What are the Dangers of Using Home IPL and Laser Hair Removal Machines?

DangersofIPLandLaserTo be completely honest here, just because doing IPL and Laser at home involves a machine; it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are exposed to risks more than a salon. I am a true example of that!

With anything, you always need to read the instructions carefully and actually follow them! If you are unsure you should always double check, and that’s probably why you have found yourself here. My best advice not to hurt yourself with using home laser and IPL hair removal machines is to not get too excited! Follow the instructions and don’t ahead of yourself, doing too many treatments on the same area or not following the guidelines of doing it more than every 6-8 weeks. Also if you don’t follow the recommended procedures to prepare yourself for your treatment than are increasing the risk of damaging your skin tissue.

Remember to follow the machine instructions, not all machines are made the same way.

I have provided below a few side effects of IPL and Laser machines for hair removal. These side effects are rare but if you get overexcited and turn the setting too high, you run the risk of these happening.

To prevent any of these from happening, ensure you invest in high quality IPL and Laser treatment products.

  • Redness, itching, burning, pink skin or swelling of the treated area. This is completely normal as you have heated the area and activated the hair follicle.
  • Sensitivity. Especially when you first start, the area will be sensitive for the first couple of days. After 2 days this should get better. Make sure you wear comfortable and loose fitting clothes so you don’t irritate yourself more.
  • Some people do feel pain when doing the treatments. This varies from person to person. Numbing creams are excellent to have on hand if you do feel the pain.
  • Blisters forming after the procedure (these eventually go away)
  • If blisters do occur, you also run the risk of developing scarring but this scarring is only temporary and not permanent
  • Skin Lightening (hypo-pigmentation) and Skin Darkening (hyperpigmentation) can occur in some people (this is very rare also and can be treated aswell).
  • Acne can initially worsen after the treatment but this rarely occurs.

As I have stated above, these side effects of IPL and Laser hair removal exist even if we go to a salon, we are exposed to the same risks. It is important to remember that any of these side effects are rare and if they do occur, they are only temporary.

Overall, there is side effects and dangers with everything that we do in life.

If anything does happen, ensure that you immediately attend to any blisters and scarring with appropriate creams to ensure a speedy recovering. Everything will heal eventually with time.

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