that helps you decide anyway, Gabby

      • Hi Gabby,

        Thanks for the support. Since Tria is stronger and will yield faster results, i guess i’ll go with that one. As i don’t mind spending more time on it if it delivers more quicker and permanent result.

        Thanks again

    • Dark skin – black thick hair.
      What is the best product to use – I’ve heard about Precision but one has to shave. The is hard to do on and around the scrotum.
      Please advise. Thanks much!

      • Hi Nick
        The manufacturers advise people not to use these machines on genitalia, anus etc however, most people that buy these machines use them on areas your not supposed to however, take extra caution!!! Be careful in these areas as the hair is thicker and the skin is more sensitive so more reason for skin problems, use on lowest setting and advisable to do a test patch the day before.
        Just to let you know also, with any of the machines, to get the best results, you really do need to shave beforehand. You need the hair to be at the surface of the skin, no longer and no shorter so shaving is the best prior if you want to see no hair quicker. Precision is good for the more sensitive areas just depending on how dark your skin is, if you are very dark it will not be as effective, hence for very dark skin, maybe consider the Tanda machine (& the NEW Tanda machine here). Hope this helps, Gabby.

  45. Can the Tria (or Remmington) be used on back hair and arm hair. Light skin, dark brown hair? If so, which would you recommend? Thanks for all your responses and help!

    • Hi Elaine, both the Tria and Remington can be used on back hair and arm hair with light skin and brown hair. You will have good results with both. My recommendation is this, the Tria 4x is more effective however the Remington has a bigger laser point so for larger body areas such as the back and arms, this may be more beneficial. If you are wanting to do smaller areas such as the face or sensitive areas, the Tria is better. I know, it can be confusing but personal preference. The only thing I would recommend is going for the upgraded Remington machine, the Remington Quartz. Regards, Gabby

  46. i have had a couple of sessions at a professional salon, and i have good results, but i would prefer to do a home treatment for the rest of the body, will that be ok using the tria 4x after the salon treatment? and u said the device will be of no use after the 90,000 flashes, will there be any indication when it reaches that point, so that i know i won’t be able use it anymore ? And does it work well on black but thin hair? like on arms and face, my hair is black but no coarse. Thank you

    • Hi Nerman, Great questions! Yes the Tria 4X laser will work on fine black hair, your hair doesn’t have to be coarse for it to work, it’s the color of the hair that the laser penetrates. That’s correct, the Tria 4x laser lasts for 90,000 pulses which is plenty!!! To give you an idea, they estimate that it takes approximately 2,000-3,000 pulses to do FULL BODY hair removal so doing every area of your body. These means, that you will get approx. 60 full body sessions, which if you do it every 2 weeks, it will last 2.5 years which is absolutely enough. So if you don’t do it every 2 weeks on all areas of the body, you get the idea how long it can actually last for! It is honestly plentiful. To also make a comparison with other machines, other machines normally need cartridge replacement every 1,500 flashes. The cartridge costs approx. $30 each time so if you add up the cost of cartridge replacement you will see you are gaining more with the Tria 4x. Some things to think about but when it comes to working on black hair on your face and arms, it will work great.

  47. Hello,I wonder which machine will do the job for me,I’m medium skin tone with dark hair,coarse on legs and sensitive areas,and medium on others. I’m afraid tria isn’t suitable for sensitive areas,is that right?

    • Hi Eman
      No, Tria is perfect for sensitive areas, both the Tria machines are the best in the market right now for all over body hair removal including face, body and sensitive areas. If you have dark coarse hair, it will have great results for you.

  48. I have black hair. Also I live in Australia and Thailand. I’m searching how to order online and get it shipped to either Australia or Thailand too. Thanks for your help. :)

    • Hi Tim
      Sure, I mentioned in a previous comment that the Tria looks like you can’t get it shipped to Aus but you can, when you buy from Amazon and using shopmate system. You just need to signup ‘shop mate’ system and buy on amazon as usual using the details from your shop mate signup. Email me if you have any questions, my personal email is under ‘contact’ on the site and I can guide you through. Regards, Gabby

  49. Hi Gabby, very interesting views! Im a level 4 qualified beauty therapist, and want to offer my clients more treatments, what machine do u think i can buy for clients.. I have had laser done on myself, and sure has worked. My last leg treatment was in Aug 2014, i havent used anything since cos nothing grew back! Please reply Gabby

    Many thanks

      • Ok thanks Gabby, and how many shots would i be able to use and how often would i need to change? I have been in touch with Pulsar, (made some enquiries) and their machine is for £12000!!

      • Hi Shamila

        I think I may have mis-understood your question, are you wanting a machine to use on your clients? I thought you were recommending a machine for them to use after your treatments as maintenance? I wouldn’t use the Tria if you are wanting to use on your clients, I would go for a more heavy duty machine. If you are wanting a machine to use on your clients, let me know, I can recommend a good few that will cost a bit but no way near the £12000 you have been quoted. Sorry about the mix-up. Gabby

  50. Hi, Gabby, thanks for all the work you’ve done. I am a male with a bit of a stranger problem. I had a hair transplant to the frontal area of my head. I am going now more bald and need to remove this hair. it’s very embarrassing. Is there a product one can safely use on this area?? Also, my skin is of a light brown/olive Italian color and my hair dark black. I look forward to your reply and thank you in advance.

    • Hi Marco, thanks for contacting me. I wish I could help you more but unfortunately, none of the machines out there that are manufactured for laser or ipl hair removal at home are safe to use on the area that you mentioned. None of the manufactures (especially Tria who are the safest for hair removal on sensitives areas of the body such as the face) they don’t recommend using the products above the cheek-line, hence I wouldn’t recommend using it on the frontal area of your head. However, in saying this, it’s completely up to you. I wish I had more info on this but unfortunately I don’t and I believe there is not a product that would be recommended to use it on your forehead there but I mean you can try your best and use on a really low setting and do a test patch first?!? It’s up to you though, I would be extremely careful. Best of luck, Gabby

  51. Hi Gabby,

    Read your article and a lot of your comments. Lots of great info, but I figured I would ask my question anyway and get a personal response.

