What’s the Difference Between Laser and IPL?

Updated on April 14, 2018 by Gabby

Laser-v-IPLIs Laser, IPL? And is IPL, Laser? Confused? ….. Well, don’t worry, most people are….Yes they both remove hair but what’s the difference? Read on to learn more about them and find out which one will work better for you.

Most people think that an IPL machine is a Laser hair removal machine. Um…No. I’ve even read through many websites that try and explain the difference but still end up saying its the same thing in the end. But it isn’t. I am going to try and explain in the most simplest terms because I think it’s the easiest way to understand rather than trying to explain the complicated technology behind it.

The only thing that an IPL and Laser machine have in common is that they are both used for permanent hair removal. Actually, take that back. They have two things in common. The second is that they both emit light. So….where is the difference then, Gabby? The difference lies in the type of light they emit….

Ok, to summarize, they both offer a solution for permanent hair removal but they differ as they produce different results for different people based on their skin colour and hair colour. They have different applications as the Laser and IPL hair removal machines differ in the spectrum of light they emit.

Hair-Color-Sept-17So as I briefly stated before, both a Laser and IPL hair removal machine both involve producing energy in the form of light which is absorbed by the dark pigments of the hair. This light energy causes damage to the hair follicle and stunts it growth, ultimately leading to permanent hair reduction. This is a very important point, because the light energy targets dark pigments, it is always important for darker skin colours to use the right machine (read below) and to be extremely careful when doing Laser or IPL as this may damage the surrounding skin tissue causing pigmentation (which rarely even happens if you look after your skin properly!) (to avoid pigmentation and to look after your skin properly for IPL & Laser, Read Here)

Gabby’s Helpful Tips:

For Dark Skin* → You Need IPL → This Machine Here

For Light Skin You Need Laser This Machine Here

For Red, Blonde or Grey Hair → You Need IPL This Machine Here

For Brown/Black Hair → You Need Laser or IPL → This Machine or This Machine

More Information on All of the Above Machines, Read: 5 Home Hair Removal Machines for Everyone!

*Skin darker than olive or tanned

Laser Machines

Laser machines are quite simple as they generate a single wavelength of light (referred to as monochromatic light by wikipedia). It is a very concentrated light in one single colour and form to target the melanin in the hair follicle.

IPL Machines

Firstly, IPL machines are not Lasers and Lasers are not IPL. They are two different machines.

IPL can be distinguished from Laser as it produces a broad spectrum of wavelengths vs the single wavelength produced by a Laser hair removal machine.  Because there is different wavelengths, it is largely argued for this reason that IPL machines

This is an example of a home IPL hair removal machine (click image for more information)

This is an example of a home IPL hair removal machine (click image for more information)

are not as effective as Laser machines for permanent hair reduction as they can only target a few hairs at a time in comparison to the Laser hair removal machines.

In saying that, the effectiveness of Laser over IPL only really applies to those that have both very dark skin and dark hair follicles. If you have olive skin or lighter coloured skin, both Laser and IPL machines will work exactly the same and provide the exact same results.

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  4. thank you very much for this article on the differences between IPL and laser hair removal light sources :)
    what about the differences between diode laser and alexandrite laser as far as hair removal is concerned?
    I wanna buy a home hair removal machine. My hair is dark/black, and my skin tone differs from on a area to another in my body: from light brown in most my body to dark brown in the bikini line,pubis,underarms and knees.

    • Hi Layla
      Your welcome. The difference between diode laser and alexandrite laser is this and I will put it in the most simplest terms so you can understand. Both Diode laser and Alexandrite are both lasers so they work by emitting both light energy and heat energy. The difference arises in their application and also their wavelengths. Diode Laser is more suitable for lighter skin tones, whilst the Alexandrite laser has a great application to pretty much all skin tones, so from light to pretty much very dark skin tones (when using the Fitzpatrick scale Alexandrite can be used for skin tones I-VI). In regards to your different skin tone, just make sure you use a lower setting on the darker areas of your body. You should be all good :) Regards, Gabby

    • Hi Chantel
      For home hair removal machines, the best is dependent on the machines that are available. When it comes to laser or IPL, this is more of a question when going to the salons/hair removal clinics.
      The best machine for your blonde peach fuzz hair on your face is the Tanda Me machine (my review) and the new 2014 upgraded model (here). Regards, Gabby

  5. Hi
    i am a Pakistani (Asian). i have had 6 settings of ipl laser from a clinic on my chin and neck area. hair growth is reduced (upto 60%) but still i have black hair on my neck and chin area. my skin color is quite fair(not like English people but still fair) and my hair are jet black.
    what do you think will suit me more ipl or laser? as i already had ipl settings but it did not work best for me(upto 90%) . should i try laser appliance now ? can you recommend best laser/ipl hair removal home appliance for me? and from where i can order it ?

  6. Hey Gabby!

    I’m Italian so my hair is really dark and thick and unfortunately it’s everywhere… Shaving often leaves me with rashes and ingrown hairs so I really want a permanent solution. Would you recommend IPL for someone with hair like mine? And if so are there any products you could recommend?

    • Hi Jessie
      Thanks for your comment, my family is also Italian so I hear you completely. I had the same thing with shaving and also waxing as my skin is sensitive, I got like ingrowns and little bumps too. I also have thick dark hair…everywhere…so that is why I use these machines now, I don’t have any of these problems anymore. I am not sure if you have seen my post, but I have provided the best machines on the market right now for laser & ipl here is my post > http://safelaseripl.com/top-5-home-hair-removal-machines/ I am not sure where you are but I know that the it depends where you are and what machines you can get shipped to you. Also, there are also another 2 machines that I would recommend if you have thick hair that have been released a few months ago, they are the newest on the market – these are the upgraded, more effective and newest machines from the originals, Quartz here or the Tanda Me 2014 here. Any other questions, do let me know. Gabby

  7. Hi Gabby,

    Thank you for sharing all your research! I was curious what you would recommend for me. I have fair to medium skin tone and medium brown/blonde hair. I would also like to use it on face and bikini area.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Kathleen
      Your welcome :) Based on your skin color / hair color combination, the only think I would be concerned about is how blonde your hair color is. Because you have fair to medium skin tone, you have a range of machines you can use on fair to brown skin tone, but only if your hair color is dark enough also. The only machine that works on blonde hair is the Tanda Me machine (review here, or the NEW Tanda me machine here). So really, that is all you have to worry about. If your hair color is not blonde (so more brown) than really, any of the machines I have suggested will work great for you, so based on efficiency, 1. Tria, 2. Remington etc etc – see my post here to see the machines. But really, because you want to use it on your face also – I would recommend the Tria above all which is safe to use on your face (refer to my post). Hope this helps, Gabby :)

  8. Hi Gabby

    Love reading your reviews and really helpful comments to peoples questions!
    I am looking for a bit of a recommendation also. Have been into my local beauty spa to talk about IPL for face, neck and bikini area but I think doing it myself from home will be WAY more cost effective and then I could potentially do my arms and legs too.
    My question is, I am in New Zealand so the availability of the appliances (with a warranty option) is slightly more limited to many others.
    Would you still recommend the Remmington i-Light Pro? I have noticed you’ve blogged about a more superior product now?
    My hairs are dark, and my skin colour is olive, but I have these annoying hair (embarrassing) predominantly in two places on my chin which get severely ingrown and which I need gone….PERMANENTLY, for my sanity!
    Would love any recommendations you have….
    FYI; I have also found this device available online in NZ – have you heard of it? trademe.co.nz/health-beauty/shaving-hair-removal/other/auction-811668488-espil
    I really don’t want to waste my money, but I do want it gone
    M x