    I’ve gotten professional laser treatments on my legs. While my lower legs are seeing what seem to be permanent results, I’m getting some regrowth of dark hair on my inner thighs. I thought about getting more treatments, but it’s so much more cost effective to get my own device. My goal will be to treat my thighs and my underarms. I’m debating between the Tria 4X and the Remington Quartz, because my understanding is that they offer the most permanent results. I’m leaning toward the Quartz because needing to recharge the Tria seems inconvenient. How different is the size of the head? Would treatments with the Quartz be significantly faster? And would it still be small enough to do my underarms?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Gina
      No problem at all, I would be glad to help :)
      Definitely, I completely agree with you, starting with laser treatments and using your own device afterwards is an excellent idea and you will thank yourself when you see that your bank account stops reducing so much that’s for sure…You are 100% correct, the Tria 4x and Remington Quartz are on par in regards to effectiveness (the Tria 4x being better however) but the Quartz having a few advantages also. The head is a good point.. The Remington Quartz device head is quite a bit bigger than the Tria so you will find the larger areas of your body easier to treat and sure the non-recharge thing will benefit you if you are worrying over it. It is fine to do the underarms with…it’s just not as ‘nice’ or ‘convenient’ to use on your face and smaller, harder to reach areas of the body (if you are reading in between the lines :)
      Regards, Gabby

      • Hi Gabby,

        I really appreciate your response! You mentioned again that the Tria is more effective. Do you mean in terms of long term results, the number of treatments it takes to see results, or something else?

        Thanks again!

      • Hi Gina
        Firstly, my apologies in taking so long to reply to your second message, it disappeared from the comments section. Anyway, overall the Tria has the better technology than the Remington Quartz so to answer your questions, yes to both. Tria uses diode laser which basically means that you can better results, faster and more longer term. The Remington uses IPL based technology which can tend to be slower in seeing results. Basically what this means is that you should get quicker results with fewer treatments using the Tria. I hope you get me? Eg. The Tria may take only 3-4 treatments to see a massive difference and the Remington may take 6-8 treatments…and with the Tria there is a higher chance of not having to do as many maintenance sessions afterwards. This what I mean, hope you understand…

  52. Hi Gabby,

    I have read some reviews that the hair comes back after a year or two or after few years. Is it true ? If it is permanent reduction it should not come back. Maintenance session should be taken every year or till lifetime.

    • Hi Maby
      It is very unlikely that hair will come back if you follow the procedures properly from the start. The only reason hair will grow back is because of any hormonal changes however, in saying this, I have hormonal problems and my hair hasn’t grown back. It’s like anything, if you don’t use it properly, you wont get good results, this includes, using the wrong machine for your skin color/hair color, not shaving beforehand and not doing the treatments as regularly as you should, it’s all about hitting and treating the hair that the proper stage of its growth cycle. If you follow these simple instructions, you will not see your hair ever again, maybe having to do 1-2 treatments per year after the first year as maintenance but that’s it. Hope that clears that up for you..Gabby

  53. Hello Gabby

    i read most of the reviews here and absolutely fantastic reviews

    i want you help please to choice i want buy this machine for my wife as a Surprise gift and i do some search for all laser machines , so what the best
    i don’t care for money all i care is for the of the Product
    My question is
    what the best ?
    1-Tria 4x – Hair Removal Laser and i found it for $ 645

    2-Philips SC2008/12 Lumea Plus and they said it’s the Eighth Generation from philips products and the Newest and i found it
    for $ 700

    so what the best between 2 products and most safe (It does not matter as much as the high price of the product is what matters)
    and my wife skin is White and the hair is black
    I am confused between the two as the best and i’m Slightly convinced to 2-Philips SC2008/12 Lumea Plus

    so please help me and thank you for all what you write up to help others .
    i’m waiting for your answer

    • Hi Alimuanis
      That is very nice of you to buy this as a surprise gift for you wife :) How nice of you!
      Since your wife has white skin and black hair, she can use pretty much any machine but my #1 recommendation is the Tria 4X laser and then the Remington Quartz. The Tria 4X is the best on the market and this company specializes in hair removal. Your prices seem quite high, not sure what country you are from but Tria is about $449-$500 US dollars but not sure if you can get it shipped to you online (try here to see if you can). If not, my second recommendation would be the Remington Quartz machine. Let me know if you have any other questions, Gabby.

  54. I have some thick black hair on my upper lip but not that much thick and coarse hair as my chin. I am using the tria laser for 1 and half month. My chin hair which was thick and coarse has gone but the upper lip has is coming back. Should i continue my treatment on upper lip or stop ?

    • Hi Maby
      Great to hear you are seeing such good results already, I am so happy to hear! Generally, the results you see across your body aren’t always going to be the same so you might need say 4 sessions on your chin but you might need 8 sessions on your upper lip, so you will need more treatments in different body areas. It all depends on the hair growth, size of hair whether it’s coarse or think, what you have done in the past (whether you have waxed or plucked the area) and hair follicle also. I wouldn’t stop at all, keep going, there is no reason to stop. I would continue doing the treatment for sure :) Gabby

  55. Hi, I’m using Silk and Flash machine since February. I can see some difference in some parts on my body. But not at all on my chin! I start once every two weeks, now is once a week and still nothing! And that was the reason I got this machine, my chin! My question is should I keep doing this, should I get a different one ( Tria x4 or Remington 6000 is best for face???) and can I just switch and start using different laser machine? Please help me!Ill be waiting for your answer soon! Thank you!Diana