    • Hi Miss M
      Thanks for leaving such a nice comment for me and I would happy to give you my opinion. I totally agree, the rate of improvement of home hair removal machines has been so quick in the last couple of years, it is becoming a waste of money going into salons these days as you can imagine, when we want hair gone, it’s usually from a number of places on our body and not just one so it ends up being very very expensive in the salons when your thinking of a few body areas.
      I still recommend the Remington i-Light Pro for those who it is suitable for. It is a popular machine because it has been around for a while. The superior Remington IPL machines that I recommend to a few people such as the Pro Plus and the Quartz, I recommend because they are better for people that need that better technology because they have more and thicker hair growth. Overall, the Remington Pro Plus and Quartz machines are newer and are more powerful and their cartridges also last longer too. I find more often than not, when people contact me they need something a little something more.
      In regards to the machine you inquired about, I’ve looked into it for you. If you want my honest personal opinion, it’s a sub standard product that I’ve never heard about, it’s not a common name in hair removal, it’s quite over priced and the cartridge cost is through the roof also (did you see it’s $70 per cartridge?) v the Remington cartridge which is only around $20. These products are not popular, I’ve personally never heard of them, the technology doesn’t seem up to date also. Me personally, I would not recommend buying any of those machines or would I dare to use them either. Remember, you are going to be investing a couple of hundred dollars and you need something that works and is safe to use at home and I’ve narrowed down the list – not sure if you have seen my post? http://safelaseripl.com/top-5-home-hair-removal-machines/. You will also be surprised, look into the products properly, you’ll find some machines you can add on some years warranty if you are concerned about that. Not sure if you have to pay shipping to NZ but it will be more cost effective with the machines above anyway.
      Hope that helps you out.
      Regards, Gabby

  9. Hi Gabby, thank you for all the research you have done and passing the information on to the rest of us.

    I wonder if you could advise me on which type of hair removal machine would be best, if any? I was very dark haired, but now have a lot of grey. The hair on my legs is still dark and quite strong. I have been epillating for years and have problems with ingrowing hair. On my chin though, the hair is mostly grey and I don’t know if lasers will work on this?

    I am also looking to the future – who will remove the hair when I’m to old to do it myself? That’s another good reason to try and get rid of it permanently!


    • Hi Zara
      Thanks for leaving a comment and your nice words :) So true, better to get rid of the hair now and you will have nothing to worry about in the future :) Two pieces of advice I can give you are this. 1. You have excellent skin color (fair to med) and hair color (black) to get good results so that is good. 2. The ONLY hair removal machine for grey hair is the Tanda Me machine here (or the NEW model here). If your not so concerned about the grey hairs, then the Tria 4X Laser machine is my top choice. Both these machines work excellently on the face so that is what you need. I used to have problems with sensitivity skin with ingrown hairs and rashes after both shaving and waxing but once you start using these machines you won’t have the problem anymore which is very nice.
      Regards, Gabby

  10. Hi! Appreciate your reviews! I am torn between buying the Tria or an IPL machine such as the silk’n flash. I am hesitant on the tria bc of the price tag and worries it will be a waste. I have been to salons to have my armpits and chin complete but would like to do my bikini line at home… I have light skin and dark blonde hair/light brown hair. sone hair is lighter blonde but I am not wanting to treat those areas (arms/face). Thanks for your advice!!

    • Hi Starla
      Sure, most people tend to be torn between a few machines so that is totally ok :) Firstly, yes the Tria is a little on the higher price but you must also remember that there will be no further costs to outlay for the Tria as it doesn’t have replacement cartridges whereas all the other machines require cartridge replacement, so it’s not a waste of money at all once you weigh everything up. The Tria also has the highest effectiveness. Just in regards to your hair color, you mentioned dark blonde hair/light brown hair, I just need to tell you that the Silk’n is not recommended for lighter hair colors for permanent hair removal. It will work but at a very slow rate. If you want fast results with light hair colors such as blonde – go for the Tanda machine (my review here or newest model here). If your hair is like a light brown/brown, you should be all good with the silk’n flash n go.
      Regards, Gabby

  11. I love your reviews!!! I really want to do the home hair removal…the only thing stopping me is do these things cause cancer or any other health issues? I look forward to your response. Thank you, Anita

    • Hi Anita
      Thank you for your feedback and great question – there is no evidence that suggests that these machines cause cancer and this is further backed up as only the machines that I have included on the site are FDA approved ensuring they are safe to use for people like you and me at home (see my post here on the best hair removal machines). Ensuring you get the right machine for your skin color and hair color, and you use it according the the instructions (such as doing test patches and starting on low settings to build up tolerance), you will not sustain any injuries. If you need any further help, let me know, Regards, Gabby.