    • Hi Diana
      To be honest with you, the Silkn is not as great as the Tria 4x, especially if you want to target the face. I personally would give it more time. The face generally and especially chin hairs are very hormonal. So hair growth on the chin is largely dependent on your hormones so it may take a lot longer to see results given that you are trying to treat your hair in between your hormones wanting to produce more hair….It’s a hard situation when it comes to hormonal hair growth especially on the chin.
      Regards, Gabby

    • Hi Qaiser.
      If you want the fastest and most effective results, you’ll get that from the Tria 4X. Depending on your hair thickness and hair growth and if you follow the treatments properly and pre-treatment procedures (i.e ensuring you are shaving before the treatments) you should see permanent hair removal after each session. From the consensus from many people I know and my readers on here, permanent hair removal can be seen within 6-8 months based on regular, continuous use but it also can depend on each body part. To give you a better idea, I only needed a few months for my underarms but needed more sessions for my bikini line.
      Regards, Gabby

  56. Hi Gaby,

    Since i am travelling to the gulf country for a month, can i take the tria with me or will there be problems at the airport. I would rather keep at home. In that case i would miss doing the treatment for a month. Will it affect my treatment if i miss a month in between.

    • Hi Maby
      Good question. The problem is that I cannot guarantee that what happens to me will apply to you as I am not sure which country you are from. I travel frequently with my Tria. Sometimes I carry it in carry on, other times I carry in checked luggage. I have never had a problem. It is similar to hair straighteners, I take them also in carry luggage and have no problem. If you are unsure or scared, I would leave it at home. Having a 1 month break is fine, no problems, just make sure you get back onto regular treatments afterwards.

  57. hi. i want to know that in tria also have fleshes if have then how many, and plz tell which have unlimited faleshes so i can use that one in saloon

  58. I am so excited to see that this is an option!! Thank you for all this info! I had no idea! I tried waxing myself and didn’t work well and I just can’t see going somewhere once a month! My hair grows back so so fast- I have stubble immediately after!

    I have light skin but my problem is that the hair color varies – dark and course on my lower legs, light and thin on upper legs, moderate but not course medium/light brown bikini area, course dark underarm, and mostly blonde facial.

    I also thought my sister and I could share it as she has pcos and has course dark facial hair she has to shave!

    I have read your reviews but just can’t decide what would be best to do.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Renae
      Yes I know. A lot of girls feel exactly like you (I was one a few years ago and that is why I am addicted to buying these machines because through time, they have been an absolute dream of mine).
      The good thing is that you have light colored skin and the varying hair colors is normal also for some women. I mean, you can buy the Tria 4X and treat the lighter hair colors such as your upper legs and bikini area, but just expect that it may take a lot longer to see results because the Tria 4X really works well when the hair has darker colored pigments to it. Some women say that it works just fine for them on lighter hair colors but I guess it’s just not guaranteed by the company to work, that’s all. Just as long as the hair is not blonde, I think it’s definitely worth a go because it will work on the other areas of the body you mentioned, except the face that you mentioned you have blonde facial hair. The ONLY machine that will work on blonde hair is the Tanda Machine which is also save to remove blonde facial hair. So I guess, if facial hair really bothers you then you may need to get this one also?? The Tria 4X will work for your sister perfectly as she has dark coarse facial hair so it should work like a charm. Hope this helps, regards, Gabby

    • Hi Jennifer
      The company do not ‘advise’ to use on nipples as very sensitive region but I do :) and many other women do. If you decide to do it, please do a test patch and also only on level 1.

  59. Hi, I’m kinda confused. You have said ppl say it does work on lighter hair but you’ve also stated that it doesnt…I’ve priviously bought one and I guess I didn’t do enough research. I have thick dark red hair would it still work but take longer?

    • Hi Kim
      I’m sorry I hope I haven’t confused you even more but for the Tria to work on light hair, this happens in very limited cases, it’s not very common occurrence. I have known for it to work ONLY in limited cases, but over a very very long period of time which in mind I believe it is not feasible, hence why its NOT designed for people with blonde,red,white or grey hair. You may be ok with dark red hair but again, it’s not designed for red hair either. A machine designed for red hair is the tanda (new version available here). I’ve reviewed the older machine here.

    • Hi Maddi
      Pretty much yes. Just depends on your pain tolerance. Way easier than salon sessions, I would say it’s not painful at all.

  60. Hi,
    I know this post was done a year ago… Is Tria still the best recommendation? I live in Australia – do you know of the best place to buy it?

    • Hi Isobel

      I constantly update the posts so they are up to date, and yes, it’s still the one I recommend.

      I’ll send you all the information you need to your email address. Check your inbox for my email, if you don’t receive it for any reason (also check your junk), send me a comment again or contact me via my personal email address under ‘contact’.


      • Hi Rachael
        Sorry for the late reply, I’ll send over the details to your email now.

      • Hi Gabby can you please send me the advice/details for purchasing the tria and having it delivered to me as I also live in Australia and have been filled with confidence from your post. Thanks!

  61. Hey! Thanks for the wonderful website. Im argentinian and will be travelling to the us. I was thinking of buying the tria 4x or the silkn flash & go express. I have two sisters, and we were wondering which might be best for us to share considering that in argentina we cant buy any cartridges or another laser or ipl. Also if it is better to buy one for each or if there isnt any problem that we share… im afraid that the amount of fkashes arent enough considerig we are bit hairy.
    Also, are we able to wax in the future after the treatment?

    • Hi Angie, your welcome :) Okay, with regards to both models, you wont need to buy cartridges ever so that is a good thing if you live in Argentina, although with online shopping, have you checked to see if you can get any of them shipped to Argentina, if you were interested in another machine that is. I personally would share my machine, just ensure you clean really good especially if you are using on areas such as underarms, bikini etc. The only concern I have is that you mentioned that you are quite hairy, I am too as I am from Italian parents, hence I was quite hairy also. The fact that you want to share, I don’t know if the machines will last all the treatments for all of you. So yes, I have concerns that the flashes wont be enough for all of you. There is no other concerns with sharing, just cleaning the product properly. In regards to waxing, do not wax in between treatments at all, only shave! Waxing can be done on areas that you aren’t treating. The areas that you are treating, eventually no hair will return so there will be no need to wax anyway :). But for in-between treatments, refrain from waxing as you won’t get good results whilst using the machine.