  12. Hi loving all the research you’ve done its been so helpful. I’m Sam and have a olive complexion everywhere except down below which is darker. I hav really dark thick black hairs which machine would u recommend I use to eradicate these unwanted hair as I would also like to get a Hollywood. Iv been to salons n had around 6/7 sessions and its just so pricey if I could find a suitable machine at home it’d b great. Can u tel me which machine would be good for me and where I can purchase it. I live in uk

    • Hi Sam
      The Tria 4X is the best machine and is the safest to use on the areas that you want as I use them there aswell :) However the only thing I would be concerned about it how dark your skin is because the darker your skin is, the less effective the Tria 4x becomes. If you have quick dark skin, you may need to look into the Tanda machine (here) which is effective on all skin colors. The best way I explain this to my readers is that I am from Italian background and I have olive skin. I can use the Tria great on my body because my hair color is black so there is a difference between my skin color and hair color. If you have olive skin and brown hair maybe you need to look at the Tanda that I have suggested above. The best place to buy is from Amazon as they ship internationally and are most competitive pricing on shipping and the price of the product also, here is for the Tria 4X and Tanda.
      If you have any other concerns, just let me know.

  13. Hi Gabby,
    I enjoyed reading your research. I really want to buy the home hair removal but I get confused what is the best one for me. I’m a middle east women and I have dark hair and dark brown skin for the Bikini erea and wheaten skin and brown hair for most of my body . I would buy Tria hair removal laser, but I want your advice.

    • Hi Loody
      Yes, it is a little more difficult to decide when your skin is darker. I suggest that if your skin is too dark (if towards black), another way to check is to ask yourself, is there a difference betweeen your skin color and hair color. You’ll find that the Tria is not effectiveness the darker your skin is. If your skin is too dark, you will need to use the tanda machine (I have written about it here) which is the ONLY machine for darker skin colors.
      For me, I’m from Italian background, I have olive skin (so not dark but not light either), I use the Tria however I do have the best results on the areas of my body that are lighter such as bikini and underarms as they are naturally lighter.
      Let me know if you have any other questions. Gabby

  14. Hi Gabby,
    I’ve been emulating for years and have a lot of ingrown hair that leaves bumps and marks over my skin is why I want to get a laser hair removal machine. However I’m a mixed Asian with Spanish Indian and I’m about the Colourful of Jessica alba slightly and have black hair. But a lot darker skin like almost coffee in sensitive areas. Would the tria still work for me? Let me know please!

    • Hi Rachael
      Generally, if you have light brown skin with black hair, you are fine to use the Tria 4x. The best way I can help people is to kinda give more detail of me personally to help people decide. I am from Italian parents so I have olive mediterranean skin. I tan easily so I can get quite dark brown in summer time. I use the Tria 4x just fine when it’s not summer time If you feel that your skin may be too dark, you may need the Tanda machine (here) that is the best machine for darker skin colors. Hope this helps you. Regards, Gabby

  15. Hi Gabby,
    I’m 65 and have gray hair. My skin colour is olive to fair. I want to eliminate facial hair as well as bathing suit areas. Legs would be great too, but I’m not too worried about them. Does it work well on gray hair? How long do the cartridges last?
    What would you recommend?

    • Hi Mary Jane
      The only machine that works with grey hair is by this brand – you have 2 options, the newest model or the older model. They will work great on your skin color also so no problem there. The machines I’ve shown you above also work on all areas of the body you are concerned about so they are safe to use on grey facial hair, legs and bathing suit areas :) Depending on which model you buy, the latest/newest model doesn’t require you to change cartridges as often as it has 126,000 pulses (which is absolutely fantastic!). I’d recommend, only if your budget allows for it, to buy the newest machine, it works better, you will get results quicker and you will spend less overall as you wont need to change cartridges as often. But of course, if you don’t want to spend as much, the older model will do the job for sure :)
      Hope this helps.
      Kind Regards,