      • Thank you so much for the reply gabby! I think we will be buying two machines.. In argentina is really difficult to get something shipped, thats why we are buying them when travelling. Have you seen or heard something about the flash and go luxx or yhe express one? They have much more flashes than the tria and no amount of charges i think (although i dont fully understand the 30 charges the tria has. Is it the amount of times you can charge the battery? Isnt 30 times too little if the battery only lasts 30 minutes?)
        Thank you so much, you are vry kind

      • Hi Angie
        No problems at all :) Excellent idea. Yes I have heard about the Luxx, it’s an upgrade of the flash n go, and yes it has no cartridge replacement so it has a certain number of flashes just like the Tria but the luxx has 120,000. I haven’t used it as yet, I would really like to buy one or I’m trying to persuade my sister to purchase one so we can put up a review on here soon. From what I’ve read about it, people do like it, so yes, that is another option to consider. The Express is a relatively newer machine, another Silk’n, but to tell you the truth, I haven’t really been a fan of their ‘glide’ devices, but that’s just me.
        Also, not sure what you mean by the 30 charges. Generally, the Tria is usable for 30 minutes and then will be required to be charged before it can be used again. Is this what you mean? It doesn’t just last for 30 charges, it lasts for how many flashes it has.
        Hope I’ve clarified some things for you.

  62. Hi Gabby,

    I live in Australia and I’m looking into purchasing the Tria hair removal laser 4x. Can you please let me know where I can purchase one? Most of the sites I’ve found don’t ship to Australia.

    Thank you

    • Hi Lisa
      Sure, I’ll send you over some information to your email. Let me know if you don’t receive it because I am sending it within the next few minutes.

      • Hi Gabby can you please send this to me too? I sent another message asking for it but I got my email wrong in that message lol.

      • Hi Emma, sure thing! I’ll send the info to this email address. I will send an email to you in the next 10-15 mins so let me know if you don’t receive it!
        Thanks, Gabby

      • Are you able to forward this info to my email as well? I’m from Australia also and wanting to get on hands on one of these!

      • Hi Carmel
        I responded to your original comment and I have already sent you an email (sent on 20 Nov)? So you haven’t received it? Let me know and check your email that you are submitting with your comments because I am emailing you as per the email you submit.
        Thanks, Gabby

  63. Hi there just to confirm that this machine is safe to use on dark skin.I have facial hair which also is quite dark and starting to show

    • Hi Sofia
      No it’s not safe for dark skin, but then you mentioned you have dark hair? So you have both dark skin and dark hair?
      Please confirm.

  64. Hi gabby, thanks for the informative post on the tria. I’m now also interested in purchasing but am having trouble finding where to purchase to Australia too. Are u able to post any advice to how to get a hand on this tria.

  65. Hi Gabby, I’m planning to buy the Tria Precision but I can’t shake off my concern about its lifespan. I know it’s only recommended for smaller areas, but I read it COULD be used for legs with a lot of patience. Will the amount of pulses allow me to use it on my underarms, face, and private area and still have some leftover for my legs? And the information that says it only has a certain amount of charges- does that mean it’s only effective for that many charges or will the machine literally not charge any more times after that amount?

    • Hi Katherine
      Of course, the machine, the Tria Precision is safe to use and can be used on ANY area of the body that you choose. Due to being a smaller and more affordable device with a charge of 15-20 mins, it is on the market more for people to use on smaller body areas such as the face, underarms, tummy, bikini etc. Yes the pulses will be fine for underarms, face and private areas. The charge just might run out to get to your legs. You’ll need to charge and use on your legs and charge it again. Hope that helps, any other questions, just let me know.
      Regards, Gabby

  66. Hi, I live in Australia and would like to buy the tria device. I followed your link to but at checkout it said that it cannot ship to Australia. I was just wondering where you got your device from and how much it cost in Australian $?

    • Hi Nat
      I’ll send you an email in the coming days, probably by Tuesday once I’m back on my computer and can send you info as I am currently on mobile and can’t deal right now LOL

  67. Hi Gabby, I am in Australia at the moment and really keen on getting the Tria 4x however a bit concerned about where to buy it from and if there are any issues about returning the product if it is faulty? Can you please recommend a place to buy it from in Aus that would accept returns or a warranty?

    • Hi Laura
      Welcome to Australia, where are you from originally? I will send you an email to the email you provided here in the coming days.

  68. Hello Gabby
    Another Aussie here interested in purchasing both the Tria 4X and Precision. If you could please send the email to the address provided it would be much appreciated.
    Thank you

    PS Great website :)

  69. Hi Gabby, Thx for the great advice, could you please give me details to purchase Tria 4X, I’m in Australia.
    Thx again, Leah.

  70. Hi Gabby
    Not sure what happened to my original post. Another Aussie looking to buy the Tria 4x, would I be able to also get some details on how to purchase? Thanks

    • Hi Clare
      Sorry for my late reply, I can email you some details to get it shipped to you. It’s not available to buy in-store, only online. Let me know if you still want help?
      Regards Gabby

  71. Hi Gabby, I am in Australian and really keen on getting the Tria 4x however a bit concerned about where to buy it from and if there are any issues about returning the product if it is faulty? Can you please recommend a place to buy it from in Aus that would accept returns or a warranty?
    I tried the amazon but it says they cant ship it on my address. Please help thanks

  72. Hi gab! I was just wondering, if i buy tria from usa, is the voltage ok if i use it here in australia? Or do i have to buy a transformer for it? And also i already have a shopmate account,can i buy tria from their website and not from amazon?thank you so looking forward in your reply :)

    Kind regards,

    • Hi Anne Marie
      I just emailed you details but I forgot to write about your other question. All you will need as a power adapter from US plug to Aus plug. The voltage works in the Australian voltage range.
      You’ll still need to purchase off amazon. Refer to my email for all the details :)

  73. Hi Gabby,

    Thankyou for the information provided. Given the article is 2 years old, is the Tria 4x still you most recommended hair removal device? or have other similar devices now come on the market?
    I also live in Australia, if you could please email me the details of where I could purchase one?
    Much Appreciated! Chelsea

    • Hi Chelsea
      I started this blog 2 years ago but I am CONSTANTLY updating it with the latest machines that come to market (ONLY if they are worthy). There is heaps of machines that come up every year but not all of them are worth the money, some don’t even work, hence why I am always replying to everyone so I can give them the most up to date information :)
      Yes, Tria 4x is still the leader, there is some other machines that have been introduced but more so for people with darker skin colors and blonde, red, white and grey hair.
      If you have light skin, dark hair, the tria is still the best one :) I’m waiting for a newer Tria 4x but I don’t think it’s on the horizon for a while, the Tria 4x has been a goodie.
      I’ll email you over details, take a look and let me know if you don’t receive my email.

  74. Hi, thank you for an informative site…

    I tried your link for purchase in europe, but it says it can not deliver in Denmark… do you know how to bye it then?

  75. Hi Gabby,

    Could you please send me the details on how to purchase in Australia, the Amazon link does not ship here?

    Thanks :)

  76. Hi Gabby,
    I live in Australia and I would like to buy the Tria 4x. The link above that you said would work for Aus says it doesn’t ship to Australia. Is there something I need to do to make it work for me?


    • Hi Amanda, I am sooo sorry for my late reply, your comment went into an incorrect folder. Sure thing! I’ll send you details via your email.

  77. Hi. I am in Brisbane Australia and want to get one of these. I have tried Amazon but they won’t post to me and I’m nervous of eBay. Are you able to advise me at all. Much appreciated

    • Hi Lenore
      Sure, I can help you out, don’t worry :) Do NOT buy on eBay, that is a big no no, everyone that does, most likely gets a fake.
      I’ll send you details via your email so if you don’t receive it, please let me know on here again.

  78. Hi. I would like to know if anyone knows if they sell Tria 4X in Malaysia. Amazon doesn’t send to Malaysia.I dare not buy any from the ebay. Any respond on this is much appreciated.

  79. Hi Gabby,

    Same as above, could you please send me the details on how to purchase the Tria from Australia?

    Thank you.

  80. Hi Gabby
    I am searching for an ipl machine for my husband and I don’t know if I should buy the Tria Laser 4x or Smoothskin for men. Have you heard any feedback on the Smoothskin for men? Can you also please send me the link on where to buy the Tria in Australia? Thanks so much

    • Hi Amber
      I’d personally go for the Tria, because it is tried and tested and has been on the market for several years, I can attest that it works. The Smoothskin is relatively new to the market and I can’t attest to it’s effectiveness. I’ve heard it’s quite popular in the UK but not so much everywhere else. Did you want me to send you info of shipping to Aus? Let me know and I’ll send you across an email. Regards, Gabby

  81. Just wondering the best place to buy in Australia, I found some on eBay but slept oval on paying that much for a product off eBay. I have bought one off eBay before and it was the real thing but I dropped it and now it doesn’t work. Not sure if they can be fixed or not

    • Hi Kristie
      Are you still interested? Let me know as I can send more info to your email.
      Avoid buying any of these machines on eBay, they are fakes and no warranty is covered.
      I doubt you can get it fixed at all.

  82. Hi could you also let me know how to buy the tria from australia. Also over time which machine (Remington or trial) decreases the hair growth quickest and longest?

    • Hi Rabia
      Would you like me to send you an email with shipping info? Let me know and I can do it today.
      The Tria decreases hair growth the quickest.

  83. I am also trying to buy the Tria 4X in Australia and finding it very hard to track down, tried amazon. Would greatly appreciate the help

    • Hi Vanessa. Sure I can help you with that :) Are you still interested? I will send you an email directly so keep an eye out for it in your inbox. Regards, Gabby

  84. Hi Gabby.

    I am also in Australia. Can you please send me the details on how to get the Tria 4x? Thank you very much.

    • Hi Lily. Sure I can help you with that :) Are you still interested? I will send you an email directly so keep an eye out for it in your inbox. Regards, Gabby

  85. Hi Gabby,
    Thanks for honest information. I have bought Tria 4x, is it ok to use it on facial areas and neck? or do I need to buy precision for these areas?

    • Hi Mona
      You are welcome.
      The Tria 4X is 100% fine to use on your face. However, no machine is ‘approved’ to use on the neck. The Precision works the same as the Tria so no need to buy another machine.

    • Hi Denise. Sure I can help you with that :) Are you still interested? I will send you an email directly so keep an eye out for it in your inbox. Regards, Gabby

  86. Hi Gabby, thanks for your informative review… very helpful!
    I to live in Australia and am having trouble trying to purchase any Tria products without purchasing them on ebay which I’d prefer not to do as the product warranties directly from Tria don’t apply.
    Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Rita
      You are very welcome!
      Sure, no problems, I can send you an email if you still wish to purchase. Let me know via replying to this comment so I know you still want the info/or not?!
      I would avoid buying from ebay at all costs, you run the risk of buying a fake machine.

  87. Hello :).. i wanna ask if tria p is laser or ipl..i think laser is more effective than ipls… i have been going to the laser clinic.. they do a candela nd yag laser on me..i’m in pak..but abt to shift in bellevue in usa..plz guide me from where to buy this tria p in bellevue, as i need it for face.. or any good affordable laser clinics in bellevue..
    Thank u :)

    • Hi K
      The Tria P is diode laser, the same as the Tria 4x. When you move to the USA, you can get easy shipping from here. It’s excellent to use for your face :) You will love it! I would probably stop going to laser clinics, they take too much of your money!