  16. Hi Gabby,

    Love your article and all of your feedback on the different machines!
    I live in Texas and am willing to invest in this because my hair is out of control! I have olive skin and very black, very coarse hair. I waxed myself for many many years. Pain is not a problem for me. I have had 6 sessions of professional laser treatments that cut my hair in half (face, underarms, arms, legs, and bikini). It has been a god send, but i would really like a product that i could keep up with myself at home. The laser on my face worked wonders, but at the same time the shaving in between treatments strengthened my little fuzzy hairs, so my thick hairs disappeared only to be replaced with new thick hairs. The last 6 months i continued the shaving rather than waxing, so that the hairs would become thicker and then hopefully laser off the next go around. I would really like a strong product that can tackle my unrelenting hair problem. Also I would really like to quit having to pretend i wasn’t just shaving my face when boyfriend walks in the bathroom! lol

    I am still torn on whether laser or ipl is the way to go. I figure since laser worked before i should stick with it, but new technology is always better… I have looked up all the machines you have mentioned in your article and in the comments and availability is not an issue. If i could buy any product which would you recommend as the best for someone with very thick stranded hair?

    Really can’t thank you enough for your time and effort!

    • Hi Sarah,
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment, likewise – I can’t thank you enough for your kind words, so thank you! I hope I can help you and and the best way I try and do this and with all my readers that contact me is to relate the machines to myself so each reader can identify with me and my experience and make a decision based on this.
      I am not sure if you have read about me, but I am from Italian heritage so I am very much olive skinned toned and used to have black coarse (and very quick growing) body hair. So reading your comment makes me think we are very much alike and I totally get you about the shaving on the face thing with the boyfriend (tell me about it lol!!!) People always sigh at the thought of shaving the face but it so, there is noooo way around it…
      I would personally stick with laser or the diode laser that is the technology based on the Tria machines ONLY if your skin is not too dark that is. Not sure if you have seen my review on it here: http://safelaseripl.com/tria-hair-removal-laser-review/ (the technology in these machines are the most up to date and strongest which is what you need for sure!). Like I said, if you have olive skin and black hair, you should be ok, if any darker (especially if you tan during summer), you decrease the effectiveness of the machine.
      Hope this helps you out a little.
      Kind Regards

  17. Hi,
    So glad I have found your page. Learned a lot of information from you & been thinking for a year or so to get a laser or ipl home product. I am fair/light skin, have course dark hair on legs/bikini & some facial but some on my face are white/grey. Used to have pcos but removed the diseased ovary. Still find I’m bothered with more male pattern hair growth!!!! Seems to sprout all over!!!! Was wondering what product you would best recommend, I live in the UK. Also my daughter would like to use it too but she is a natural red head & on reading not sure if anything suitable for her…any advice??? Thank you

    • Hi Barbara
      I am very sorry for the late reply, it looks like your comment got help up in moderation – I have no idea why, it’s playing up lately.
      Good news is that fair skin and dark hair is the best combination for these machines. However, you have mentioned that you have white/grey hair also? Did you want to be treating these also? IF you only want to target the remaining of your body which has dark hair (so not white/grey) you can either use the Tria 4x or the Remington F&B. BUT if you want to treat the white/grey hairs ASWELL as your daughter’s red hair – the only machine that will work is the Tanda machine here. These are for UK purchases.
      I do hope the above information has helped you out. Do contact me again if you have any other questions.
      Kind Regards

  18. Hi Gabby,
    First of all, thank you very much for the great reviews, you really opened my eyes on so many things.
    I have a fair to medium skin with brown/dark hair. But actually I am still confused between the Remington I-light pro face and body and The Tria 4X, as I’ve never try any laser treatment before and I used to wax my self on regular basis. I am afraid to use them on my face as I heard a lot that it gonna thickness the hair over their. I have a fuzzy hair in my face. Also, I am afraid to burn my self :S

    Last thing, as I can see you consider the replacing cartridge as a cone but I think is better to change the cartridge from time to time which means the device will stay for longer rather than throw it away after a while (correct me if I am thinking wrong plz)

    Please guide me.

    • Hi Rawan
      Lovely to hear from you. Your very welcome!! :)
      That’s totally ok, most people that buy these machines are exactly the same as you so don’t have any fear :) You can choose as you like and use the machine as you like so there is nothing to be scared of. Using the machines on the face does not cause more hair fuzziness so I am not sure where that has come from? These machines remove hair permanently with constant treatments. To avoid any injuries it is advisable to do a test patch the day before your first treatment and also before any treatment where you intent to increase the level. I always recommend to stay on a low level on facial hair for everybody regardless whether it’s your first time or 20th time. I believe in slow removal on the face is far safer.
      I wouldn’t be scared, there is thousands of women with these machines that have used it before you so don’t worry. They are also FDA approved for sale. Sure, the cartridge replacement is a personal opinion thing. The Tria 4x doesn’t have cartridges but it will last a very long time. Other’s prefer just to replace cartridges. What is certain, both machines with work brilliantly on you as you have fair to medium skin and darker hair color. Just make sure you are buying the Remington Face & Body (this one) as other Remington machines are not safe on facial hair.
      Hope this helps you out,
      Kind Regards

  19. Hi
    to make the story short:D.. im really confused .i dont know if i should buy a machin by myself or go to clinic.i always thinking that,if these machins are that effective then why is that not so much expensive?im living in austria and each time for my whol body i should pay round 1200 euro here.so i dont find it really logic. what do you think of that?i ll go for 3 times to clinic then i will buy one of these laser machins for myself?in addition i know that diod is sutable for my body.
    Thank u so much :)

    • Hi Nasrin
      Thanks for your comment. Generally, the clinic, of course the treatments are going to be more powerful as you are paying lots of money for them BUT you can still get the same results from home hair removal machines but it may just take a little while longer. However, you will get hair free results guaranteed so that is why spending even 500 euros on a machine to use at home is still way worth than attending a clinic, that’s my opinion anyway.
      Please tell me your skin color and hair color so I can help you out in choosing the right machine for you.
      Kind Regards

  20. Hi Gabby ,

    I have been going to the clinic and have done IPL with the Quantum machine, medibase company more than 6 applications, but after a while hairs still grow backs. I came to conclusion, that there is no permanent solution so is better to buy a home machine.

    I have white skin and my hair are very thin black, sometimes even lighter. Which of the machines would you recommend me and how often would I need to use it. I am looking for hair removal on legs, underarm, bikini and upper lip.

    Thanks a lot

    • Hi K

      Since you have fair hair and dark hair, you can pretty much choose any machine that you like, I have given a summary here http://safelaseripl.com/top-5-home-hair-removal-machines/. Tria is the best and then the Remington series of machines. It just depends on what you are able to get shipped to your country aswell.

      Again, as you have fair skin and black hair, your choices are endless and you should get good results with any of the machines. Tria (if you are able to get it shipped to you in your country) will give you the best results quickest and down the list it continues, each machine is still good, but effectiveness just reduces as you continue down with each machine.


  21. Hi Gabby,

    Thank you for doing all the research. Not having to cross reference one site’s review with another is great.

    I am a I-II on Fitzpatrick scale (burn in winter, fair with pink undertones,) and have fine to normal golden blonde hair in pubic regions. Just wondering what you would recommend given I mostly want it for pubic and underarms?

    • Hi Christine
      You are very welcome and thanks for the nice complement :)
      So I am guessing you are wanting to target the golden blonde hair in the pubic and underarm region. If so, you can only use this machine which is the only machine which will work on blonde hair, there is a newer model and older model, and I’ve also written more about them both here.
      Let me know if you need any more help. Sorry for my late reply.

  22. Hi Gabby,

    Thank you for doing the research. I got many clinical treatments that ended up with bad results and waste of money…I have ivory skin color and light brown hair on my chin and face and would like to buy a home laser machine but still cant decide which machine best suits my hair color…from the questions and answers above I found that you recommend tanda me for lighter hair colors.. but still scared to buy a machine with IPL rather than laser and not sure if this machine will suit me (I am not blond) ! other that that found out that tria beauty is the best.. from your experience which machine do you recommend for my hair color …Thanks a lot

    • Hi Lous
      Sorry for my incredibly late reply, I bypassed some comments early last month. My sincerest apologies.
      That’s correct, the tanda is best for lighter hair colors and including blond. The tria won’t work on any other hair color except dark brown and black so I wouldn’t advise it for you.
      I wouldn’t be scared about the machine in regards to ipl or laser, these machines have been around for ages and have such good results for so long.