    • Sure, I can send you some details to the email address you provided on the comment.
      Be sure to check your email inbox soon.

  88. Hi,

    I have dark skin and the Tria Laser isn’t safe for dark skin. The only one I found that is safe for dark skin is the illuminage precise touch, so I was wondering if you have tried the illuminage precise touch.

  89. Hi! I’ve been doing a lot of research on the different hair removal systems and found this was the most effective. However as a girl one of my target areas is the entire bikini area but it does say not to use on the genitals but have seen articles or reviews where people have said they have. I wanted to know you’re opinion on this or should I buy the Phillips lumea that’s built for the bikini area as well.

    • Hi Meera. Thanks for your comment. I do not believe there is any machines on the market that are ‘approved’ to use on genitals, but the bikini line is different. This Tria is absolutely fine and 100% safe and approved to use on your bikini line. There is no need to get the Philips, the Tria does a better job, especially for the bikini line. Yes I have gone further than the standard bikini and done further around my genital area on a very low setting. Feel free to email me on my personal email which is on the contact page if you have any other questions :)

      • Hey I tried to contact you but I’m not sure if it went through. I was wondering if you could tell me about your experience I’m sorry I know it’s a lot of personal information to ask but I’d like to use it all around the area if you get what I’m saying so id like to know how you did it just so I can do it as safely as possible. Thank you again for your help :)

      • Hi Meera
        I did receive your email and I am responding to it now so please check your email inbox :)

  90. Hi Gabby,
    It seems like everyone from Australia wants to know where they can buy a Tria 4X from. Wouldn’t it be easier to just post it on your website, rather then sending everyone an individual email with the details?

    • Hi Ruby
      I kinda did but I was still getting a zillion questions about it and the questions/comments were getting all muddled up – just easier communicating via email with everyone. I can email you the details across if you wish?

  91. Hey,

    I went to the amazon link and it saying it cant deliver to my address?
    I’m in QLD are you able to give me another link for aussies?

    • HI Katrina, I have just sent you an email with details, let me know if you don’t receive it. Please check. Thanks Gabby

  92. Hi Gabby,
    I am looking to buy a hair removal machine and I am thinking of the Tria 4X. I’ve had IPL done so I am wondering if it makes a difference now whether I use an IPL machine or a Laser machine? Assuming once it targets the follicle it doesn’t really matter? I’m fair skinned with dark coarse hair. Can you please email me details on how to but the Tria? I’m in Australia, in WA. Tried Amazon but they don’t ship… Thanks, Sarah :)

    • Hi Sarah
      I tried to reply to your email but it wouldn’t go through, can you please reply to the comment on here with your correct email in the ’email’ section so I can send you the details. Thanks! Gabby

  93. Hi, Gabby.
    I sent you an email asking about how buy it living in Australia but I think you didn’t see. Can you please send a email with details as well?

    • Hi Mariana
      Oh I am so sorry! I just checked my personal email and yes I did receive it. Sorry I haven’t had reliable internet lately so I haven’t been on top of my emails (slack I know :) Anyway, I am replying to your email now with all the details so please let me know if you don’t receive it :)
      Please check your email soon and reply if you have any questions :)

  94. Hi Gabby,
    I would like to purchase a tria however it won’t allow me to through Amazon – the link you provided, as it won’t send to my address in Western Australia ? Can you point me in the right direction? I don’t want to purchase from eBay and risk buying a copy. Many thanks,Brooke

      • Thanks gabby, I haven’t received an email as yet however? Any chance you could send again?
        Many Thanks! :-)

      • Hi Brooke. I sent you an email on the 8th August, do you want to ensure it’s not going to another folder? I’ll resend now for you so please check again and let me know! Thanks Gabby

  95. Hey mate – great work putting this site together. If you could please email me the details for an Australian 4X buyer, that’d be super sweet thank you.

  96. Hi Gabby,

    Thanks for your great review about the hair removal devices on the market. I am from Singapore (uses 220V) and very keen to buy Tria 4x. Saw on 010 that Tria Korea sells Tria 4x at a much lower price than what is selling at Amazon. Do you know if there is really a Tria Korea? Don’t want to be buying a fake. How can I buy a Tria 4x that works in Singapore? It would be great if you could advise! Thanks.


    • Hi Serena
      I had a reader buy from there last month and emailed me in horror as the machine wasn’t working. It also doesn’t come with the skin sensor. I personally think they might be selling fakes!! With these machines, you want to be buying authentic! The Tria will work in Singapore as the Tria comes with a voltage range of 100-240V. Let me know if you need any other help, you can email me anytime (my personal email is on the contact page).Thanks

  97. Hi Gabby,

    Great review. I read your other ipl reviews too and they were fantastic. I’m interested in purchasing the tria4x but am unfortunately in Australia too. Would you be able to kindly forward those details to me?

    Thanks Bryn

  98. Hi Gabby,

    Thankyou for all the information, would you also send me the information on how to buy it from Australia?


    • Hi Natalie, I will email you now so please check your email to make sure you receive one from me. IF you don’t receive it, please reply comment to ensure you get all the details you need :) Gabby

  99. Hi Gabby,

    Great review. I’m interested in purchasing the tria4x but and I am located in Australia. Would you be able to kindly forward those details to me?

    Thanks Ben

    • Hi Ben, no problems at all, please check your email, you will find an email from me with all the details you need! Thanks for stopping by! Gabby

  100. Hi there,

    Im going on a short holiday soon to Amsterdam and Im only taking a small carry-on bag with me. My question is a bit silly but I just need to double check: so is it fine if I took my tria with me on the plane? Or will I not be allowed to?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Marissa, thanks so much for contacting me but maybe this question is better off directed towards customer service rather than me to get a proper answer! Please email me to let me know how you go as I would be interested in learning about this too! My email is on my contact page, I’d love for you to email me what they say!