    • Hi Sashee
      I believe it would be ok, just as long as you don’t do the treatments on yourself. I would however, recommend checking with a doctor just to be on the safe side :)
      Good luck with your pregnancy :)

  23. Hi Gabby,
    You are amazing! Thank you for finally providing an accurate and clear explanation.
    I have been looking for a laser hair removal mainly for my upper lip and two or three black and hard chin hairs! But I would take off all my hair if I had a good solution!
    I have found a clinic (in India – of a recommended Singapore trained dermatologist) that provides treatments for hair removal. He’s mentioning that IPL is an obsolete system and he is using a combination of techniques including Lumenis M22. I did my research and found out that the M22 is a machine (of a brand called Lumenis) more than a technique, which actually uses IPL, while the Lumenis machine that uses laser (diode) is called lightsheer. Am I completely wrong or do you know anything about these products?
    Also I should mention that I am also Italian with pretty dark hairs and pretty light skill complexion, so apparently the good combination for both IPL and laser but still I prefer knowing if I will be actually using the laser or the IPL with the Lumenis M22.
    Thank you

    • Hi Anni
      Don’t get to caught up in the professional machines, the names and technology if you intend to do the same at home. The home machines and technology they use are completely different to the professional machines. I am unsure as to your question, are you wanting to buy a machine to use at home? If so, you won’t find one like the Lumenis M22.

  24. Hi gabby,

    Thanks for getting back in touch.
    I prefer going to the clinic and get the treatment there by experts, not doing it at home myself. However I found what I was told at the clinic a bit contradictory. Is it lumenis M22 a laser machine or a IPL? I was told it is a laser one but that is not in line with what I discovered on the internet. The clinic uses Lumenis M22. Would you recommend it? For facial hair, pretty black and hard on relatively light complexion skin?
    Hope that is clearer
    Thank you,

    • Hi Anni
      No problems, what you need to remember is that the salon machines are used for a variety of purposes, not just hair removal, so they have skin rejuvenation properties etc etc. Most of the high-tech salon machines include 2 or more different technologies for this purpose, maybe that is why you are finding contradictory information. What it looks like is that the machine has both IPL and YAG which is laser.

  25. so what is better for asian skin? and if the skin has discoloratoins? we are talking about armpits here. thanks

  26. Hi Gabby. I am considering buying either the Silk’n FLASH & GO LUXXX Face Body or the Remington iLight Pro. I really dont know which to go for. The Silk’n is closer to my budget but if theres a significant difference in results I would rather go with the Remington. I am olive skinned with black, coarse hair.

    Thank you so much for your time, your website is a God-send.

    • Hi Reen
      Oh – thank you for your nice comment :)
      I would go for either. The Silk’n has great results, just as good as the earlier models of the Remington. The most recent models of the Remington do produce better results, but then again, if it doesn’t meet your budget then what’s the point? I’d probably stick with the Silk’n Luxx, you will be happy with your results :)

  27. Hi! I’m seriously considering buying the Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X but I am totally new to home laser removal and have no idea what exactly I’ll need or how to even do it. Do you have any beginners guides or similar to home laser removal? Thanks

    • Hi Georgie.
      Thanks for commenting on my blog and welcome to the world of permanent hair removal, you will absolutely become addicted :) That’s totally ok, don’t feel daunted by it all, most people have no idea so you are not the only one. Please browse around my site for information you will need, I don’t have any formal guides but if I find more interest in it, I’ll definitely do one up. I’ve tried to discuss the topics about laser and ipl that I feel are most relevant to people like me and you. Also, you can ask me any questions that you may have, no matter how stupid you think they are. You can also contact me via email (which is on my contact page here), or leave a comment here if you want me to email you.
      Like I said, don’t hesitate to use me to help you out :)

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