  101. Hi there,

    I also live in Australia and want to buy the Tria .. the amazon link doesn’t ship to AUS I can’t find it anywhere other than Ebay.

    Any ideas?


    • Hi Jessie. No don’t buy on eBay, you will most definitely buy a fake. I will send you an email with details for delivery to us Aussies in Australia :) Check your email and let me know by reply commenting here if you don’t receive it. Thanks! Gabby

  102. Hi lovely,
    Thanks for all of the information in your pages! I’m in Aus and am looking at the Tria. Can you let me know how to purchase!


    • Hi Lauren. I will send you the details you need via email now. Please reply to this comment if you don’t receive my email today. Thanks!

  103. Assalam o Alaikum,
    I’m interested to buy Tria 4x Laser machine but unfortunately it is not available in Pakistan.
    I don’t have a credit card as I prefer to use debit card only & we don’t have pay pal here.
    I’m unsure whether you may send it here through any other medium. USA Amazon do not deliver here.
    We don’t have 140 electric volts here like USA instead we have 240 electric volts here like UK & UAE. So make sure the plug fits our socket.
    Please guide & assist.

    • Hi Mrs Sumera Aijaz
      Maybe try a parcel on-forwarding service so you can get it to Pakistan. Generally the machines have a power voltage range, so it isn’t based on one power voltage but rather a range which is ok to use in many different countries. What you will need is a power plug adapter which you can find easily anyway.
      I would love to hear what you decide. Please email me (email is on my contact page here) and let me know how you get delivery to Pakistan so I can help other people out from your country too :)

  104. Hi,
    I am from Australia and wanting to buy the Tria 4X (Reading your review has definitely lead me to this decision). Can you please let me know how I can go about doing this? Thank you :)

    • Hi Nicole.
      Thanks for your feedback. I will email you all the details you need now. If you don’t receive, please reply to this comment. Thanks!

  105. Hi Gabby,

    My wife wants to buy one of these, but we live in Australia. Can you give us some advice on how to buy? I have already emailed you but I think it may have gone to your junk mail.


  106. Hi Gabby
    I’m sussing up between the Tria and the Remington.The tria sounds great and i love that it is chargeable, but the head seems a bit tidies in size.Which is why i was considering the Remington. I have previously being having professional treatments on my upper lip, full Brazilian and arm pits, but i want to start doing my legs and the cost is just getting to much, especially for the upper lip as it isn’t as effective some months. I live in Australia, i have not seen the Tria but i have seen the Remington iLight for sale for about $480 (which seems high?compared to Amazon) . Can you please send me the details were to buy in Australia. Also i thought i read the Tria is approved by dermatologist ?

    • Hi Liz.
      Yes I understand your dilemma on which one to buy, it’s very common :)
      Yes the Tria is recommended by dermatologists (I think dermatologists have actually developed it too).
      I will send you all the details to get the cheapest price on both machines and quick and easy delivery and then you can decide.
      I will send you an email now so if you don’t receive it, please reply to this comment.
      Thanks! Gabby

    • Hi CD
      Sure just as long as you aren’t too olive. To give you an idea, I am from Italian parents, so I have European olive skin. It worked for me :) I will send you an email now so let me know if you don’t receive it.
      Thanks! Gabbu

  107. Hi Gabby,

    Great site! Could you please send me the info also of where to buy from in Australia for warranty purposes?

    Many thanks.

    • Hi Catherine
      Thank you :) Sure, I will send you an email to the email address you submitted with your comment. I will send it within the next 10 mins so if you don’t receive it, please comment here.

      • Hallo Gabby!
        Thank you for your great informastion, I am from sout asia and i have sand 3_4 sikin color or meiduim color with black hair in my face amd all my body, is tria 4x better for my skin plz replay me via in my email. Thank you so much you are such a fantastic person☺️

      • Hi Sofia. Did you ever get my reply? I didn’t hear back from you. Please let me know if I can still help you out? Gabby :)

  108. Hello I’m in Australia and am interested in buying the Tria Laser. Can you send me the details on how to buy it in Australia?

  109. Thanks for all the useful info.
    I’m in Australia and keen to buy the 4x.
    When I click on the link you have for purchase in Australia it goes to an Amazon site that says they don’t deliver to Australia.
    How do I purchase in Australia? Do all Tria 4x have variable voltage so ok to use in Australia with 240 volts?

    • Hi Anna, I have just sent you an email so please check your inbox. If you don’t receive, please submit another comment. Thanks Gabby

    • Hi Mark, I have just sent you an email so please check your inbox. If you don’t receive, please submit another comment. Thanks Gabby

  110. Hi Gabby,
    I am very interested in buying the Tria 4X can you please email me the details and thank you so much for all the information!

    • Hi Lee, I am sending you an email now to the email that you submitted here in your comment. Please check your inbox and do let me know if you don’t receive it. Please reply once received :)

  111. Hi Gabby,

    I was wondering if you could email me where to buy the Tria 4x and Remington from Australia. I’ve never bought anything off Amazon before so want to do it right.


    • Hi Barb. Thanks for your comment. I also received your email and I am responding to it now :) Please reply once received :)

    • Hi Catherine
      I am sending you an email now to the email that you submitted here in your comment. Please check your inbox and do let me know if you don’t receive it. Please reply once received :)

    • Hi Nicole, I am sending you an email now to the email that you submitted here in your comment. Please check your inbox and do let me know if you don’t receive it. Please reply once received :) Thanks!

  112. Hi Gabby

    I would like to purchase the Tria and live in Australia.

    Can you please send me the details.


  113. Hey Gabby,
    I’m desperate to buy a Tria4x in Australia but the Amazon link shows a seller that doesn’t post outside of the us.
    I was about to enter my shipping details on the Tria website and then realised. Shattered lol.
    Giulia x

    • Hi Giulia. Don’t worry as you can still get it delivered to Australia :) I will send you an email so you can get it :) Regards, Gabby

  114. Hi Gabby

    Not sure i posted my last comment correctly (user error for sure!) but could you send me the details to purchase the Tria in Australia?

    thanks heaps and a great site!


    • Hi Chris, I double checked my comments and no, I don’t see yours, maybe something was done it error. All that matters is that we are now in touch and I can get back to you. Please check your email today as you should see one from me with all the details you need. Thanks alot Gabby

      • Thanks Gabby, I received the email. My prior query was that I (and my wife) have had laser treatments (Brazilians, underarm plus stomach/abdomen for me) – we are looking at the tria for ongoing maintenance. Reading other comments it would seem the tria will suit? Was also looking at the iPulse smooth skin gold (though IPL) as another option – do you have a view on that one? Thanks Chris

      • Hi Chris. Yes, did you get my reply. I hope you are receiving them. Yes indeed. In regards to the other device you mentioned, I have written about this on the blog. I’ve seen this product a while back but I believe it doesn’t stack up against the rest on my list, that’s my personal opinion. You’ve probably seen it in stores around Australia Im assuming and that is why you are asking. There is a couple of machines available in stores in Australia, Harvey Norman and the likes that are quite overpriced (upwards of $700) and the technology and effectiveness really isn’t great for the price in comparison to the likes of the Tria and Remington. I’ve used the machines that I recommend hence why I vouch for them, this one, I haven’t and I haven’t heard too many people liking it either. Let me know if you have any other questions. Regards, Gabby

  115. Hi, I’m on Australia… Looking to buy the Tria. Could you please send me details of how to purchase?
    Thanks for your great review

    • Hi Jo, I will send you all the info you need to your email address, so please check to make sure you receive it soon. Thanks, Gabby

      • Hello ladies, could I please have the link as well as I want to make sure I have the 90 day guarantee in case too please. Sorry I had to reply on this comment but I didn’t get a response on mine just above this comment, totally understand you’re busy :) Thank you soooo much :)

      • Hi Rayray. Did you get my email? Don’t worry, I will send you another email with all the details right now. Please check :) Regards Gabby

  116. I am looking for a laser machine for my partner and myself and you have given this unit the thumbs up.
    Does it come with an australian power cord, if not why do you know why? Is it made for 240v power.
    I have searched and tried to find where these are made, can you advise where?
    What is your next best recommendation and do you know of a machine which is esigned for use with aus plug.


  117. Hi Gabby,

    Thanks for the review I am from Australia and looking to buy Tria 4x laser machine.. can you pls tell where to buy it from..


  118. Hi Gabby
    I’m from Australia, could you please send me the info on how to purchase a Tria 4x. Also, can it be used on 240 volts.
    Many thanks

  119. Hi Gabby,

    Thank you for your review. It would be wonderful if you can advise how I can purchase this in Australia.

    Thank you kindly!

    • Hi Monika. Sorry for my late response. Please let me know if you still want the info/if you still need my help? You can comment on here on send me an email which is available under ‘contact’. Please accept my apologies for my late response. Thanks, Gabby

  120. Hi Gabby,

    Thank you for you review.
    Could you please also send me information on how I can go about purchasing the Tria in Australia?


    • Hi Danielle. Sorry for my late response. I’ve been offline during the Xmas/NY break. I hope I can still help you?! I’ll send you the info to your email anyway. Please let me know if you receive it or not. Thanks Gabby

  121. Hi Gabby,
    I’m also in Australia and trying to figure out how I would get the Tria here. Could you please forward some info on to me as well on how to source one?

    • Hi Jessica. Sorry for my late response. I am sending you an email so can you please check your email and let me know if received or not?! Thanks, Gabby

  122. Hi Gabby,

    Another Aussie here wondering about how to purchase – would you mind sending me the info for buying in Australia please?


  123. Hi another Australian wanting to purchase the Tria would you please send me an email of how to purchase it. And do you think it is good for legs? I read it is uses laser technology so more effective than IPL but with a smaller head so may take a long time to do larger areas like your legs, what do you think?? Would another devixe be better that is laser and not IPL but with a larger head if so what brand? Many thanks Anne-Marie

  124. Hi Gabby
    Great review, thanks for the information! Could you please send me some info about where to buy the Tria in Australia.

  125. Hi gabby,how r u? I am an indian with medium skin colour and dark hair.which one will be the best option for me to remove body hair

  126. Hi Gabby,
    I’d like to use a product for a Brazilian would you recommend the Tria 4x or the precision? I’m also in Aus if you could advise the best way of purchase.

    • Hi Lauren. I am so sorry for not replying earlier, the comment system has been acting weird lately and not showing all messages. Can I still help you? I will send you an email anyway. Sorry again, Gabby

  127. hi your review was amazing you’ve put my doubts at rest and i cant wait to try.Could you please send me some info about where to buy the Tria in Australia.

  128. Hi Gabby, I’m another fellow Australian who is interested in buying the Tria. Would appreciate it greatly if you could send me the details on how to purchase it :) Thanks!

    • Hi Mona. Your message hasn’t come through lately. I will contact you on email because the comment section has been funny lately. Let me know if you don’t get my email please. Regards, Gabby

  129. Hello,

    I am interested in purchasing this and I am also from Australia. Would you be able to help me? The one you have linked on Amazon doesn’t ship to Australia and I’ve found it on eBay but that’s a little dodgey.
    Thanks for doing such a good job on reviewing all of the devices, its really helped!

    • Hi Shannon. Sure, I will send you an email now with the details you need for shipping to Australia, no problem at all!! That is correct, eBay does sell dodgy machines which no-one should ever buy as they are fakes and don’t do anything. Buyer beware! Thanks so much for your feedback, appreciate it! :)

  130. Hi Gabby,
    I have just clicked on your link in regards to buying the Tria 4x. It takes me to Amazon and tells me it can’t ship to Melbourne Australia.

    Can you please email me details of where I can get it please. I am quite interested in purchasing.

    And thanks so much for all of your info. It has helped my decision.


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